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How to Recognize Mesothelioma In Your Pet

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beagleSadDog How to Recognize Mesothelioma In Your Pet


Mesothelioma is a very aggressive form of cancer that most often impacts the lungs but can affect the lining of the stomach. The disease has been directly connected to asbestos, and nearly every case that has been diagnosed in humans or animals can be connected to the inhalation of this substance.

Dogs have been found to be just as susceptible to mesothelioma as people, with the very first case of this type of lung cancer diagnosed in a dog in 1931. This disease seems to be more prevalent in middle aged dogs of larger breeds. However, it can appear in any breed and at any age.


• Your pet is not very active.
• Your pet seems feverish and ill.
• Your pet has a decreased appetite, even for treats.
• There is swelling in the chest area or in the stomach. Swelling appears like it is water retention and not fat.
• Your pet has trouble breathing. When they are laying down their breathing seems as labored as if they were out running.

Your veterinarian will have to conduct extensive tests on your pet to confirm this diagnosis. On average, it could take up to a month from your initial visit until your pet is diagnosed. Prognosis is not very good for this type of cancer.

Mesothelioma is very aggressive and by the time your pet actually shows signs there may not be a lot of treatment options. If you reside in the upper eastern US, for professional advice it might be beneficial to contact a Mesothelioma lawyer in New York to determine you and your pet’s legal rights.

How Can A Dog Get Mesothelioma?

Asbestos is a very fine fiber-like material and can easily attach to a pets fur. If your dog is out running in an area that has asbestos contamination, they can easily carry this poison around on their paws until the fibers are inhaled. Continual exposure can lead to the contraction of this type of cancer.

Is There Legal Recourse For The Pet Owner?

This is a very tricky subject and one that would have to be approached on a case to case basis. In some instances, a dog’s owner may have the right to sue a building owner if their pet has become sick due to the lack of asbestos removal in the building which has created a dangerous condition. The owner would have to show that by living in that building and allowing their dog to interact in and around that building that has asbestos contamination, their pet was injured.

However, if the dog was prone to roaming, it would be harder to prove fault. For instance, if the dog enters into a construction area where asbestos is being removed, there may not be reason enough to prove fault. Signs are posted to caution humans in this area, but the dog got in by jumping the fence when it was chasing a squirrel. The owner could not be held liable for the damages because they did not create a hazard, but were rather trying to remove one.

Again, since there is no real case law to base these scenarios on at this time, both examples are just speculation on what could happen in those scenarios.

If you believe that your dog was a victim of the negligent act of someone concerning asbestos, you should seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney that specializes in mesothelioma cases. They will be able to provide you with the most updated and accurate information on this type of case.

Teresa Stewart writes about the unusual disease of mesothelioma for pets and their human owners. A Mesothelioma lawyer in New York can be found at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C.; they have experience uncovering where the exposure occurred, and which parties should be held accountable to maximize benefits received from claims submissions.

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Alcoholism: Is It Hereditary?

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AOE TEEN DRINKER Alcoholism: Is It Hereditary?

Alcoholism: Is It Hereditary?

If one of you or your spouse’s parents or other family members is an alcoholic, you or your spouse will be at a greater risk for developing an issue with alcohol. Furthermore, your children will also be more susceptible to alcoholism in their future, which is naturally a scary realization for most parents. In fact, studies indicate that genetic factors can increase the risk of becoming an alcoholic by up to four times over individuals who do not have a family history of this disease.

Serious Facts about Alcoholism

There are currently more than 14 million alcoholics in the U.S. and what’s even more shocking is that a significant number of alcoholics also drive while under the influence of alcohol. Studies have shown that 82% of all fatal crashes are caused by drunk drivers. As any Hillsborough County DUI lawyer can attest to, this problem has become especially real in the Tampa area where a recent car crash fatality was caused by a drunk driver that was also driving on a suspended license. Unfortunately, this sort of outcome is all too frequent among alcoholics who refuse to stop driving while drinking.

