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The New Bling for the King Diamond Rings!

The New Bling for the King Diamond Rings!


Diamonds are something not generally associated with men. When uttered, diamonds elicit slender fingers, buffed nails twirling flutes of champagne and the very essence of femininity but not any longer. Men too are enjoying the glitter and glamour associated with diamonds and are doing so with great pomp!

lopez5f 2 web The New Bling for the King Diamond Rings!

Rings are actually the perfect piece of jewellery that is appreciated by men. What makes an ideal diamond ring for men? It can’t obviously be too dainty against all that masculinity but neither can it be blindingly out there, clashing with the quintessential three-piece suit. The C-Rule for buying diamonds is known to all. Without knowledge or sense of these, shopping for the perfect diamond will never be complete. Diamond rings for men should subtly accentuate personality while blatantly highlighting his style. Most men prefer the emerald cut or the radiant cut which is distinctly square or rectangular in shape, consistent with the solidarity of their masculinity, not demeaning the other cuts in any way.

Along with the stone, it is a necessary to explore the metals too. Gold and platinum are preferred for these rings for men, but common metal types such as titanium and silver are also gaining a lot of popularity because of their pocket friendly prices.

To top it all, when looking for a diamond ring for men, stay updated about the latest trends of men’s rings. As compared to daintier rings, domed rings are the most common choice for men as they are simply designed and suit every look and style.  Diamond bands with solitaire diamonds are also favoured by a large section of men. Sleek, modern and adding an edge to every look, they offer a minimalistic appeal and are widely held in great taste. The newest colour trends in men’s rings have editions of two-tone or three-tone rings and believe us they are quite popular.

Most importantly, it’s vital to take into consideration work, style and physique. If a man’s work involves hard labour with his hands, a diamond ring is certainly not the ideal accessory. However, if he is desk-bound or is more likely to be clothed formally, it will suit his environment perfectly.

Women aren’t the only appreciators of aesthetics. Men too, are particular about size, cut, colour and metal. Taking this into perspective while buying a ring will certainly aid in narrowing down the choices for the perfect one.

Physique is another important aspect to keep in mind when buying diamond rings for men. Short, fat, tall, lean, muscular, men come in all shapes and sizes and so do diamond rings. So, for the ring to look like it is a part of the man, it should compliment him down to a point.

While many love piercings, a ring, apart from the wedding one, speaks volumes. It talks of someone who takes care of himself and who takes keen interest in looking good. It does not imply femininity, as some may think.

Diamonds are truly fascinating and extremely versatile stones and for men, the perfect bling accessory, indicating style, charisma and an attitude that is served like a cherry on the icing.


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