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Thinking Of Self Publishing A Magazine? Things To Consider

Thinking Of Self Publishing A Magazine? Things To Consider


self publishing magazine Thinking Of Self Publishing A Magazine? Things To Consider

These days, there are blogs for everything and user generated content all over the web on every conceivable subject. However, many people miss having a magazine related to their hobby, industry or local area that they can hold in their hands, and which they know will have thoughtful, properly edited content. If you think you can see a gap in the market for a new printed magazine, and think you’re the person to start it, here are some things you might want to consider:

Financial Planning

self publishing magazine1 Thinking Of Self Publishing A Magazine? Things To Consider

The first thing you will need to do is establish whether or not your magazine is financially viable. If your target readership is very small, it may not be feasible to pay for copy, printing, mailing, images and admin to get a hard copy magazine out to them, and you are unlikely to get any kind of sponsorship or well paid advertising as advertisers will see this. Analyze your target demographic and how you will reach them. Work out how much of your magazine needs to be in color, how many pages it should be, and what this will cost to print in the kind of scale you are considering. Plan how you will market it, how much you will charge per copy, and what kind of subscription duration you’ll ask for. If you do the math and it doesn’t look good for your magazine breaking even, you have to decide if you are willing to sink money into it as a project of love or not. If not, do a website instead.

Getting Articles

self publishing magazine2 Thinking Of Self Publishing A Magazine? Things To Consider

Unless you are planning to write literally the whole thing yourself, which will be very difficult and also give it a lack of diversity, you’ll need contributors. Unless you already know a lot of people who are itching to work for free on the project because they love the idea, you will probably have to pay for content. You should post a notice saying you want submissions on relevant web forums, on the website you should have set up for your impending mag, and if the subject is broad, perhaps on freelance writers’ boards. You may also want to do something similar with artists or photographers if you need images, or you can buy stock imagery if your magazine is suitable for generic pictures.


self publishing magazine3 Thinking Of Self Publishing A Magazine? Things To Consider

If you have the plan right and you are ready to fill your magazine with content, you need to start managing the logistical side of things. You need a means set up to take payments (PayPal is the easiest option if you don’t want people mailing you checks), and you’ll need a magazine printing company ready to go with your print run. You’ll also need a database set up to manage who you will be sending your magazine copies out to, and another to handle advertisers if you have any. The admin side of it can be done quite easily with normal office software, however it is best to be organized and have everything ready to go before you get into the creative work of writing for and laying out the magazine.

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