Another detriment of alcoholism is the severe risk of lowering their life expectancy and opening themselves up to a long list of potential medical issues. A recent Canadian study shows that 1 in 25 deaths worldwide can, in one way or another, be attributed to alcohol. The main risk factors for developing an issue with alcohol include your family history, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. Therefore, if you are already dealing with one of the other risk factors, it becomes even more dangerous to start drinking if someone else in your family is an alcoholic.

Common Causes of Family Alcoholism

A family that is dealing with a history of alcoholism faces several issues. For example, if you are raised by an alcoholic, you are more likely to believe that abusing alcohol is a good way to deal with stress. However, anyone who has allowed themselves to go down this path can easily vouch for the fact that drinking on a regular basis actually exacerbates each of your problems. Unfortunately, by the time you discover the truth, you might be too addicted to alcohol to feel like you are able to stop.

Additionally, a lot of alcoholics fail to recognize that they actually have a problem, and this can cause a lack of education among other family members, especially their children. When this happens, people who have a genetic predisposition toward alcoholism might not understand the risk that they are taking when they decide to start drinking.

Breaking the Cycle of Alcoholism

In spite of the genetic odds being stacked against someone with a family history of alcoholism, there is still hope of breaking the cycle. Early treatment for families affected by alcoholism is key to the families’ future success. The best outcomes are those in which alcoholics actually acknowledge their problem and seek treatment. However, family members of alcoholics should seriously consider seeking help regardless of whether or not the alcoholic is willing to seek treatment themselves.

If you know your child has alcoholism in their family, it is especially important to provide love and support to them as a sober adult. Studies have shown that children that learn and develop positive coping skills are more likely to counteract the negativity that comes from alcoholism in a family. It is also important to send a clear signal to your child that the over-consumption of alcohol is not condoned. Kids learn by watching what is happening around them and it is up to you to convey that alcoholism is not an acceptable behavior.

Being honest about the risk of developing an issue with alcohol is one of the best ways to protect yourself. After all, you do not need to let the environment that you grew up in define who you are going to become. Therefore, if you have already become dependent on alcohol, it is imperative to get treatment as soon as possible. After all, failure to do so can cause you to deal with a long list of problems ranging from a DUI to developing a serious medical condition. Seeking help is not only beneficial for yourself but can also make a significant difference in the future of your children.

Nadine Swayne submits this information to help families who have a history of alcoholism. It is her hope that those with a past of alcoholism will take the necessary steps to overcome and create a brighter future for themselves and their children. She encourages seeking the help of a Hillsborough County DUI lawyer if you live in the Tampa area and have been involved in an unfortunate incident with alcohol. 

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Let Nature Work Its Magic: 4 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Morning Regimen

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Spinach, slices of cucumber, grapes, and cherries — no, you’re not making a fresh summer salad. You’re incorporating some all natural techniques into your morning beauty routine. Don’t roll those puffy little eyes of yours. While slicing grapes in half and using the fruit acids as natural exfoliators might seem a little, well, hippie nature girl, the technique works. You don’t need costly chemical-packed products for smooth skin and healthy hair, nor do you need to labor in front of the mirror for hours trying to mask the fact you only got three hours of sleep. With these easy do-it-yourself beauty techniques, you can relax and let nature work its magic.


beauty mask

Woman getting a spa treatement.

Photo by Flickr user Zenspa1

Boost Your Complexion

Natural products are in, and products with synthetic additives are out. Beauty products with veggie and fruit extracts are jam-packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants work to boost your complexion and give your skin a radiant glow. A note of warning: if you’re allergic to a particular fruit or vegetable, then don’t use a beauty product containing an extract of it to avoid an adverse reaction. Boost your complexion with Aubrey’s Pure Aloe Vera. It’s made with 98 percent organic ingredients, and a 4-ounce bottle retails for $7.95. Another option is Saaf Pure Organic Skincare. This complexion boosting face serum retails from $20-$29.99.

