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Top 10 Winter Vacation Destinations

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Some people limit themselves to travelling during the summers, but they truly are missing out on some of the most unique experiences the world has to offer. There is such a variety of places to visit during the winter, it was hard to pin down just ten, but I did my best to choose a wide variety of destinations that are particularly awesome during the winter.



This city is a year round destination that is popular every month of the year, but things slow down as the temperature drops. Not everyone is prepared to face an Eastern European winter for their vacation, but it isn’t anything a heavy winter coat, boots and gloves can’t handle. If you don’t mind the cold, Prague is quite festive on the off season. Between the Christmas markets, The Devil’s Sack and New Year’s Celebrations there are a wide variety of cultural experiences to explore. There is also nothing quite like walking the deserted streets of Prague at dawn when everything is covered in a thick layer of snow.

Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico, 1996

holiday season take on a unique cultural twist with Hispanic and Native American influences. Everything down to the Christmas tree has a touch of something just a tad bit different from what many of us are used to seeing for the traditional commercial Christmas decor. After you explore Taos, you can hit one of nearby Taos Ski Valley for some of the best skiing in the country.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

No one does the holidays like Las Vegas, who glitz up the holiday just like they glitz everything else up. The Holiday shows and Christmas décor take on an extra blingy twist in this famous city. Go explore outside of the city with just a short 30 minute drive into the desert for refreshing warm and sunny air. There are also bus tours available to take you to the nearby parks. Vegas can be a bit quiet at this time of year, but during New Year’s Eve hotels fill up. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly to your crowd tolerance!

Palm Springs, California

San Jacinto Mountains, Palm Springs, California

The sun shines 350 days a year in Palm Springs, so it is perfect for people who live in a dreary climate during the winter. Palm Springs daytime highs average in the 80s during the day. An interesting place year round, but during the winter Palm Springs truly shines, and it offers a little something for everyone.  Joshua Tree National Park or the San Andreas Fault are perfect for outdoorsy folks. For those who like interesting architecture, the city offers the largest collection of Modern Style buildings in the world. The golfer of the family will be amazed by the world class Palm Springs golf course that has the perfect weather for golfing during the winter.



Before you call me crazy for suggesting actually going to Canada during the winter as a vacation, let me tell you one thing about Montreal: they know how to stay warm. Montreal is set up for cold weather, so once you are indoors it is actually warm. There are coat checks everywhere the heat is turned up, and it actually is quite comfortable. Also, the prices during the winter are a lot more affordable, so you can get some really great deals on some fine digs for your stay. This is a great choice for snow lovers, even the ones who, like me, prefer admiring it from indoors with a delicious micro-brew from Montreal.

Venice, Italy


A spooky mask of fog falls over the city during the off season to give everything a gray and haunted feel. To experience Venice at its best during the winter, I recommend going to one of the city’s famous winter festivals like Venice’s Carnevale or the Venetian Winter Festival. Make sure while you are there to try the decadent Venetian-style hot chocolate, but just as a warning, every other hot chocolate experience might seem a disappointment for you after you experience Venetian hot chocolate.


Entering new Dubai

Who says you can’t ski in Dubai? The Mall of the Emirates opened up an indoor ski resort, so you can actually ski in the Middle East. This is really a unique experience folks! When you hit the outdoors you can enjoy the average of 70 that we all love. Enjoy the local festivals, The Mall of Emirates, The Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), the beaches, the people and the cuisine this winter in Dubai!

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece 2007

Everyone has read about the recent economic struggle in Greece that has been hard on the locals. Fortunately for travelers, it has lowered the prices of this once expensive destination. It does get cold and rainy through December through March, but that makes the temperature perfect for exploring on foot. Great for people who don’t mind dreary days, and love the idea of travelling on shoulder season.


Guatemala 2007 Xela

How do you like the idea of celebrating the holidays in the rainforest full of exotic creatures and plants? How about a stop by the ancient Mayan cities to honor the cultures that came before ours. I’m of the humble opinion that there is no wrong time to go to Guatemala, so just add winter to the list. It doesn’t help the warm temperatures during the summer can be quite refreshing if you live in a chilly climate.

Yellow Stone National Park


Choose between snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snow mobiling across this world famous national park. The winter is actually the best time to spot the wolves in the park, so canine lovers you’ll love it here during the winter. With the small crowds it can almost feel like you have the whole 3,468 sq miles of national park to yourself. Yes, old faithful still goes off during the winter months!

