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Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party


If you are planning a house party, birthday party or drinks party in the near future, you may be thinking about how you will prepare and decorate the areas where people are likely to be hanging out, dancing and having fun. However, unless you are planning to be serving every drink and snack yourself, you should also consider how much time people will be spending in and out of the kitchen, fixing themselves snacks and refreshing glasses. The kitchen may not be the heart and soul of the event, but it is a nice touch to make it easy for people to find things, and you also want to show off your home in the best light and the kitchen will be considered in this too.

setting kitchen for party Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

Here are some tips for getting your kitchen ready for guests on the night:

Clear Out the Fridge

setting kitchen for party1 Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

The fridge is going to be pretty key to the party, because that is where people will be going to store and get their drinks. You may not know what people will bring, and your fridge could quickly become filled with bottles of wine or champagne and cans and bottles of beer, or with desserts and salads if people are bringing their own dishes.

Right before the party, move all of the food and non party related items in your fridge into coolers and store the coolers somewhere out of the way. This will leave your fridge empty and ready to receive all the things for the evening, and also stop people poking through your food and sauces or eating anything that wasn’t intended for guests. Remember to put the food in the cooler back in the fridge when the party is over!

Make it Easy to Find the Things Intended for the Party, Hide Everything Else

setting kitchen for party2 Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

Even in the most beautiful luxury kitchens, there is usually some stuff out which can make the place look cluttered, or which you don’t want people interfering with. Before the party, stash away anything that is out that isn’t intended for guests to use, making your kitchen surfaces completely dedicated to things for the party. You don’t want those old electric bills sitting in the corner or that grubby oven glove sitting around when guests arrive! You should also make it easy for people to find everything they might need so they don’t start hunting through cupboards looking for a glass, a fork or a paper towel.

Pleasant Touches

setting kitchen for party3 Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

While you probably won’t want to decorate the kitchen too much, you can still put some nice little touches in there to keep with the theme of the party. Some fresh flowers or a bowl of lemons and limes that can be used in drinks can look nice, or you can use a few motifs from any decorations you have used elsewhere in the house, like perhaps a couple of birthday balloons or some candles.

By making your kitchen party ready, you’ll have a great looking place where people won’t feel nervous or uncomfortable being around your personal belongings and not knowing where to find the things they need. This means you don’t have to worry about the kitchen at all and can relax and enjoy the party without constantly telling people where the ketchup is or not to use your antique crystal!

Today’s feature writer, Gary Mint, is a freelance interior decorator and an avid blogger. He likes blogging about topics that he finds interest. His tips for decor and party preparation have been widely appreciated by the readers.

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