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The Terror Of Tired Truckers

The Terror Of Tired Truckers


EVIL TRUCK The Terror Of Tired Truckers

The Terror Of Tired Truckers

Most of our country’s consumer goods are delivered to stores by truckers. Indeed, truckers and the trucking profession in general are vital to the country’s economy. Even so, the massive semi-trucks that frequent the nation’s highways can be an intimidating presence even under the best of circumstances. When truckers are tired and not driving as safely as they should, the dangers of these trucks become even greater. While you must share the highways with over-the-road haulers that are frequently tired and overworked, you can take precautions to safeguard yourself and your vehicle from harm. Knowing what to do when you encounter a semi-truck can help you avoid being in an accident.

Keep A Safe Distance

A general rule of thumb when driving dictates that you follow three seconds behind other drivers. However, when you are behind a semi-truck, you can protect yourself by giving that hauler more than three seconds of room. Following at a distance of at least two car lengths behind the semi can give you plenty of room to brake or swerve if the truck experiences a malfunction or brakes unexpectedly.

Expect The Unexpected

Despite these trucks having 18 wheels, these trucks can cause devastating wrecks if they blow a tire or experience an unexpected malfunction. As you near one of these trucks on the highway, you should prepare for a tire blowout, sudden braking, swerving, or the fatigued driver not seeing you and pulling into your lane. Being prepared can help you react quickly in case such an event does occur.

Maintain Your Speed

You may be tempted to speed up or slow down to avoid a tired trucker. However, slowing down can cause other drivers behind you to rear end your car. Likewise, speeding up can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Rather, you should keep both hands on your steering wheel and maintain your current speed. Staying calm and driving at your normal speed will help you maintain control of your car.

Retain a Lawyer for Help

Hiring an attorney immediately following the accident can protect you from counter suits and provide you with the means to pursue legal recourse against the trucker and his or her employer. Your attorney can gain access to the trucker’s driving records and find out if the driver was over his or her limit for driving that day. Likewise, your lawyer can communicate with the driving company and its insurer. Without legal counsel, you may feel bullied or pressured into accepting blame or taking a settlement without proper advice. An attorney can make sure your best legal interests are protected.

Truckers are vital to the economic well-being of the country. Nonetheless, their importance does not excuse them from driving while fatigued. Knowing how to share the highways safely with haulers and being aware of the proper legal avenues after an accident can help you be more comfortable while driving on the roadways with over-the-road truck drivers.

Nadine Swayne shares this safety information with those traveling the highways this summer, and encourages drivers to visit legal sites online, such as, to gain more information about your rights if you’re injured in an accident with a trucker.

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