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Beautiful Design Ideas For Customized Urns In All Materials

Beautiful Design Ideas For Customized Urns In All Materials


Picking the right urn for a special person in your life that has passed away is a decision that needs to be made carefully. There are plenty of shapes, materials and designs for you to choose from in many pre made urns but if you want to customize your designs, then here are a few ideas which should help make the grieving process a little easier for you.



Metal urns are made out of a range of strong and very durable metals such as pewter, brass, copper, bronze or stainless steel. Metals urns are a good material to choose for an urn that is either being kept on display or is intended for burial. Metals have a beautiful natural color and are long lasting, but they can also be decorated with coatings, leaf or enamels such as mother of pearl which covers its natural color. This means that you can have any shade of color that you want and then you can pick a color which suits the personality of the person that you want to remember.


A wooden urn has a classical and much more traditional appearance and is suitable for all types of designs. A classic box shape with beautiful paneling might be just the thing you want, or if you want to opt for a more extravagant shape, some designs such as ships, castles, or figurines that have been hollowed out are some other popular choices for more novelty ideas.


Clay and porcelain urns are another classical urn material which has a really beautiful finish. If you want to opt for a ceramic urn, you will probably have to choose a traditional shape such as a cylinder or the typical “vase” like shape. A delicate pattern such as flowers and vines can then be added to the surface of the urn to make it more decorative. This makes it a perfect ornamental urn which can be displayed at home.


The way that glass urns are made is the best thing about getting one of these types of urns. Hand blown glass is heated in such a way that it is durable so that it can be on display on your mantelpiece without the worry of it getting damaged. In addition to this, a beautiful glass urn is created in such a way that every single one is unique. Blown glass can create delicate swirls and bubbles which create a feeling of tranquility. If you want something that reminds you of your loved one’s individuality, this is an ideal material to go for. In terms of design, you can pick a few colors to mix together such as greens and blues (which can be very calming) and then marvel at the creative patterns that come from the glass blower’s creation.


For a natural, strong and beautiful urn for your beloved friend or family member, you can choose stone. Types of stones which are most popular include marble, granite and polystone. Similarly to glass, stone urns are also very individual as they are cut from individual natural pieces of stone and then created into an urn with those pieces so that the grains of stone that you get on every product look unique and different.

Marble in particular has a beautiful natural pattern and if you think a unique pattern is enough to remember your loved one then it can be a beautiful thing. However, stone urns also come in a range of colors (and not just natural blacks, grays and whites either). Marble urns offer a much more dignified place to keep your loved one’s ashes and also can be created in any size that you like. Plaques can be added to the side of a box or cylinder of stone, or you can leave it plain so that you have a more subtle urn in your home.


A biodegradable urn can be made out of different materials such as cornstarch, recycled paper, clay or sand and are therefore very environmentally friendly. Although they are not designed to last for a long time, they are strong and can be decorated with non toxic paint so that you can have any kind of pattern or picture on the exterior such as flowers or landscapes.


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