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Barn Wood Doors Sliding Into Style: An Ingenious Way To Save Space At Home

Barn Wood Doors Sliding Into Style: An Ingenious Way To Save Space At Home


Today, space is a valuable commodity, especially when it comes to residential homes. If you are in need of interior design ideas that can help maximize the space you have at home, you should start looking into your interior doors. The easiest and most practical way to gain and save space at home is to remove the door swing. Swinging doors take up too much space when you open and close them. To that end, you should consider installing interior sliding doors.

One of the loveliest structures which you can add to your home while conserving space is the barn wood door. It looks really simple, rustic, and very charming. Barn doors have made quite an impression as an interior design element, but more importantly these doors offer a functional alternative to typical swing doors. With that said, these rustic doors are perfect for small and grand spaces.

barn wood doors sliding into Barn Wood Doors Sliding Into Style: An Ingenious Way To Save Space At Home

How It Works

Barn wood doors slide across the opening of a room; however, they must not be confused with pocket doors which slide into a wall. Since the door slides open, you can place pieces of furniture beside the doorway without worrying how it might interfere with the door’s operation.

These doors use a hardware which is installed outside the door frames. They are an excellent solution if you have brick walls or walls made from concrete blocks. Since this type of interior door is installed using a wall-mounted hardware, it can save valuable space, providing you with a functional and spacious home. In addition, the construction, preparation, and installation of barn wood doors are lower than creating pocket doors. Here are a few of the benefits of using this type of interior door.

  • Shorter installation time and more cost-effective
  • You can choose the material for the barn wood door, such as reclaimed wood.
  • You can also use modern materials, such as paned or frosted glass
  • Reduces construction problems
  • There are available pre-fabricated high quality frames
  • It is easy to operate; thus, it is very suitable for homes with children or physically impaired residents.

Imagine The Possibilities

If you are living in a small home, adding more floor space can make a huge difference. This will enable you to put more furniture, explore more design possibilities, and enjoy more space to move around. Installing barn wood doors can help you enjoy those benefits and more. In fact, you can use this type of door in various areas in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, pantry, and garage entryways. Here are a few other ideas that can enhance the appeal of barn wood doors.

  1. If you decide to install a barn door, you should also consider using a clean-lined hardware. This will transform the barn wood door into an excellent room divider in your contemporary space. With that said, you will enjoy a flexible and multi-functional space, which is crucial in saving precious square footage in smaller homes.
  2. This type of interior door won’t typically quite fill the door opening, allowing light to still pass through; however, it can still prevent guests from seeing into the next room. This creates privacy without adding bulk.
  3. You can also attach a window to the barn door hardware to achieve a chic and modern look in your otherwise traditional home. You can also use non-traditional materials, such as using translucent paned glass which adds texture to the room, or you can also use frosted glass which is more eye-catching and modern-looking. By adding a window, you will also allow light to flow into one room to the next connecting area.
  4. It can also make a small door opening look dramatic and massive. You can use floor-to-ceiling high-lacquer doors. The oversized scale of barn wood doors is an excellent design element.

Using barn wood doors and hardware can add visual interest into your home interior design. More importantly, it can also help save space and add privacy to your rooms at home.

The author, Kris Lim, is a professional home organizer who also offers space-saving tips for homeowners. She recommends using barn wood doors for smaller spaces, and she advices her readers to visit to find more options for barn doors and hardware.

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