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10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos


Whether it took days, weeks, months or even years to plan, a wedding is full of so many moments which join together to make the special day so unique.

But while the memories of your wedding will always be with you, as time passes, it’s easy to forget just how wonderful the occasion really was. A set of stunning wedding photographs is a great way to not just be able to share the day with those that couldn’t be there, but also to allow you to remember all those precious details with crystal clear clarity in the years to come.

Below is a set of 10 spectacular wedding photographs which capture perfectly the beauty of the bride and the emotions of the day in their full glory.

            1) Up close and personal

Up close and personal 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

With soft tendrils of hair gently framing her face, and her veil flowing down her back, this bride is pictured deep in thought. Beautiful because of its sheer simplicity, the emphasis is on the smallest details: the tiny pearl pendant, the tantalising glimpse of the lace dress but most of all, on the stunning bride herself.

            2) Room with a view

Room with a view 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos
So much attention goes into making the wedding dress but all too often the intricacies can be missed. This unusual shot shows off the ruffles on the hem of the dress as it glides across the floor, the row of buttons skimming the bodice and the hair accessory which complements the appliqué on the dress to perfection. A long and elegant figure, the elegance of the bride is highlighted even further by the rich pattern of the jacqard-style drapes and the lush scenery in the background.

3)      A stolen moment

 A stolen moment 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

In the midst of all the celebrations, it can be easy to forget what a wedding is really about: a public declaration of love between two people. This wonderfully intimate photograph captures the closeness between the groom and his bride, as they grab a private moment away from the throngs of family and friends.

            4) Twice as beautiful

Twice as beautiful 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos


An ivory-skinned beauty, the bride’s porcelain skin creates a stunning contrast to the deep, vivid colours of her bouquet, the perfect partnership. The clever use of the mirror ensures that your eye is drawn to the bride alone but careful inspection shows subtle touches in the background, such as the shabby chic heart decorations, the ideal adornment for an exquisite romantic wedding.

            5) Making an entrance

 Making an entrance 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

The photographer in this picture has cleverly used different angles to create a whole new perspective on what otherwise might have been quite a mundane image. The stark walls and clean lines of the doorway combine with the sharp horizontal bars on the walkway to create a striking contrast with the soft swathes of the wedding gown, whilst the veil falling gently behind frames the bride as she emerges into the light.


            6) Waiting at the altar

 Waiting at the altar 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

Another hidden moment, the bride gazes out of the car, ready to step out to take her vows. The close-up shows her lost in her innermost thoughts, a small secret smile playing on her lips, while the intense pinks of her bouquet flood the image with warmth and colour.


            7) Babe in the woods

 Babe in the woods 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

Not all the best photos have to be in a natural setting; this enchanting image shows the bride posing in dark and atmospheric surroundings. Very clever use of light allows the bride to almost glow with an ethereal beauty whilst her flawless white flowers cascade down her side.


            8.)  Blowing in the wind

Blowing in the wind 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

Any bride lucky enough to get married in a location as picturesque as this should absolutely make the most of the grounds. This captivating image shows the bride standing serenely whilst her veil floats around her, carried by the breeze. The deep green reflection of the trees in the calm waters provide the perfect backdrop for any radiant bride.


            9) …and there then was two

 there then was two 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

…and now we know what the bride was patiently for as this photograph shows the emotional embrace between the happy couple. Enjoying some peace and quiet the bride and groom wrap their arms around each other, oblivious of the breeze swirling around them, and gaze into each other’s eyes.


10)  Just the two of us

Just the two of us 10 Stunning Wedding Photograph Photos

The perfect image to end on: the bride and groom lost in each other, whilst the photographer captures a playful moment. With all the ceremony and formalities set aside for a few minutes, the happy couple are entwined together, with their guests forgotten at least temporarily.


A great set of wedding photographs are simply priceless. Not merely a collection of pictures, the best wedding photographers are able to capture on film the feelings, emotions and uniqueness of the occasion. The above collection of 10 images show perfectly how the right photographs cannot just provide a lasting souvenir, but also a real insight into some of the most personal and profound moments that make a wedding day so special.

All of the 10 photos in this article were produced by a Manchester based Photographer who specialises in wedding photography.



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