To Mask a Sleepless Night

Can you remember the last time you actually got between seven and nine hours of sleep? While experts agree this is the magic number, many of us are lucky to get half of that. When we look in the mirror after a sleepless night, we’re anything but a fresh-faced fountain of youth. In order to get rid of tired, puffy eyes, use a chilled eye cream. Kiss My Face Eyewitness Repair Cream is 84 percent organic and retails for $19. The Tata Harper Skincare Restorative Eye Cream is a higher-end cream for $90. It has natural ingredients like calendula, arnica, eyebright flower, and rose essential oil.

If you wear contact lenses, remember that not all lenses are created equal. For instance, Air Optix contact lenses allow five times more oxygen flow to your eyes than other brands. To combat the puffy eyes blues, be sure to take out your contact lenses before going to bed.

Add High-Wattage Shine to Your Hair

There are all sorts of shampoos on the market that promise to add shine to your hair, but few of them really work. Tea, however, is said to lower the pH of hair, creating softness, gloss, and manageability. Whenever you need a boost of shine, all you need to do is steep two tea bags in 2 cups of water, let it cool, then pour the mixture over your wet, just-washed hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes, rinse it out, and rewash your hair to seal in the gloss. Brunettes should use a dark tea to add high wattage shine to their hair, while blondes should use something light and golden like chamomile.

For the Feet and Hands

Mix 2 tablespoons of cornmeal and 2 tablespoons of mashed banana, and you will have yourself a natural exfoliate and deflaker. This is the perfect treat for your hands and feet, especially if they are chapped, rough, or calloused. The theory is simple: the cornmeal exfoliates, while the banana softens the skin. Massage the mixture into your hands and feet until they begin to feel soft.

What are the Main Differences between Art Prints and Posters?

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For those who are new to the world of collectable art prints, it can be easy to mistake them for mere glorified posters. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Art prints cover a massive spectrum, from low cost, entry-level prints to premium, spectacular, one-off pieces.


With such great diversity in the field of art printing, it is important for buyers to know what separates their beautiful art prints from those standard, off-the-shelf posters. Here is a guide to the main differences between common posters and excellent art prints.


Entry-level Art Prints

Even low-end art prints can differ quite significantly from posters in terms of production quality and overall appearance. Generally, entry-level prints will use manufacturing processes such as laser photocopying and inkjet printing. Such prints are an excellent way for people to own and enjoy pieces of art without breaking the bank, making them the perfect option for those wanting a reasonable yet enchanting print.


Lithographic art prints share some similarities with posters; however the finished products offer much greater aesthetic value, as well as being more collectable. Having such a print in the house is bound to make for a striking interior and a creative and innovative home.

Art prints are often more exclusive What are the Main Differences between Art Prints and Posters?

Art prints are often more exclusive

Limited-Edition Prints

Limited edition art prints are usually made with heavy archival paper, using a process called offset lithography. These prints (as the name suggests) are only created in small numbers, making them highly collectable and rare, these can be bought from sites such as .


Although limited edition art prints move into a higher price range than their entry-level counterparts, the increase in quality and desirability make them well worth the cost. Some archival inkjet prints created by artists and photographers, using higher grade papers and printing processes, also appears in this category.


Giclee Art Prints

Giclee art prints are made using an entirely different manufacturing process to posters. For Giclee art prints, pigmented inks are used in conjunction with high quality, heavy papers. Some papers used for these prints include archival cotton paper and specially treated canvases. These prints offer much more quality and longevity than cheaper ones, making them perfect for those looking to own a true piece of art. Because of this, Giclee art prints are highly collectable and sought after by art enthusiasts. Unique and striking, these incredible art prints are truly spectacular in design.

Posters can have some great art designs on them What are the Main Differences between Art Prints and Posters?

Posters can have some great art designs on them.

Monoprints, Lithos and Serigraphs

Art prints such as monoprints, lithos and serigraphs are in a league of their own when compared to other prints. Although these prints can differ significantly in terms of production value and quality, they are almost always top-end pieces. Such prints are specially made by the artists themselves, making them true works of art and incredible collection pieces. Their bespoke nature, along with their meticulous production means that these prints are hugely desirable and sometimes costly. For anyone looking to own a bespoke art print, created by the artist themselves, the likes of monoprints, lithos and serigraphs are the ultimate way to go.



