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7 Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

7 Signs Your Child is Being Bullied


Parents need to know that bullying is a real issue and that children from every walk of life can experience this type of situation. Bullying is a crime, and it is something that should to be stopped, even if legal action is required. Children of all ages can experience bullying, and knowing what to look for in your child’s case can help you help them.

Here are some of the signs to look for that may indicate that your child is being bullied:

1. Unusual Withdrawal  While it is not uncommon for children to become self-centered and want to be left alone in their rooms, there is a difference between that and total withdrawal. If they are not interacting with family and friends at all, chances are that they are being intimidated and do not know how to handle the situation.

2. Frequent Trips To The School Nurse   These visits may be for anything from a headache to an injury. Many kids use a trip to the nurse’s office as a way to be sent home from school and to get away from the bully. Additionally, if there are frequent injuries, this may be a sign that someone is hurting your child.

3. Loss Of Personal Belongings  Have you noticed that your child is constantly in need of extra school supplies, misplaces lunch money, or suddenly “can’t find” a favorite item? These are all signs that someone may be taking these items from him by force.

4. Changes In Eating and Sleeping Habits  Is your teenager refusing to eat? Or are they suddenly overeating? Are they now having nightmares? Do they only want to go straight to bed and sleep when they get home from school? All of these can be signs that they are being bullied. These are emotional responses to a situation that they believe is out of their control.

5. Bullying of Siblings  Many times the aggression that children feel about being bullied is transferred to younger siblings. It is a way of having control, versus not being able to control being picked on.

6. Skipping School  Have you noticed excessive absences or been notified that your kid is missing class? Many times, these actions happen because a teen does not want to go where they are continually abused.

7. Physical Signs of Abuse  Is your child coming home from school with injuries on a continual basis? Yes, accidents do happen, but not every day. Look for bruising, cuts, and other physical issues that may be the result of bullying.

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The most important thing that a parent can remember is that the person who is subjected to bullying will feel that he is helpless. Many will not ask for help because they feel they do not deserve help, since they cannot control the situation on their own. If you find that your child is being bullied, and you find that there is nothing that you can do to prevent it, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel.

No matter if you seek a criminal lawyer like that of Katz & Phillips, P.A or a personal injury lawyer, help is available to parents whose children are suffering at the hands of bullies as well as those accused of bulling.

Parents will find that if they make the effort to talk to their kids about these issues, they can prevent them from happening, or stop them if they already are taking place. Regardless of what is happening, you need to let your children know that you are there for them and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Author Nickey Williams has unfortunately witnessed bullying on countless occasions, and contributes this article to continue awareness. In some areas bullying is considered criminal behavior and if you have a loved one suspected of bullying, contacting a law firm like that of Katz & Phillips, P.A is suggested. Choosing an attorney who specializes in criminal law is important, and could determine how successful you will be when subject to legal matters.



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