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Obese And Overlooked: Can Air Ambulance Refusal Cause Greater Injury?

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AIR AMBULANCE GUY Obese And Overlooked: Can Air Ambulance Refusal Cause Greater Injury?

Obese And Overlooked: Can Air Ambulance Refusal Cause Greater Injury?

Across the globe, the obesity rate is continuing to climb, and it’s hindering EMT’s from doing their jobs. Air ambulances, and other modes of emergency transportation, are there to aid individuals who are in need of immediate care. However, what can an air ambulance do if a patient is too obese to carry?

The Right To Refuse?

Imagine being a 450-pound patient in New Mexico and having a heart attack. Unfortunately, the heart attack wasn’t the least of that patient’s problem. Because of the size and girth of the patient, the air ambulance was unable to get off the ground. Air transportation is even more crucial, as an injured patient may only have a specific amount of time for transport and reaching the hospital for the necessary treatment.

Approximately 1 percent of air ambulance flights are denied takeoff because the patient is too heavy to air lift them to the proper medical facility. This has become so common with the increase in obesity across the globe that crews are keeping life-saving tools handy in case a patient needs to be transported another way.

This refusal to transport can also lead to personal injury and malpractice lawsuits. As noted by an Albany NY personal injury lawyer group,”More specifically defined, medical malpractice is a failure on the part of a doctor, medical resident, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, therapist, or other medical caregiver, to provide a service that meets the “standard of care.” The “standard of care” is the level of care that the relevant medical community expects from a given provider.”

Other Methods Of Care

The nation is experiencing a plus-size epidemic and other methods of care will have to be implemented. A patient has the right to receive the ultimate in life-saving measures, but you can’t air lift a victim if they can’t fit. It can also be too dangerous to transport a patient in an air craft that goes beyond the reasonable size and weight, no matter how critical their illness or injuries.

Air ambulances are left with other options that can include transporting the patient via ground ambulance. However, this may not be the most viable option when every second counts. Unfortunately, most are left with no other alternative and traversing the road will have to do. Air ambulance companies have seen this sort of situation too often over the past few years, and they have made improvements on the tools and emergency gear that they keep within the vehicle. With a top rated medical team and equipment, a patient will stand a good chance at survival until they can receive the proper care at the hospital.

Future Resolutions

The obesity rate is only expected to go up over the next few years unless the nation conquers their crippling obsession with unhealthy foods. To keep up with the times, air and ground ambulances have had to restructure their equipment to care for obese individuals. This will help them receive the necessary treatment in a timely manner, should an emergency occur. Emergency medical providers have now had to up their size and weight in both air and ground ambulances to be able to accommodate individuals who exceed the normal weight limit. The equipment used in transport also needs to be updated to be able to withstand their body mass.

More and more Americans are falling into the category of obesity in today’s world. While it’s unhealthy to carry the excess weight around, they do have rights and need to have the same accommodations available as those within a normal weight limit.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to bring awareness to the dilemmas caused by obesity. Bottar Leone, PLLC, an Albany NY personal injury lawyer group, will fight to help you pick up the pieces of your life after suffering an even greater injury due to “refusal to transport” for medical help. With over thirty years of experience, they work diligently to get your case resolved.

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Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

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ITALY TOURIST Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Many people never get to travel abroad, so when they do, it’s an amazing experience that most people absolutely enjoy. Unfortunately, just like anywhere in America, the possibility will exist that a person could be injured. In America, even the most out-of-touch citizen travelers could likely figure out what to do if injured while in a different state, but this is completely different in a foreign country. Luckily, handling these situations isn’t rocket science; it just takes a little forethought and knowledge.

1. Be Prepared

Though being prepared isn’t a step that could be taken after an injury, it definitely is one that can make the occurrence much easier to deal with. An individual should check with their health insurance company to ensure that they’ll be covered in the event of an injury abroad. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look into traveler’s and medical evacuation insurance. Both of these will help cover costs related to medical emergencies and the altered travel plans that occur because of them.

2. Keep Receipts

This holds true of absolutely any injury that’s sustained anywhere: a person should always keep their receipts. This is regardless of whether the bills have been paid or not. Additionally, documentation of changed flights, altered travel plans and the costs related to these should be held onto safely. The preparation mentioned in the previous step will ensure that these documents go a long way in helping a person cover the costs of their injury suffered abroad.