When it comes to the world of art prints, there is an almost limitless range of options, materials and qualities available. From cheaper inkjet prints to stunning and striking monoprints and limited-edition pieces, there is an art print to suit every collector. Despite the huge variety in art prints, one thing is for certain: they are most definitely not posters!




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Haunted Vacation Beach Ideas For The South Bay Area

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Each year as the frightfully fun Halloween season approaches, several South Bay area haunted houses go into full steam providing some of the most frightfully delightful entertainment venues of the season, with tricks and treats for kids of all ages. There are many area attractions better suited for older children and adults as well as venues perfectly suited for the whole family. One of the more notable haunted houses in the Venice area, Eternal Rest Cemetery, provides free frights and chills for the Halloween fiend in every family. Each year this group of makeup artists and chill seekers create a ghoulish spectacle that will scare you half to death. The undead lurk around every corner as they make their way from the great beyond to terrorize visitors eager to catch a glimpse of this spectacle. While this may be a more PG-13 variety of haunted house visitors will love knowing they can enter free of charge.

haunted vacation beach ideas for Haunted Vacation Beach Ideas For The South Bay Area

And if one haunted house isn’t enough to quench your thirst for the macabre, there are many more haunted vacation destinations in the area for the thrills and chills that only the South Bay area can provide. Another nearby Halloween attraction, also free of charge, is the House At Haunted Hill. This Woodland Hills haunted house is put on by movie industry professionals and is one of the more high tech haunted houses the area has to offer. This cast of frightening characters and the creators truly love Halloween and have made this very family friendly.

Mangler’s Haunted Asylum

Mangler’s Haunted Asylum is yet another spot that draws many to its doors each and every year. This attraction is modeled after a series of grisly murders that gripped residents of the LA area more than 20 years ago that are still yet to be solved. Today this tale of unsolved murder and mayhem is fuel for one of the area’s most frightful haunted house attractions. Zombies patrol the grounds and lurk around every corner ready to scare you out of your skin. The dead bodies that serve as proof of the Mangler’s penchant for violence and death litter the grounds and await your discovery as you navigate the narrow passageways that connect the torture chambers and cells that once housed the unsuspecting victims at Mangler’s Haunted Asylum. Tickets can be purchased for a mere $20, and this haunted house is better suited for those 14 and over.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

For those seeking a more realistic look and feel, the creators of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios have put together one of the most frightening haunted houses in the area. With 19 total nights of showings between September 27- November 2nd,there is plenty of time to get your tickets and enjoy some of the Halloween fun and excitement only Universal Studios can provide. Tickets to this attraction can range from $44 to $74 for general admission, $119 – $139 for Front of the Line passes and day/night combo tickets can be purchased for around the same price. But if you are seeking a VIP experience, VIP tickets are available from between $209-$239.

Queen Mary Haunted Hotel Ship

But if you are seeking a more authentic and realistic haunted experience, a great place for chills and thrills is the truly frightening location now known as the Queen Mary Hotel. This once stately and innovative sea vessel fit for a king, and so named for his queen, found itself in full service to the military during WWII where many souls were lost. It has since has been featured on television shows dealing with the paranormal and is now of one of the most visited haunted places in the United States. A truly stunning former ocean liner now turned haunted hotel, this historic ship is considered to be one of the most frightening places in the area. Visitors can spend the evening in one of the many guest rooms and experience a frightful rest with the dead that still roam the this once majestic ship. Families also enjoy spending the Halloween Holiday touring this ghoulishly fantastic attraction for the Dark Harbor exhibition the staff of the Queen Mary put on each year. With the undead staff and performers roaming the ship in its entirety, fear and horror await all who come here.  Tickets to this frightfully fun family experience can be purchased starting at around $20.

