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What Are The Consequences Of Jumping Bail?

What Are The Consequences Of Jumping Bail?


There are some people who think they can get anyway with anything, even crime. So what if they get arrested? They could simply post bail and get out. Once they are released from prison, they could jump bail, go to another country or state, and hide there. If they are careful enough, they could live like they used to and not worry about the authorities knocking on their door and picking them up.

jumping bail What Are The Consequences Of Jumping Bail?

While there are those that do get away, majority of them are caught and sent back to prison. Once back, they will soon realize that skipping bail only made their situation worse.

What Happens If You Skip Bail?

You have to understand that, just because you have been released from prison for posting bail, it does not mean that you are free and can walk away from the consequences of your crime. Posting bail does not mean you have you freedom back. It is a privilege that the court extends to you so you can prepare for your case and be with your family while you wait for your trial to start.

If you take advantage of this privilege and decide to skip bail, a chain of events will occur. First, the money you paid for the bail is forfeited. This means you are surrendering your money, even if you finally appeared in court days after skipping bail. Two, skipping bail is a crime, so additional charges will be filed against you. This means more jail time for you and bigger fines. Three, because you are considered a fugitive, the judge will revoke your bail and issue an arrest warrant to have you located and put back in jail. This means that the authorities will be looking for you. If you hired a bail bond agent, then the agent and his bounty hunter will also be searching for you.

What Will Happen to You and Your Family?

If you skipped bail, you will be forced to run and hide. People will always be looking for you to take you back to jail, and if they catch you, the consequences are dire.

As mentioned earlier, additional charges will be filed against you, leading to longer jail sentence, heftier fines, and stricter security since you are already considered a high risk. Instead of, say for example, spending a couple of years in jail and paying a fine of $1,000, it will be doubled.

Your decision to skip bail also affects your family members and friends. People will be hounding and harassing them for any information regarding your whereabouts. The stress of people constantly asking them where they think you are will not only affect their lives but will also make them resent you for what you did. In the end, your actions will affect your relationship with them.

Finally, even if you live somewhere where you think is safe, you will always be a fugitive and will always be looking behind your back to see if people are following you. You will not be able to get a decent job, get a loan, or even rent an apartment because you will not be able to give them the information they need.

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