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5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized

5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized


Before the advent of smart phones and the internet, and before chatting, emailing and texting became the norm, people typically communicated through writing. When family or friends went on vacation, they sent postcards, and when someone had a crush on a girl, he composed love letters for her. You might have experienced this, and until now, you might still be getting a few written notes from special individuals. When you were younger, you must have also encountered being inundated with cards during Christmas, New Year, and other special occasions. Sometimes, you might also find $10 or $20 inserted in these. Many of these keepsakes, like letters and cards, are too precious to be thrown away. So, here are a few creative ways on how you can get these things organized.

creative ways get sentimental items 5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized

1. Create a scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby because this allows you to be creative while you also protect the things that have sentimental value to you. But don’t just stick everything in a scrapbook or journal. First, you have to organize the items that you want to keep. Sort them out according to date or event, and then as you put them all together, include a few special stories too. Aside from cards and letters, you can also add dried flowers, candy wrappers, and other mementos.

2. Narrow down your collection.

Finding boxes filled with old cards and letters can give you an emotional journey. Maybe you’ll find some letters that your husband, who was then your boyfriend, sent you while he was stationed in another country. Or maybe you’ll come across a letter from your mom from years ago. Many letters and even very short notes can have a deep impact on your emotions. These are the types that you have to keep for you to read when you’re older or for you to share with your children or grandchildren. Tie these together using lovely ribbons and keep these in boxes. Then, you can get rid of those that don’t hold much meaning.

3. Display those with great meaning.

A letter from a loved one, a poem written by an admirer, or any note that’s very special to you is surely a treasure. If you often find yourself going back to this note and reading it again and again, maybe you should seriously consider framing it. Once framed, place it somewhere where only you can see it if you want to keep things private.

4. Scan and save digital copies.

If you prefer to get rid of all the old letters and cards that are cluttering your home and just taking up precious space, you can throw these away. But before you do, scan those that are most important to you so that you’ll have digital copies. Going digital has a lot of advantages. For one, you can save a lot of data in a small drive, and retrieval is also pretty easy.

5. Do something creative with your cards.

It can be a waste to throw away nice greeting cards. So, think of other ways to use them. For example, you can cut the card and save the top part, the one with all the illustrations or pictures. Because these card tops are quite firm, you can utilize them in various imaginative ways. Use them as bookmarks, decorations for your journal or scrapbook, or come up with a work of art using these.

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