As noted by the law firm of Doyle Raizner,”When catastrophic accidents occur, they can cause significant injuries to those involved.  If you have a suffered an injury while traveling on a cruise ship, you may have a claim for damages. When catastrophic accidents occur, they can cause significant injuries to those involved. If you have a suffered an injury while traveling, you may have a claim for damages.”

3. Contact The Embassy

A majority of countries, especially the ones that America has good relations with, have an American embassy locally. This can help a great deal, and those at the embassy can even alert loved ones of the situation if necessary. It’s important, especially in an emergency, for U.S. officials to know where their citizens are and their condition. Additionally, embassy personnel may be able to act as liaisons between an injured traveler and their insurance companies.

4. Alert Travel Agency

A person should never be afraid to contact their travel agency when they have suffered an injury. These people are meant to help those who are paying customers. There’s no need for an individual to have to go through all of the aforementioned travel plan changes on their own. Traveler’s agencies are quite adept at doing this since Americans can get injured abroad just as easily as they can in America.

It’s important to have all information, including whether or not a physician has cleared the injured party for travel, before contacting the agency. This will help them to make manageable plans to assist the injured individual in getting home safely. Prepared travelers will have already obtained travel insurance, so speaking with the travel agency should be a smooth endeavor.

Being injured anywhere is definitely a hassle, but when an accident occurs in a different country, the outcome can be outright disheartening. Luckily, anyone can handle these situations with the right preparation. The main goal is for a person to receive treatment and get home. After this has occurred, all of the other technicalities, like bills and compensation, can be handled from the comfort of the States. Foreign countries have tort laws as well, and this means that an injured American does have the right to compensation for negligent acts.

Having vacationed abroad gives Nadine Swayne the insight to present these tips to fellow travelers. Doyle Raizner has experience in a wide range of cases and will aggressively fight for clients who have sustained injuries while on vacation.

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Creating Good Body Image for Kids Starts at Home

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Creating Good Body Image for Kids Starts at Home 300x200 Creating Good Body Image for Kids Starts at Home

Children learn by watching their parents.

A family’s home should be a safe haven where children feel comfortable and secure. A home is a space of comforting tranquility where children play, grow, learn and escape. A home environment also influences how a child sees the world and his or herself in it.  It also develops his or her image of their individual self-worth. You can’t control how your child internalizes the outside world, but you can encourage positive intrapersonal skills within your child by fostering a healthy intimate environment. A child who learns about how to have a healthy body image from a young age will more easily transition into a happy teen and adult.

Supporting Your Child

Children are met with and filter through massive amounts of stimuli while figuring out where they fit in the world. As kids enter school, they have to manage a social landscape with peer pressure along with academia. New challenges, like starting college can create even further stress. Teaching your child how to prepare for new challenges and ask for help in college, says, will help them succeed.

The way a child views himself or herself at a young age can be easily determined by how he or she is treated by others, which can even affect mental health in adulthood. The worst outcomes are severe low self-esteem and eating disorders that take over their innocence, happiness, academic learning and sense of self-worth. Your job as a parent is to create a home environment that embraces your child’s strengths and weaknesses. At home, your support can counteract the effects of negative stimuli from school, extra-curricular activities and the media.

Setting an Example

What children see and hear gets stored into a mental filing cabinet. They draw from this place as they evaluate and measure their appearance. Monitor at home what your children becomes exposed to by drawing awareness to your own actions. You’ll help put positive influences into that cabinet over the negative.

A young girl who becomes a chronic dieter probably spent years observing her mother with the same bad habit, explains Proactively promote positive body images or healthy objectives by accepting and loving your own body. A young girl pays attention to how her mom reacts to her own body in the mirror. She hears the comments “I feel so fat” or “I need to lose five pounds.” Parents are role models — heroes — in the eyes of a child, and they’ll mimic your behavior, dialogue and logic. Tune in to how you pass along messages about body image to your child. For example, avoid using words such as fat, skinny, diet and ugly.

