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Tried and True Products that Keep Baby Safe!

Tried and True Products that Keep Baby Safe!


Keeping children safe is a full-time job, but there are several products available to make it easier. By taking full advantage of all of the available options, you can help ensure that your child is able to avoid any serious injuries. Infants and toddlers will need the benefit of various safety devices the most, but do not forget to also take proactive measures for older children. After all, even when they reach the age where they should know better, it is likely that they will continue to test you and the world in general.

Five Safety Products That Should be in Your Home

1. Outlet Covers - Toddlers love to explore new things, and the electrical outlets in your home are at the perfect height for them to begin playing with from a very young age. In order to protect your child from the risk of electric shock, you should always use covers or plugs to hide any exposed outlets.

2. Playard - It is impossible to keep your eyes on your baby 24 hours a day. Fortunately, you can easily keep them out of harm’s way by placing them in a playard when you know that you are going to be distracted by necessary things such as housework. When a baby is inside a playard (like pack’n play), they will be able to either play comfortably or take a nap without the risk of getting into something dangerous.

3. High Chair - Although many babies and toddlers will resist the idea of sitting in a high chair during mealtime, it is still the best way to make sure that they stay safely seated within eyesight while you are busy eating. Additionally, using a high chair instead of a regular chair will prevent them from falling or jumping out of their seat.

4. Spout Cover - Children love to play when they are in the bathtub, but this can quickly become dangerous if the proper safety methods are not utilized. Simply putting a cushioned spout cover in place as soon as you have enough water in the tub is one of the best ways to prevent accidental bath time injuries. It is also a good idea to use a rubber bath mat on the bottom of the tub to help prevent your child from slipping.

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5. Helmets - As you child gets older, they are going to want to start doing typical childhood activities such as riding a bike and participating in sports. In fact, many children begin doing these activities at a very young age, and that should make it easier to introduce the concept of using safety equipment. Anytime your child is on a bike, they should definitely be wearing a safety helmet. It is also important to use any other applicable safety equipment such as knee pads.

Although it is still possible that your child will get hurt even with all of these safety measures in place, the likelihood of a serious injury will be dramatically reduced. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to begin using all of these items immediately.

Former children’s librarian and mother of two, Nickey Williams knows quite a bit about what it takes to keep children safe. A Kids II playard (like pack’n play) is one of the safest items you can have in your home for your tot. Since fabrics can be completely removed for machine washing use it makes it much easier to fight germs as well.

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