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Compact Cameras- Apt For Personal Use

Compact Cameras- Apt For Personal Use


Photography is an art which has been taken up by many individuals as a profession. In the view of the growing demand of photography , numerous camera models of different brands  with amazing features are flocking the market  but since they fall into a different category, the buyer will be in a confusion.

Computer Compact Cameras  Apt For Personal Use

Compact Cameras and digital SLRs are often mixed up by those who are not much clear about their distinguishing features. While they both give very clear pictures, all thanks to their built-in-flash, high mega pixel lens, and manual or automatic focus, let us see what all a compact camera has to offer:

·         Zoom In: With intelligent zoom the camera is also accompanied by a digital zoom and a 2-speed zoom, this gives the compact camera a higher advantage over High priced SLRs.

·         High shutter speed: While most digital SLR has high aperture speed, many latest compact cameras are manufactured with a multistage iris diaphragm that allows better quality pictures.

·         Motion Picture Recording: With Motion Picture Recording in High Definition the best part about the compact camera is that it offer continuous recording for a long time. This enhances the usability of this pocket size camera, something that is missing in the SLRs.

·         Various Options to Edit: SLRs may be more powerful, but compact cameras have functions to edit which include auto Retouch and creative Retouch. The user can divide the video, cut animation, resize, and level the picture with the smart camera options.

·         The Camera Flash: With built-in-flash the camera provides slow sync and also red eye reduction helping to get faultless images in a simple click.

·         Small size but high in the display: The compact camera has a playback mode which includes a slideshow, calendar, 3D play, thumbnails, favorite images and many more display options.

·         color mode and the color filter: color filter enhances the natural show of the images while the color mode gives various options in which you can view and save your photographs.

·         autofocus: With the camera focussing for you, you just have to wait for the right shot. Auto and manual, there are two main options for focus which eases taking images. High quality and more focused, resulting in amazing options.

While a digital SLR is bigger in size and has many advanced features than compact cameras, you must not rule out the price factor. The compact size camera is pretty affordable and produces outstanding image quality in the price bracket. You can take it on your trip, family outings , carry it regularly if you just want a nice handy camera buy it without a second thought.


SLRs do provide creative pictures and make you take shots that you cannot believe you clicked but they are heavy to hold. Compact cameras on the other hand are light, pocket size camera with an LCD display that also help in finding the perfect shot before you press the button.


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