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4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Documents

4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Documents


All companies have confidential information that they would not want to see fall into the wrong hands, regardless of whether you work in the public or the private sector. Financial reports, strategy and even blueprints are all things that could not only cause embarrassment if they were leaked, but also damage the business. Because of these risks, it is important that all organisations have a records management system in place to ensure tight data and document security. Here are 4 easy ways to protect your documents so you do not end up with a data breach.

protect documents 4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Documents


Carrying out regular audits of your stored documents is a very important part of keeping an efficient records management system, as well as ensuring your data stays secure. Make sure you make a note of where the information is stored, how it is used, who uses the document and for how long. This means you can quickly identify any areas of risk, and you will be able to choose a suitable storage solution for the information.


Many people are of the belief that data is not safe until it exists in three places. Not only should you make a backup copy of the master page, but a second backup copy as well. If you want to protect a paper document, you could scan it into a computer and host it on a secure server as well as making another hard copy and filing it safely. And if your document is already in digital form, back it up onto a portable hard disk, a secure local area network, a CD or a DVD and protect it with a password. While these measures may seem time consuming, in the long term you know that you will never run the risk of losing an essential piece of company information.

Offsite Data Storage

Offsite data storage is one popular way that companies choose to secure their past and present documents. Document storage is offered by a number of different records management companies, and involves filing records on open racking or in boxes depending on their age. By using an external organisation to store your documents, you know that your confidential business information is kept absolutely private and with no risk of losing it. Some records management companies even allow you to retrieve your stored documents in as little as two hours time after putting in a request.


Shredding is not only good for the environment, but it also guarantees that your documents stay completely confidential. Scrunching paper up and tossing it in the bin simply will not cut it anymore, because even just one instance of negligence can be enough to leave information unsecure. When choosing a shredding solution you have two choices. You can buy a machine and keep it in your workspace (ideal if you are self-employed or just using it for personal use) or you can use a shredding service to do it for you. Many records management companies offer data destruction services onsite or offsite for your stored documents.

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