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Drinking Dangers: No True Happy Ending?

Drinking Dangers: No True Happy Ending?


Many people enjoy a few drinks when they are out with friends or when they host a party at their house. Social drinking continues to be an acceptable part of life, and most people think nothing of buying a bottle of wine or offering friends and relatives a beer at gatherings. While the occasional drink generally poses no harm, people who imbibe frequently put their health and their lives at risk. If someone is uncertain about the dangers of drinking or believes that alcoholism truly does not pose a danger to society, he or she is encouraged to consider several important facts about drinking.

Gradual Loss of Brain Cell Function

Scientists continue to debate the extent of damage that alcohol consumption causes in the brain. They generally agree that steady drinking over time damages dendrites, i.e., the ends of neurons in the brain. Damaged dendrites alter the way that cells communicate and relate to each other in the brain. Alcoholics are at risk of developing problems with their memories, eye paralysis, and confusion. This confusion can then cause all manner of unspeakable behavioral issues, i.e., fits of rage, depression and blackouts.

Typically drinkers who drink too much and too quickly experience blackouts and blood alcohol levels rise quickly. College students may be at particular risk for experiencing a blackout, as an alarming number of college students engage in binge drinking. Binge drinking, for a typical adult, is defined as consuming five or more drinks in about 2 hours for men, or four or more drinks for women.

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Loss of Loved Ones and Friends

Alcoholics rarely impact just their lives with their drinking. They also negatively impact the lives of their friends and loved ones, especially their spouses and children. It can be difficult for people to stand by and watch someone they love drink themselves into oblivion on a regular basis. Because they are powerless to help that individual, relatives and friends often abandon their relationships with him or her.

Job Loss and Loss of Income

Drinking can be an expensive habit to afford. Someone who likes to have beer in the refrigerator, whiskey in the cabinet or frequents a local bar may spend as much money on alcohol as he or she spends on rent or a mortgage payment each month. Aside from the financial aspects of drinking, this habit can cost someone his or her employment. Many companies do not tolerate people showing up to work drunk or hung over. Likewise, most employers have little patience with workers who rack up DUI infractions. Rather than risk the company’s reputation and the safety of its workers, a business will most likely fire an alcoholic.

Increased Risk of Driving Drunk and Injuries

Someone who is under the influence of alcohol may believe that he or she is capable of driving. Alcoholics typically become combative when people try to take away their keys. Due to their inebriated state, they are not aware that being barred from driving may possibly save their life as well as the lives of others. A drunken individual does not realize that they are at risk of crashing their cars, veering into ditches, or even hitting other drivers and pedestrians. Thousands of accidents each year are caused by drunk drivers. An equal number of innocent people each year sustain personal injuries caused by intoxicated drivers.

DUI is a common charge in Pennsylvania and all over the U.S., and these charges are more serious when accidents are caused. In Pennsylvania, a prominent Bucks County DUI lawyer states, “Sentencing enhancements that address DUI with accidents make penalties even harsher. When you have been charged with a DUI in an accident it will result in increased fines, potential increased jail time, and longer driver’s license suspension periods.” Therefore, being a responsible motorist is an intelligent choice.

Many people today under-appreciate the dangers of drinking. Alcohol has become an accepted part of society and is generally viewed as harmless. However, alcoholics often pay a steep penalty for their dangerous habit. They put themselves and their physical health at risk; they also put others’ wellness and stability in jeopardy.

Researcher and free-lance writer, Nickey Williams knows the dangers of drunk driving and offers this article to continue awareness efforts. In Pennsylvania, Bucks County DUI lawyer Steven E. Kellis vigorously handles every type of DUI case afforded to him and has for 20 plus years.
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