Holly Williford is a freelance writer and lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C. In her free time she plays with her cats, plans her next trips and reads too many books. Currently she is planning another trip to Montreal for this December.

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I’ve Got Your Back – Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

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Before a funeral, the bereaved is distraught and disturbed. While reeling in the sense of loss, one cannot expect them to be up to the job of planning the funeral. If you are close friends with the bereaved and you want to make them feel better, this is the time to step up. At such times, any help is welcome. So instead of offering help and telling them you are there for them, come up with specific ideas to help before the funeral. Here are some ways you can do so –

Coordinate with visiting guests

ive got back say gestures Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

At funerals, there are many guests coming from out of town and need to be cared for. Their accommodation, food, transport etc. are some things that need to be looked after. Offer to pick up the guests at the airport or the railway station or the bus station. Make sure there is enough reservation of accommodation. Offer for the guests to stay over at your house or call up a hotel to reserve a few rooms. By handling the visiting guests, you are taking up a big chunk of the responsibility.

Coordinate the food

ive got back say gestures1 Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

Being the most common gift, food is something that the bereaved is going to get amply. Many guests will be bringing in homemade food or from the restaurant or deli. You can take over the responsibility of managing the food. The track needs to be kept of who has brought what and off the dishes and containers too. Homemade food is brought in personal dishes and containers which need to be returned to the owners.  You need to make sure the food is stocked properly in the fridge. Failure to track will make it impossible to differentiate between the fresh and stale.

Prepare the house for guests

ive got back say gestures2 Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

If the grieving family is expecting guests at the funeral, then the house must be prepared for them. You could take that responsibility on your shoulders. The house must be cleaned, the fridge must be stocked, beds need to be arranged, etc. You must also check up on the toiletries so that when the guests are here, there is no discomfort. Make sure you have paper napkins and plates for everyone.

Take care of the kids

ive got back say gestures3 Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

Deaths leave behind an emotionally tumultuous environment in the house. Seeing grieve stricken parents can be disturbing to the kids. Besides, the parents won’t be able to look after the kids as much as they usually do. You could take on the responsibility of the kids at such a time. Really small kids don’t need to be in such an environment and so you can babysit until the funeral. Many times parents find themselves with a lot of responsibilities to handle and can miss out the food timing of the kids. Make sure the kids are well fed and play at their usual time. You can also offer to take them to the park or the museum to keep them off the hands of their parents.

These are just some things that can share do to share some responsibility with the grieving in such a difficult time. It’s comforting to have someone show “I have got your back” with gestures!

Keith Dunham is a writer by profession and a frequent blogger. He works for and has recently started focusing on developing a caring and kind nature so that he can be helpful to others in bad times.

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21st Birthday? Must-Haves for the Beginner Drinker

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21st Birthday? Must-Haves for the Beginner Drinker

Turning 21 and finally being seen as a legal adult is one of the most exciting and event filled days of your life. Well beyond any activities that you have planned during the day, it is the celebration night that will be the most impressive.

Since it is only logical to assume that there will be alcohol involved in this coming-of-age celebration, those who are preparing for a day of celebration for their 21st should keep safe and keep the following things in mind.

3571653414 17ac499575 n 300x211  21st Birthday? Must Haves for the Beginner Drinker

Watch What You Eat. Foods high in yeast will saturate your system with glucose and enhance the effects of alcohol. High protein meals or vegan foods will keep your system in good shape to enjoy a drink.
Portable Alcohol Tester. If you think that you may over indulge, you may wish to carry a tester with you so you can gauge how much you have ingested.
Designated Driver. It is very important that you have someone designated as a driver for the evening that will not partake in any alcohol. This is especially important if you are going to road trip into a popular party area such as Orlando for instance, to enjoy the clubs.
Bottled Water. Having water available is good to help you stay hydrated and to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. Dehydration is the leading cause for hangovers, so if you drink enough water during the night, and before you retire for the evening, you may be able to avoid a headache in the morning.

