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The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!


If you are lucky enough to have just gotten engaged, or are expecting to very soon, and are dropping hints about the kind of ring you would like (or have been tasked with choosing your own ring, as so many men tend to do these days to be on the safe side!) fashion in terms of trends may not be your biggest priority. After all, you are expecting to be wearing this ring for life, and so the celebrity inspired fashions of 2013 are pretty irrelevant in the long run. However, it is still worth keeping an eye on trends when they still offer classic cuts, metals and stones, because you do after all want a contemporary rather than dated look for your engagement.

One timeless choice is of course a diamond solitaire. Whether you and your man can afford something huge and glitzy or prefer something more subtle, a diamond on its own set in a classic precious metal like gold or platinum is an effortlessly classy look that will never go out of style. Still though, even with solitaires there are trends when it comes to cut, and here are a couple of cuts of solitaire and solitaire effect diamonds that are both modern and likely to remain in style forever!

Emerald Cut

lesser known cuts diamond are The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

An emerald cut diamond is, as the name implies so beautifully, one that is cut in a shape more normally associated with green emeralds – a rectangle. This sits lengthways on the finger, and has the visual effect of elongating the ring finger and making the hand look more willowy and elegant. If your fingers look a little stubby or you think you have fat fingers, an emerald cut of the right size for you can transform the look of your hand, making it look lean and more feminine. The emerald cut can look beautiful as a simple solitaire, but if that’s not intricate or sparkly enough for you, you can also choose an emerald cut stone as the centerpiece of a more elaborate stone formation, using smaller diamonds or other gems beside it.

Princessa Cut

lesser known cuts diamond are1 The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

Most people have heard of the very classic princess cut diamond, which has always been a popular choice for engagement rings. The princess cut is basically a diamond cut into a square, which looks great as a solitaire or with other stones mounted next to it. A modern take on this, which is a clever choice for brides to be on a budget, too, is the princessa cut. This is four diamonds cut in a princess cut, set together to form a larger 4 x 4 square. The effect is that it looks like a large princess cut stone from a distance, but is a little more sparkly because of the extra facets. Of course, four small diamonds will cost less than one large diamond of the same combined weight, so you are getting much more bling for your buck without compromising on style!

These are both angular styles which can look more modern and edgy (as edgy as you want a symbol of love to be!) than round diamond cuts, and which tend to work best with white metals rather than yellow or rose golds, however there are lots of jewelry designers who will let you create your own custom look using stones in these cuts so you can have just about anything that suits you!

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