The World Famous Pumpkin Race Festival

But not all of the Halloween attractions of the area are so frightening that the whole family can’t enjoy them. The World Famous Pumpkin Race Festival of Manhattan Beach will provide hours of family fun and enjoyment for children of all ages. In fact, this year marks the 23rd annual running of the World Famous Pumpkin Race. This family oriented Halloween celebration will offer an endless array of activities and Halloween fun. Families can purchase racing pumpkin kits for around $20 and get in on the competition, or simply sit back and enjoy the festivities that surround this fun filled Halloween spectacle. While the event itself is free to enter there are plenty of vendors and retailers with a vast array of Halloween treats available for sale.

Don Stevens works in communications, representing several companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. He suggests you visit the South Bay area, which is rich with history, culture, and attractions for the whole family. If you fall in love with the area, The South Bay Residential Team can help you find a spectacular place in South Bay, or the surrounding area. They are dedicated to bring you updated listings in the area to help you decide to make the move.

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Survivors of a Car Crash – How to Overcome the Guilt

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guilt Survivors of a Car Crash   How to Overcome the Guilt

Regardless of how damaging a vehicle accident is, everyone involved experiences some form of trauma. This is mostly because no one is actually ever prepared for an accident. Therefore, a variety of factors come into play with regard to repairing the vehicle and covering all of the expenses involved. However, what few people may address is how to cope with their emotions. For instance, when a victim dies, those who are left may feel what is often referred to as survivor’s guilt. 

Recognizing the symptoms of guilt can be a challenge for both survivors and professionals who care for them. However, it is important to realize that there could be possible long term physical, mental and emotional effects that may occur as a result of this type of remorse. Below are some tips on how to get past survivor’s guilt.

1. Gather a strong support team. First and foremost, attend to your physical needs. Ensure that you are receiving proper medical care. Secondly, enlist family and friends to help with physical needs as well as emotional.

2. Seek the counsel of qualified legal professionals such as New York auto accident lawyers if you reside in the northeast US. You may not be emotionally ready to seek restitution for yourself or for the deceased, so they can step in and handle the work for you.

3. Isolate the kind of guilt that exists. For instance, there may be self-condemnation over something that is correctable or something that can never be fixed. Recognize that surviving auto accidents is something that people have no control over.

4. Think about why there are guilty feelings about the accident and surviving. Record thoughts and feelings in a journal. Write down every aspect, including exact descriptions of how you are feeling. Over time, this record will be helpful to review so that it may be dealt with in a more effective manner.

5. Seek trusted counseling if there are stumbling blocks that family and friends are unable to help you with. Counselors often can help people determine what strategies are best to help deal with guilt effectively. Use the journal notes as a starting point for discussions with professional counselors.

6. Correct any errors that may have contributed to the accident. For instance, if you were driving irresponsibly in any way, fix that problem so that it does not occur again. When mistakes are corrected, much of the guilt can subside so that it does not continue into the future.

7. Forgive yourself for the accident. Write a letter of apology to victim family members. Try to make up some of the damage by offering help of some kind to bring as much closure to the situation as possible. For instance, donate to a local charity in the decedent’s name or speak at vehicle safety events.

Experts have agreed that solutions to survivor guilt are based upon first recognizing the situation and then engaging in open communication. It is also advised that those suffering should seek as much professional counsel as possible, from qualified mental health professionals. Using their training and experience, counselors can help accident survivors address guilt issues so that they may alleviate the later negative effects of this type of psychological trauma.

Even though you probably submitted an insurance claim, after New York auto accident lawyers make a review of the case details, there may be circumstances that would provide an opportunity to seek damages such as for vehicle malfunctions, improper or negligent road construction, or something else that people may not be readily aware of.

Free-lance writer Teresa Stewart enjoys writing about health and well-being.

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Using Body Paint As Part Of Your Fancy Dress Costume

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Fancy dress parties are great fun, but when it comes to finding a fun and unique costume, you can have quite a hard time. Using body paint to complete a fancy dress costume that is both unique and creative however is a great idea if you want to do something different and don’t want to spend a lot of money on costume hire.


Lizard art


You buy or make skeleton costumes but if you really want to get creative, you can use body paint to draw skull and bone effects across your face and body. You will need white, black and possibly red paint to add gory details. Get a range of sponges in different sizes and also different sized brushes. Think about how much of your body you want to paint and draw out a design or find design ideas online before you get started.

