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Designing with Country Living Decor on a Budget

Designing with Country Living Decor on a Budget


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Designing with Country Living Decor on a Budget

Lakeside homes call for decoration themes that will help you relax and enjoy your time in the residence. When you think about what themes you could possibly use in your home, you may favor a style that brings the outdoors inside your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. The country living lifestyle can add natural beauty and rustic appeal to your lakeside residence. As you prepare to decorate with this style, you can take into consideration decorative elements that can provide the style and comfort you desire.

Country Living Furniture

Of course you will need furniture in your home. Choosing furniture that fits this style can actually be quite easy and inexpensive. Visiting antique shops and thrift stores can be a great way to find hidden treasures. You can choose patterned upholstered furniture, such as couches and loveseats decorated with flowers, birds, or leaves. Alternatively, you may also prefer natural materials that bring attention to the natural, country style that you want to achieve. Leather, suede, silk damask, and wood grains all complement this style and bring the relaxing, rustic appeal to your home.

Accessories and Carpeting

Decorating with this theme can also call for you to use suitable accessories and floor coverings. Accessories like wooden lamp tables, braided throw rugs, and well-placed artificial floral arrangements can recall the outdoors that you find so appealing. Similarly, rustic accents like ceramic milk pitchers and bowls, floral patterned plates and mugs, and engraved silverware can also provide the style that you desire. Accessories should be an important part of your decorative efforts to bring country living inside your home. With a little time and planning, these items can be found at garage or yard sales. In addition, lots of towns host monthly flea market days in the town square where merchants and crafters sell homemade wares.

Wall Hangings and Picture Frames

When someone enters your home, one of the first things they will notice will be your wall hangings and picture frames. These decorative elements can be the most vital part of tying together all of your style efforts. Picture frames and country style art prints can be purchased in a variety of styles. You can select rustic frames that are available in natural wood grains. You can also select picture frames in colors that complement your theme. Frames in brown, black, blue, or brighter colors like yellow can all call attention to your country living theme.

Similarly, pictures and paintings can add beauty to your home as well. Paintings of flowers, cows, horses, cowboys, sunsets, and other natural elements all fit within this style. On the other hand, you may also prefer paintings and pictures of lakes, ponds, fish, boats, and docks for your walls. Well-placed wall hangings in your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms can make a big difference in calling attention to your theme, and help visitors find enjoyment and relaxation while spending time in your home.

Bedroom Elements

While visitors may not spend a lot of time in your bedrooms, you can still add this theme to these rooms by choosing suitable decorative elements. Eyelet dust ruffles, lace pillowcases, quilted blankets, and floral patterned bedspreads all fit well within this style. You can bring country living to your bedroom and provide your family and your overnight guests with the comfort that this theme invites.

Your home by the lakeside can be made more special and beautiful when you decorate with country elements. Rustic picture frames, wall hangings, furniture made from natural materials, and well-placed accents and floor coverings all can highlight this style. Bringing the outdoor relaxation and beauty inside your home can be easy when you choose decorative elements that recall the rural setting by the lake.

Jamica Bell is a blogger and freelance writer who enjoys interior design. She contributes this article to highlight the beauty of country décor on a budget. Artismo(dot)com is an online framed artwork store that provides a myriad of handmade frame designs and prints, including country style art prints for country living themes.


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