Responsible Drinking

While the last thing that you want to hear on your 21st birthday is a speech about the dangers of drinking and driving, drinking and texting, and posting drunk pictures of yourself on your social media page, it is important that you know all these things before you start your celebration:

a) First time drinkers are more at risk for being involved in a fatal drinking and driving accident than others who take this risk. This is why it is imperative to have a designated driver. If you do not want to leave someone out of the fun, you should have everyone pitch in for a professional driver for the evening. Arriving in style at the clubs will just be an additional bonus for the evening.
b) Texting when you are not thinking straight is never a good idea. All-to-often, someone gets carried away, says something that should have never been said, and trouble ensues. Refrain from texting until the next day.
c) No obscene or obviously drunk pictures on your social media page. While it may be very tempting to share with the world the adventures of your birthday celebration, you must remember that others are also looking. It is no longer unusual for an employer to carefully examine your social media page to determine your status of employment. Future employers will also look to these pages as a way to determine if you fit their company image.

Go out and celebrate your 21st birthday, but do so with the information you need to do it safely. When you know how to stay out of trouble, you can send more time enjoying your special day. After all, you don’t want to have a good time and end up injured and needing the help of a law firm like Steinger, Iscoe & Green because of irresponsible behavior. But if you do, they will be able to provide a wealth of experience in order to assist you with any personal injury issue.

Giovanna O’Neal is a stay-at-home mother who is not looking forward to her children driving. If you know a young adult that gets hurt in traffic or in trouble with the law, they should know that obtaining experienced representation from attorneys such as Steinger, Iscoe & Green can help relieve stress and anxiety that may arise.

Florida Traffic Tickets: Safety Reminders or Police Pay Increases?

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4347583337 320f65fb33 300x164 Florida Traffic Tickets: Safety Reminders or Police Pay Increases?

Florida Traffic Tickets: Safety Reminders or Police Pay Increases?

Law enforcement officials say they use traffic tickets to alert the public when violations of a particular rule or regulation occur. However, speed traps and weekend check points may go above and beyond ensuring safety. This, along with police scandal news headlines, may lead drivers into believing that all police are trying to fulfill their quota for the month.


Traffic tickets can contribute millions of dollars each year to local cities and states. If you receive a traffic ticket in FL, many people would agree that you need someone around that knows what to do to resolve the issue. Police department officials deny that ticket quotas exist and stress the importance of tickets, and public safety goals.

A traffic ticket is designed to punish the driver for exceeding the regulated speed limit. If a driver gets a certain number of tickets, they may even be at risk for losing their driver’s license.

Speeding is a common contributor to roadway vehicle collisions and pedestrian injuries. When a driver fails to obey the designated speed limit, they are putting innocent victims at risk. This is especially important in school zones and high trafficked pedestrian areas where young children and adults are trying to cross the street.

Speed traps cause people to question whether speed traps are designed to ensure the safety of the public or used as a means to reap more monetary compensation for the municipality.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is not only dangerous to the driver, you’ll find that it can also pose a serious threat of injuries and death to innocent victims that enter the path of the individual behind the wheel. Traffic tickets are intended to keep the roadways safe for unsuspecting people who traverse them each day. A driver who is negligent about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Unfortunately, driver checkpoints have come under fire from some people who say that this is the way for law enforcement officials to administer traffic tickets unfairly by targeting lower income areas. Many also feel that if a city has not reached its expected monthly quota for traffic tickets, they’ll put up more road blocks to catch unsuspecting victims who have been drinking.

Red Light Safety

Red light traffic violations can generate a significant amount of revenue for most cities. However, many of these same cities experienced a major decrease in traffic violations by up to 50 percent when they implemented red light cameras. A recent study indicated that there were close to 2.5 million intersection related crashes that resulted in approximately 7,800 fatalities and 780,000 injuries.

Running a red light is the cause of most of these intersection related accidents. The red light cameras are not only there to keep the public safe, they can also generate income for a municipality with the most minor of infractions. As tickets climb for these types of offenses, you’ll find their prices to skyrocket along with them.

The line between traffic violations and law enforcement quotas is a fine one. Department heads will swear that they strictly have the public’s safety in mind for many of the fines and tickets given to drivers, but you’ll find the public to disagree.

Giovanna O’Neal is a professional blogger, researcher, and frequent contributor of legal articles. If you get a traffic ticket in FL, The Tix Team consistently wins in court and in some instances has prevented defendants from having to go to trial.


Complexity of Publishing in Today’s IT World: Ways to Overcome It

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Complexity of Publishing in Today’s IT World: Ways to Overcome It

Gone are the days when publishing companies could wait a day or even a week for their articles and content to be created for them. In a day and age when people expect updated information around the clock, regardless of the hour, companies are now putting intense demands on the publishing and media industry to meet their audiences’ demands.

