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Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take


ITALY TOURIST Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Many people never get to travel abroad, so when they do, it’s an amazing experience that most people absolutely enjoy. Unfortunately, just like anywhere in America, the possibility will exist that a person could be injured. In America, even the most out-of-touch citizen travelers could likely figure out what to do if injured while in a different state, but this is completely different in a foreign country. Luckily, handling these situations isn’t rocket science; it just takes a little forethought and knowledge.

1. Be Prepared

Though being prepared isn’t a step that could be taken after an injury, it definitely is one that can make the occurrence much easier to deal with. An individual should check with their health insurance company to ensure that they’ll be covered in the event of an injury abroad. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look into traveler’s and medical evacuation insurance. Both of these will help cover costs related to medical emergencies and the altered travel plans that occur because of them.

2. Keep Receipts

This holds true of absolutely any injury that’s sustained anywhere: a person should always keep their receipts. This is regardless of whether the bills have been paid or not. Additionally, documentation of changed flights, altered travel plans and the costs related to these should be held onto safely. The preparation mentioned in the previous step will ensure that these documents go a long way in helping a person cover the costs of their injury suffered abroad.

As noted by the law firm of Doyle Raizner,”When catastrophic accidents occur, they can cause significant injuries to those involved.  If you have a suffered an injury while traveling on a cruise ship, you may have a claim for damages. When catastrophic accidents occur, they can cause significant injuries to those involved. If you have a suffered an injury while traveling, you may have a claim for damages.”

3. Contact The Embassy

A majority of countries, especially the ones that America has good relations with, have an American embassy locally. This can help a great deal, and those at the embassy can even alert loved ones of the situation if necessary. It’s important, especially in an emergency, for U.S. officials to know where their citizens are and their condition. Additionally, embassy personnel may be able to act as liaisons between an injured traveler and their insurance companies.

4. Alert Travel Agency

A person should never be afraid to contact their travel agency when they have suffered an injury. These people are meant to help those who are paying customers. There’s no need for an individual to have to go through all of the aforementioned travel plan changes on their own. Traveler’s agencies are quite adept at doing this since Americans can get injured abroad just as easily as they can in America.

It’s important to have all information, including whether or not a physician has cleared the injured party for travel, before contacting the agency. This will help them to make manageable plans to assist the injured individual in getting home safely. Prepared travelers will have already obtained travel insurance, so speaking with the travel agency should be a smooth endeavor.

Being injured anywhere is definitely a hassle, but when an accident occurs in a different country, the outcome can be outright disheartening. Luckily, anyone can handle these situations with the right preparation. The main goal is for a person to receive treatment and get home. After this has occurred, all of the other technicalities, like bills and compensation, can be handled from the comfort of the States. Foreign countries have tort laws as well, and this means that an injured American does have the right to compensation for negligent acts.

Having vacationed abroad gives Nadine Swayne the insight to present these tips to fellow travelers. Doyle Raizner has experience in a wide range of cases and will aggressively fight for clients who have sustained injuries while on vacation.

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