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IT Security For Small Businesses – Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe

IT Security For Small Businesses – Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe


When you start a small business, it can often seem like you are trying to make the most of the resources you have, with people wearing lots of different hats and things that bigger companies might view as essential being seen as a luxury or a low priority. However, one area where you shouldn’t allow your small business to fall behind is where it comes to security.

An IT security breach can be disastrous, and at the worst can cause you to lose all of the important records your business relies on, as well as use of things like your mail accounts and website. A physical security breach, where things may be stolen or vandalized, can be equally devastating, both in terms of money and your continued operations. Here we take a look at the simple things you can do as a small business owner to bolster security:

Basic IT Security for Your Small Business

it security small businesses IT Security For Small Businesses   Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe

There are a few measures you need to make sure you’ve taken across the board on all PCs used within your business.

The first is to make sure both the individual machines and any network you may have is protected by good, up to date antivirus software and a firewall. You should set your security software to run full checks once a week, and schedule these to happen overnight or at another time when nobody is likely to be trying to work. You can either invest in a good security package or use Microsoft Security Essentials if your budget is low to zero!

The second thing you need to do is make sure critical updates from Microsoft, and to your regularly used packages, are set to run automatically. This will mean you get the latest patches that will defend against any newly discovered security weaknesses. Whatever version of Windows you are running, patches are still released years after the initial launch, so make sure you have this set to be an automatic download and install.

Physical Security for Your Small Business

it security small businesses1 IT Security For Small Businesses   Simple, Easy Steps That Can Keep Your Business Safe

If you have an office, warehouse or retail store, then you also need to consider how secure your site is. For most physical sites, at least one business security camera is an important asset, set up at an access point so you can easily monitor who has been on the premises and when if there is an incident. You may choose to have a full network of CCTV cameras if you have a lot of visitors to your site (for instance if you have a retail store or an office or workshop with a lot of valuable equipment that clients visit every day).

You should also have some sort of access control, beyond standard keys that can be easily copied. A number lock, or a security access system that relies on ID passes, can allow you to really lock down who can gain access to your premises and also let you restrict where certain staff can go.

By implementing these basic security measures, which you can do fairly cheaply and easily, you can keep your business and its assets better protected, leaving you and your team free to worry about making your venture a success!

The contributor of today’s post, Kate Harris, is a security expert at AAA Satellite, one of the leading manufacturers of security locks and cameras in KS. In her spare time, she likes to write blogs about the different security equipment and the importance of installing them in workplaces.

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