4254555589 d767182f5f Complexity of Publishing in Todays IT World: Ways to Overcome It

When companies want fresh content without delay, they may be advised to look beyond their own staffing limits. They can get the information they need and please their audiences when they consider the benefits of outsourcing these publishing demands to a data center solutions business.

Expert Guidance

A company that outsources its publishing needs to a data center solutions business can be assured that this business will offer expert help throughout the entire publishing process. The experts with this business can assess a company’s cloud technology and base their recommendations on how much cloud infrastructure that particular company has available to it.

Real-Time Control

Company executives who outsource this work to this business can be assured that they will have real-time access and control to their accounts. They can make changes, view, and receive updates about their network resources anytime of the day by logging into their customer portal on the data center solutions business’s website. They do not have to fear losing the control they need to keep their network resources pertinent to their operational goals and audience’s demands.

Cost Effectiveness

Companies that outsource their demands to one of these businesses could save a significant amount of money. When they outsource to a data center solutions business, companies will notice that their overhead costs are lowered, their capital investment is reduced, and their technology budgets can be trimmed. Saving on these expenses can maximize these companies’ profits and help them enjoy a more successful future.

Focusing on Growth

When a company outsources its publishing demands to one of these businesses, the company can focus on growing and thriving instead of creating the publishing content it needs to satisfy its audience. Focusing on growth and success can include securing new advertisers and reaching new audiences. This growth could be slower if that company does not outsource its publishing demands to a data center solutions business.

Adjusting Demands Accordingly

When outsourcing to this business, a company does not have to fear being unable to change its demands according to its present needs. In fact, company executives can change their orders anytime to meet the budget and needs of their operational goals. If they need to downsize their demands, they have the liberty to do so without fear of being penalized or losing out on the quality of publishing. Likewise, if they need to expand their networks, they can also take care of that requirement with this business.

With the current publishing and media trends, people expect updated information at a moment’s notice. Companies can no longer hold off a day or longer in providing their audiences with the information they demand. Companies can save time, money, and hassle when they outsource their publishing demands to a data center solutions business.

Lisa Coleman shares how outsourcing a business’s demanding publishing needs can be beneficial and cost effective, particularly in today’s high tech world. Hiring an expert company such as QTS (Quality Technology Services), also located at, has many benefits for today’s businesses and can help alleviate the incredible IT operational demands through beneficial, flexible and efficient ways.

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Know More About Arbitrage Betting And Popular Betting Software

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Do you love betting? Is your mind always deviated towards the betting? If yes, then you must try this new software which has arbitrage betting stored in it. Arbitrage betting is the only way of making the constant profits online without giving much of the share to the bookies and overcoming the heavy losses. There are many ways to get the fast cash in your pockets but they all involve a high risk of losing the betted money. In this arbitrage sports betting, you overcome the risk and you have the benefit of the fast cash.

Betting Know More About Arbitrage Betting And Popular Betting Software

Sports betting is becoming popular on internet these days. It involves betting your money on the right sports person and waiting for the gain from it. But the long process of betting through the bookies makes it all the way more risky and difficult with smaller gains. The fees or charges of the bookies and the risk of investing the money with the new bookie persists and makes your enjoyment suffer in wrong way. Here comes the role of the arbitrage betting and the popular betting software.

All you have to do is that buy this software and download it on your computer or phone and enjoy the game without any risks. It involves betting on all the possible outcomes of an events with odds to have the profits. This arbitrage betting is a technique of difference in the prices (odds) to make the instant profits. It has been used in the financial markets for ages and thus makes it difficult for the common person to access the profit. But now with the development in technology, this software has made it possible for everyone to have the benefit of fast cash and enjoying the profits on their own.

Thinking of how it works and makes sure that you don’t face any loss? Then here comes the explanation. Normally, when you invest on odds with the single bookie, it gets difficult for you to win on all grounds and thus makes you suffer the loss. But when playing online, the arbitrage betting makes it possible for you to invest with different booking against all the odds thus making the chances of winning more than the loss. Most of the sports events have two or three possible outcomes. When invested with them in an intelligent way or smarter way, the chances of winning the bet increases many folds.