If you have a lot of hair, you can wear a plain swim cap and paint over it or just leave it. For the rest of the body, draw on white bones (use pictures of skeletons to make them realistic) and then fill in the gaps with black. Alternatively, you can go for a true horror movie look and make it seem as if the skin has been ripped away by painting only patches of your body in the skeleton paint.


Get some white contact lenses and then choose which type of zombie you want to be (school girl, doctor, nurse, sailor convict etc) and then start slashing up your clothes. Start by painting any exposed areas of skin with white face and body paint using a large sponge to spread it out evenly. Use dark grays and black to add patches underneath the eyes around the cheek bones to give a real “gaunt” look and then get some fake blood to create scars, bullet wounds, severed limbs etc. You can also use latex make up to give an even scarier appearance and then use this elsewhere on your body and really scare people!

Cartoon Characters


If you want something a bit simpler, you can opt for a Smurf costume which is easy to make and looks great if you get a team of you to dress up together. Opt for white clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty such as old white dungarees, trousers, or a dress and blonde wig if you’re dressing up as Smurfette! Pick someone to be Papa Smurf too so that one of you wears a white beard. All of the group can then wear matching white hats. Use a makeup setting spray (or even hair spray) on your skin to prevent smudging. Choose a light blue color and make sure that you get plenty of it and make sure that you are all the same color. Don’t forget areas such as behind your ears or the underside of your arms.

The Simpsons

A great one for couples or families to do, yellow paint and crazy wigs is all you need to create these loveable cartoon characters. Jeans and a cushion-stuffed white shirt is all you need for Homer, and a green boob tube dress is ideal for Marge.

The Hulk

Another simple one, and a great one for muscular guys – paint yourself a bright green all over and wear a ripped up white tee and ripped shorts.



Perfect for carnivals and music festivals, animal and flower prints look really arty and pretty. Wear a plain bikini or shorts which you can paint over then get creative. Tiger prints for example look really cool but do take a lot of time. Get plenty of orange, white and black paint and make large stripes for tigers or spots for leopards etc.


Make floral patterns using any colors that you like. Leave your skin its natural color and then add vines and all kinds of flowers across any exposed skin such as your legs, arms neck or collar bone. Also add flowers on you face to complete the look and you have a very cheap and easy costume. Combine with flowers in your hair or a floral bikini or t-shirt and shorts combo for a relaxed festival look.

Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T

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The christening of a newborn baby girl in the family is a big deal, and to celebrate the occasion the parents may have arranged a party at a special venue after the service or a gathering of family and friends to mark the special day. Choosing a gift to give to the child doesn’t need to be difficult and there are plenty of ideas when it comes to giving something special that will stand out from the rest of the gifts to suit every budget and taste as well.

plush lion Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T


Picture frames are an ideal gift idea for a christening because they are simple and don’t need to be expensive and are therefore perfect for anyone that is on a bit of a budget. Personalized frames are readily available in a range of gift stores and online and they can be customized to suit a baby boy or girl. A girl’s design might be covered in butterflies, hearts or stars or can be a simple silver frame with the baby’s name engraved in the metal. The size and style of the frame are up to you, and it is a great gift for any parent that wants to be able to display a beautiful picture of their baby girl in their home.


Different types of jewelry are really popular gifts for christenings and are greatly appreciated by parents. Whether you opt for an engraved bangle, a customized pendant, or a ring, these are all truly special gifts that can last a lifetime which means that they can be special to the baby girl even when she is grown up!


Buying christening clothing for the baby is more of a gift that family members do, so if you are planning on getting accessories or the best heirloom christening gowns for the newborn, make sure that you look for a style and quality the parents are happy with. Modern styles can look beautiful, but an antique style gown is a beautiful reminder of a very special day and can be passed down the generations for more christenings in the future.


For a cheaper option, you can choose a plaque which can be hung in the garden, or most likely in the baby’s nursery. Names, messages or even words from famous children’s books or the bible can be added to these plaques. You also have a range of choices when it comes to the size of the plaque, the colors you are going to pick or any graphics that might be added to it. Alternatively, you could get a print that can be fixed to a bedroom wall which has something similar. This is a meaningful yet cost effective gift for a christening.