Advocating Health Over Looks

Show kids that eating nutritional meals and being fit for healthy weight management is more valuable than dieting and being thin. Staying active and nutritious as a family can help develop a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle and way of thinking that negates self-pity and poor self-esteem related to appearances. Invest in the relationship between your child and his or her body with the following tips:

  • Avoid negative comments about yourself and other people. “She looks fat in those pants.” “I have to stop eating so much.” These messages undoubtedly make an impression that affects how your child sees him or herself in the mirror.
  • Discuss weight management in a positive way. Open up communication surrounding how much our bodies impact our lives. Also, emphasize the normalcy of a child’s fluctuation in weight. A changing body and weight gain are part of growing up and maturing.
  • Replace drawing attention to the negative with focusing on the positive. For example, excite about physical activities your family can do together or the deliciousness of nutritious foods, rather than complain about fatty foods and snacks high in calories. Also, make it a point to praise your child for talents and attributes that aren’t related to their appearance.
  • Pay attention to external environments and influences. Monitor what they watch on TV or encounter on the Internet. Encourage the school to enact policies regarding discrimination and bullying, as well.

Above all, parents must master the art of communication. Initiate discussions with your kids about their bodies. Ask them how they feel about their body. What do they want to change and why? Always encourage them to accept their uniqueness as the one thing that makes them special.

IRS Tax Debt Issues? 3 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

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DEBT FREE IRS Tax Debt Issues? 3 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

IRS Tax Debt Issues? 3 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

The tax laws in this country are always changing. What is legal and expected during one tax season can easily change by the time the next tax paying seasons arrives. Because the laws frequently change and new laws are continuously being added, people may not know what earnings and exemptions to claim. When they do not pay enough in taxes, individuals may be targeted by the IRS, and could have their wages garnished, assets seized, and have other legal actions taken against them. When people are ready to get past their tax burdens and rebuild their futures, they are encouraged to take three important steps.

1) Get Help Immediately

Rather than debate whether or not they should seek help right away for their IRS tax problems, someone in default with the IRS is encouraged to act immediately. Calling for help right away can get the process started that will eventually free them from their tax burden. When they call the toll-free number, taxpayers can let the agent on the other end of the line know the precise circumstances of their tax debt and how much money they owe to the government. The agent who handles their call can then advise them on what the process involves and how long it could take to end their tax worries.

2) Work with Legal Counsel toward Resolution

Once one provides his or her information to this service, they should then make every effort to cooperate fully with the legal counsel who will guide them in the recovery process. This process requires that clients provide every last detail of their tax burden and be honest, no matter the circumstances. When their legal counsel has all of the facts, their lawyers can then design a resolution that can provide them with the most successful and fastest solution possible. Part of their individualized resolution could involve ending garnishments and protecting their assets from seizure. This assistance is vital if people experience undue hardships from their earnings being garnished.

3) Resolve the Debt and Rebuild Their Financial Futures

Once their lawyers design a plan to help them overcome their tax debts, individuals should follow through with the plan completely. Each person’s plan will different; however, it could be reasonable to expect to make monthly payments or to pay a settlement of some sort. Once their debt is satisfied, taxpayers can look forward to rebuilding their financial futures. They should make every effort to stay informed about the tax laws so they do not end up in this situation again. It could be advisable for them to rely on professional tax services or a CPA to do their taxes each year.

People who fall into debt to the IRS often cannot escape this agency’s aggressive collection pursuits. They may have their earnings garnished, bank accounts seized, and legal action taken against them in court. When they want to pay off or settle their IRS debts, individuals can find peace and resolution by taking three important steps to make this goal a reality.

Freelance writer Lisa Coleman shares some simple steps to get back on track financially regarding IRS debt. She understands the stress that comes with having IRS tax problems and encourages employing a service, like Instant Tax Solutions, that offers legal counseling and debt relief programs to help a person regain financial freedom.

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Steps To Buying Your Gadgets Online

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With the advent of the internet, it is no longer news that you can get information at the click of a mouse. Technology indeed has taken away stress from our lives, although it has its side effect too. However one of its greatest benefits to the human race is the ability to buy goods from the comfort of your home or office. You can easily equip your office or home with electronic gadgets without moving an inch from where you are.

steps buying gadgets online Steps To Buying Your Gadgets Online

How does that work?” It’s simple! First you need an internet connected computer or phone and then pronto! You can begin to browse various online stores where you could get the gadgets you want.