The popular betting software is of much interest to the sports lovers. It gives them personal time and thinking with the maximum output and thus proves to be beneficial in money making too. The simultaneous method of betting with many bookies online at one given time makes it possible for the person to win for sure. So why bet with the single bookie and risk your cash when you can play without any risk?

Still confused? Then don’t be. All you have to do is that buy this online playing software of arbitrage betting and enrol yourself with the popular betting software. The money making was never so easy with the enjoyment of your favourite sports. But now, thankfully it is!

Sandra is an avid online gamer and betting frank. She provides tips on everything about arbitrage betting or popular betting or casino slots games for playing online

Epidemic Forecast for the Year 2020 – Substance Abuse in the Elderly

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meds Epidemic Forecast for the Year 2020   Substance Abuse in the Elderly

As the baby boomer generation gets older, there will be an increase in the intake of medications and alcohol, if we stay on the healthcare trend that society is currently experiencing. Medications for all patients tend to treat symptoms, as opposed to root-causes, and over-medication can be problematic in all classes of drugs. Narcotics often get the headlines, but other forms of medication also have significant side effects that can impact the diminished quality of life that some seniors experience.

Sometimes the side effects can be worse than the actual disease, although the disease only gets treated when treatment is available. Diseases are normally “managed” with medications, as the current medical industry has not been totally successful in eliminating many diseases.

Physical Impact of Narcotics
This category of medications includes both legal and illegal drugs. Legal medications that require a doctor’s authorization are prescribed commonly because they are effective methods of reducing pain in elderly individuals. Individuals do have a right to medications that alleviate pain, even though many doctors are not always amenable to writing those prescriptions. Sometimes this is a facility policy, yet some seniors still need pain medication to deal with symptoms of incurable diseases.

Controlled substances, illegal without a prescription, also play a part in the future projections; this encompasses a senior’s regular use of street drugs such as cocaine and heroin. The result of using narcotics outside of medical authority and guidelines will be devastating as the baby boomer generation ages. Minimal studies have been completed, and it is still a guessing game, but the accompanying impact on brain receptors has shown that Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease will both increase in numbers. Lapses in judgment which may occur while the senior is under the influence of legal or illegal substances may cause a situation where the elder is arrested. If this unfortunate event happens in the Texas area, search for a Houston DWI attorney immediately for legal counsel.

Physical Impact of Maintenance Medications
Many elderly patients take a large number of maintenance drugs that help them through their daily routine. Prime examples of these are medications for high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, diminishing breathing ability, regulatory system complications, and depression. Depression may be of the most concern currently, as many senior citizens experience emotional difficulties as they age because they have trouble with being in the last years of their life. Over consumption of alcohol may dull the physical pain, and emotional pain of aging.

Many medications, even non-narcotic, can impact the body with problems relating to dehydration, liver function, mental interaction, and mineral imbalances. Vitamins can help, and there are other restricted medications that can also help, but they still may cause reactions or additional side effects. Just because the patient takes a minimal amount of narcotics does not mean that the body does not experience negative results from the drug. As more drugs are added to take care of symptoms, there is a risk that the multiple medications may interact with each other; the addition of alcoholic cocktails will cause other harmful side effects.

Thanks to improved medical care, and healthier lifestyles, individuals are living increasingly longer lives. There is no indication that this trend will diminish anytime soon, as averages constantly rise. In the meantime, it is important for medical science to evaluate the current situation and develop appropriate treatments to help deserving citizens manage their illnesses. Continually monitoring trends on an annual basis is a good place to start, but now is the time to prepare for effective alternatives, treatments, and cures.


Teresa Stewart is a senior caregiver who shares research on drug reliance in the aged. Her studies found that Dane Johnson of Johnson, Johnson & Baer will provide a Houston DWI attorney who understands the need for a serious DWI defense and the client’s need to win. His experienced team can effectively introduce doubt so their clients may be cleared of all charges.

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Window Shopping For Your Home

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AOE HOME Window Shopping For Your Home

Window Shopping For Your Home

Selecting new windows will give you the opportunity to alter the exterior appearance of your home, and you will also be able to reduce your energy consumption. Additionally, the windows that you choose can even have a noticeable impact on the overall value of your house. With this in mind, it is important to determine what your goal is before you buy new windows.

If you are planning to sell the house in the near future, it will make more sense to tailor your purchase toward that goal. On the other hand, if you have no plans to move, you should select windows that are aesthetically pleasing and enhance your home’s security.