Baby spoons are a very traditional gift, and if you are at a loss as to what to get a baby girl then a personalized christening spoon is a great idea. If you don’t want to personalize it, you can simply wrap it nicely. However, personalizing the spoon (similar to personalized jewelry) has the added advantage that the girl’s parents can have it as a keepsake when she grows up. Egg cups and engraved bowls are also a popular choice in case you wanted to give more than just one item.


The great thing about giving a toy to a baby for a christening present is that you know that she is going to enjoy playing with it straight away. A rattle, a teething ring or even a big teddy bear is a great choice for a gift and doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

Home Ware

If you want to think of something that the baby can use, gifts such as cushions, blankets or even cots are a great option. All of these can be customized as with many other christening gifts. Blankets can have the baby’s name embroidered into one corner, whereas a teddy bear can have a name and christening date appliquéd onto its ear or stomach so that it can be played with or put on display. A cot is a great gift for a few people to team up and buy together, and putting a child’s name on the head of the cot makes it truly special.


Beautiful Design Ideas For Customized Urns In All Materials

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Picking the right urn for a special person in your life that has passed away is a decision that needs to be made carefully. There are plenty of shapes, materials and designs for you to choose from in many pre made urns but if you want to customize your designs, then here are a few ideas which should help make the grieving process a little easier for you.



Metal urns are made out of a range of strong and very durable metals such as pewter, brass, copper, bronze or stainless steel. Metals urns are a good material to choose for an urn that is either being kept on display or is intended for burial. Metals have a beautiful natural color and are long lasting, but they can also be decorated with coatings, leaf or enamels such as mother of pearl which covers its natural color. This means that you can have any shade of color that you want and then you can pick a color which suits the personality of the person that you want to remember.


A wooden urn has a classical and much more traditional appearance and is suitable for all types of designs. A classic box shape with beautiful paneling might be just the thing you want, or if you want to opt for a more extravagant shape, some designs such as ships, castles, or figurines that have been hollowed out are some other popular choices for more novelty ideas.


Clay and porcelain urns are another classical urn material which has a really beautiful finish. If you want to opt for a ceramic urn, you will probably have to choose a traditional shape such as a cylinder or the typical “vase” like shape. A delicate pattern such as flowers and vines can then be added to the surface of the urn to make it more decorative. This makes it a perfect ornamental urn which can be displayed at home.


The way that glass urns are made is the best thing about getting one of these types of urns. Hand blown glass is heated in such a way that it is durable so that it can be on display on your mantelpiece without the worry of it getting damaged. In addition to this, a beautiful glass urn is created in such a way that every single one is unique. Blown glass can create delicate swirls and bubbles which create a feeling of tranquility. If you want something that reminds you of your loved one’s individuality, this is an ideal material to go for. In terms of design, you can pick a few colors to mix together such as greens and blues (which can be very calming) and then marvel at the creative patterns that come from the glass blower’s creation.


For a natural, strong and beautiful urn for your beloved friend or family member, you can choose stone. Types of stones which are most popular include marble, granite and polystone. Similarly to glass, stone urns are also very individual as they are cut from individual natural pieces of stone and then created into an urn with those pieces so that the grains of stone that you get on every product look unique and different.

Marble in particular has a beautiful natural pattern and if you think a unique pattern is enough to remember your loved one then it can be a beautiful thing. However, stone urns also come in a range of colors (and not just natural blacks, grays and whites either). Marble urns offer a much more dignified place to keep your loved one’s ashes and also can be created in any size that you like. Plaques can be added to the side of a box or cylinder of stone, or you can leave it plain so that you have a more subtle urn in your home.


A biodegradable urn can be made out of different materials such as cornstarch, recycled paper, clay or sand and are therefore very environmentally friendly. Although they are not designed to last for a long time, they are strong and can be decorated with non toxic paint so that you can have any kind of pattern or picture on the exterior such as flowers or landscapes.