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5 Hot Kitchen Designs And How To Do Them

5 Hot Kitchen Designs And How To Do Them


There are many timeless kitchen design ideas which work wonders in any kind of space. If you are lucky enough to have a lot of kitchen space and a huge budget, the possibilities are endless and you can create some truly fantastic designs. However, even if you are limited on space and money, there are still plenty of things you can do to create your dream kitchen.

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Tuscan Beach Getaway

Whether you are creating an indoor or an outdoor kitchen, the Tuscan style is ideal for anyone who likes the grandeur of European wood and decor in the home. Dark wooden cabinets, plenty of archways, curves, and artistic features must feature in your Tuscan kitchen.

Marble countertops are an essential part of any Tuscan kitchen but if you want to create a truly authentic look, go for cabinets with not only dark wood panels but also light wood. These can be cut in exactly the same style so that there is enough continuity in the kitchen, but using different shades of wood creates a really rustic Italian appearance and allows light and shade into smaller rooms.


Although black and white might seem a little boring to some people, it is one of the easiest and most striking kitchen designs you can do and will totally transform the space that you have. This is a far from boring design which is really easy to create and also makes your kitchen look super modern.

Within your kitchen, try to incorporate curves either in your seating area to create a more social space or on your countertops to soften any hard edges and make the kitchen more welcoming. Black gloss cabinets and smooth white countertops look contemporary and smart in any kitchen. Add splashes of color in the splash backs, feature wall or utensils if you want to break up the harsh black and white color scheme.

Neutral Colors

If you have a small kitchen space then neutral tones and pastels are a great theme to take on in your kitchen. Neutral shades go with practically anything and if you are no good at matching colors then a neutral color palette in your kitchen may be just the thing for you. Go for a color palette of creams, whites and grays and use these around your kitchen, opting for cream cabinets, gray tiling and light wooden countertops for a calm and relaxing space to cook in.

French Country Kitchen

A sophisticated and rustic design such as a french country kitchen is an extremely stylish choice for any interior decor enthusiast. Paint your walls a cream or ivory color to encourage natural light to shine through your kitchen space. Granite or marble countertops can give your kitchen a very traditional French feel. Distressed wooden cabinets can give your kitchen a smart yet lived-in look and will soften the color scheme in the room as well, making it a lot more welcoming.

Wrought iron shelving or racks can add a really old style and more traditional touch to an otherwise modern kitchen, and can be a great place to display French style cookery hardware or even antiques. In terms of adding more color into the space, go for softened tones such as golden yellows and terracotta oranges instead of bright reds, or teal instead of vibrant blues for a more authentic look.

Vintage Nostalgia

Don’t be scared to explore old time design styles and bring something of a bygone era into your decorating. The 1960s style kitchen for example were all about bright colors and creating a space for entertaining. The 1980s saw the creation of circular seating options, wooden rafters and other efficient uses of space.

If you want to create a kitchen which is an homage to days gone by, then you can either pick a specific era or you can create a blank canvas and use elements of contemporary and old together. A modern kitchen combined with antique style items such as  a 1930s tin bread bin or a 1950s blender which looks like something out of an American Diner is a great way to mix and match different styles and colors. Keep your color scheme neutral and then add in splashes of color with these items and your kitchen will be great fun to cook in.


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