What are the Main Factors to Consider?

Aside from deciding whether or not you are planning to sell your home, you also need to consider several factors to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

1. Appearance – The appearance of your home can be dramatically altered by changing the windows. For example, simply changing two upstairs windows provided the owners of the infamous Amityville Horror House with a new look that left their home virtually unrecognizable. When you consider how drastic of a difference replacing two windows made in this example, you will quickly understand the impact that new windows could have on the overall appearance of your house.

2. Efficiency – One of the main perks of replacing windows is that you can reduce your energy consumption. By simply installing energy-efficient windows, your heating bill will be reduced, and you will also save money on air conditioning. You can even choose the type of windows Calgary home owners rely on to keep out the harsh elements. Therefore, the windows will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time.

3. Security – Old windows tend to have locks that are easily broken, and this can put your family at risk. Instead of dealing with shoddy locks and windows that are easily broken, you should look for solid frames that include modern locks. Although this will not prevent a determined thief from breaking into your home, it will make the process a lot more difficult, and this is likely to turn your home into less of a potential target.

4. UV Protection – It is possible to buy UV protection sheets for your old windows, but if you are planning to replace them anyway, you should keep an eye out for options that already include UV protection. After all, letting in too much sunlight can damage the art on your walls, and it can also give you too much exposure to the sun’s rays if you spend a lot of time in a room that is well-lit by natural light.

Window shopping for your home gives you the opportunity to create a new look, but it also lets you reduce your energy consumption, increase your security and protect your belongings from harsh UV rays. Therefore, if you live in a home that has old windows, it makes good sense to replace them as soon as possible.

Researcher Melanie Fleury shares this article for those who would like to upgrade their home without spending a ton of money. Greg Martineau Projects offers the energy-efficient windows Calgary area residents continue to turn to as they seek windows that will exceed their expectations.

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Malpractice Awards: Is There a Limit to Possible Winnings?

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MED MALPRACTICE AWARDS Malpractice Awards: Is There a Limit to Possible Winnings?

Malpractice Awards: Is There a Limit to Possible Winnings?

When injured as a result of medical malpractice, most people seek legal representation to protect their rights and sue for damages. While this is the right thing to do, many people fail to ask some very important questions about malpractice cases.

To understand your rights as the victim of medical malpractice, you will need to ask your attorney the following questions. While each has a generalized answer listed, most of these answers to these questions are regulated by state laws, making it impossible to provide one exact answer.

Questions And Answers About Lesser Known Medical Malpractice Claims Facts

• Is There A Limit On Amount?

Depending on where you reside, there may be limits set for how much you can sue for in damages. Also, most injures have guidelines for the amount of damages they can seek, although this is not set in law. For example, an injury that causes disfiguration or loss will receive a much higher settlement than one where the injured party fully recovered. It should also be noted that the Judge may not accept outrageously high settlement requests because the Court feels it would set a bad precedent.

• What About Later Complications?

In most instances, once you accept a settlement from the insurance company, they are relieved of any further medical or financial obligations to you in regards to this case. If there is a potential for a complication down the road, your attorney may ask for continued medical care as part of the settlement offer. However, this is subject to local laws and court findings.

• When Do They Have To Pay?

Once a settlement agreement has been made, most insurance companies pay within a 30 day period. If it is a large settlement, they may request additional time from the Court if they can show cause that the payment will place their business in harm. If the insurance company does pay within that 30 day time frame, you can expect to receive your payment within 60 days. The law firm must make sure that all accounts surrounding your case have been paid before issuing you a final payment.

When you go to an attorney to file a medical malpractice claim, it is very easy to forget to ask some of these questions. You are undoubtedly in pain and frustrated by these events, and this usually causes many questions to be forgotten. However, this does not mean you cannot ask them at a later time.

Once your case begins, you will interact with your attorney on several occasions. During one of these interactions, take the time to ask these important questions so that you can receive correct answers based on your local laws. Your attorney will be pleased to discuss these issues with you early in the case to avoid any misconceptions at the end of the case. Remember, being well-informed is always your best option.

In the last two years, Melanie has undergone two surgeries. She agrees with Price Benowitz LLP, a Maryland based attorney firm that can be found at , when they say that many mistakes made by doctors and physicians are completely preventable and that doctors and patients should have open dialogue. A lack of communication can lead to dangerous consequences in the operating room.

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