 Know What You Want

It is of great importance that you make adequate research on the type of gadget you want online because information is within your reach. Maximize the web by thoroughly searching for what you want, so that you don’t end up making a mistake. Knowing the exact gadget you want, the purpose it serves and the brand that will fit into your larger picture will go a long way in giving you value for your money.

Compare Prices

The good thing about shopping online is that you can visit an avalanche of online stores by just a click away. Ordinarily you would have needed to spend some money on transportation, but you have the ability to visit these stores that are hundreds or even thousands of kilometers apart without moving an inch. With the click of your mouse, you can compare prices in order to get the best deal. It is important that you watch out for fraudulent online stores sometimes the easiest way to know fraudulent stores is by their unusually off the hook prices and discount prices.

 Get Your Payment Details Intact

Gone are the days when paying for goods or services with credit cards are considered risky; thanks to cyber watch dogs that have been able to help reduce the risk of using credit cards to pay for goods and services online. All that is needed to be done is to ensure that you use your credit card in a secure site. Also, you must be careful not to disclose your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to a third party. Furthermore, ensure that the correct amount of money to be spent is available in your card, so as to avoid decline or delayed transaction.

 Give the Right Information

Filling the correct information about your address, zip code and phone number et al will guarantee that you get the gadget you have ordered and paid for without delays. As simple as that sounds; one wrong information might send your gadget to the wrong address.

It is very expedient that you adhere to these steps in order to have a productive result. In no distance time, shopping and buying gadget online will multiply greatly; while visiting gadget shops will drastically become occasional.

You can visit online journals like ( or ( to get more knowledge on how to buy gadgets online.

The author Atanu Shaw is a certified technical blogger, engineer and developer. He has written an avalanche of articles. The range of niche expertise includes the emergence of how to buy gadgets online.

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Are You Financially Fit To Buy A Home?

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HOME BUYING Are You Financially Fit To Buy A Home?

Are You Financially Fit To Buy A Home?

Purchasing a home can be a fun and exciting process. However, being financially fit can either make or break the transaction, and you need to know the best ways to get in shape. The following tips will help exercise your financial readiness.

Know Your Credit History

Your credit history is crucial to being able to obtain a mortgage on the home of your dreams. For individuals who have paid their bills late and have a substantial amount of credit card debt, you’ll probably have a difficult time qualifying with a lender. Mortgage institutions want to see that the applicants can afford the payments on the loan, and they are secure in their finances. You can check your credit score periodically to ensure that there aren’t any blemishes marring your rating. If there are any issues, you need to settle these before you try to obtain a loan.

Research Online Websites

There are a number of Internet research options that are equipped to get you ready for the home buying process, such as SmartAsset, and they can help gauge where you stand financially. Your income, debt, assets and savings can all play a key role in the process and determine where you stand. These websites can also help you understand how much you are pre-approved for a loan. Getting pre-approved is not the actual commitment, but it’s a way to understand how much home you can afford in today’s market. This also allows you to avoid looking beyond your financial means on properties for which you won’t qualify.

Have Steady Employment

Hopping from job to job can raise a red flag for a lender. Someone who has secure employment and has held that position for years will appear more favorable. Changing positions within the company can also be beneficial, especially when a promotion is involved. Self-employed and sales positions that are dependent on commission as a source of income can be another concern for many banks, and they will need to see a paper trail to prove the client’s readiness.

Save A Down Payment

In order to be able purchase a home, it’s important to have funds ready for the down payment, closing costs and any additional expenses that may occur at the last minute. Houses can be expensive, and the maintenance and upkeep are just as costly, so you need to know an estimate of the various costs ahead of time. This will allow you to budget accordingly for maintenance, general upkeep, real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance.

Curb Your Spending Habits

Wasting money on unnecessary items can bring you closer to debt, especially if you place them on your charge card. You can save a significant amount of money just by forgoing that costly cup of coffee, eating-in instead of going out and kicking your cigarette habit. Place the money that you would have spent on these luxury items in a bank account and watch your savings climb.

The home buying process is not for those who are out of shape with their debt. Mortgage institutions have tightened their lending requirements and only the individuals with a solid credit score and financial history will be heading the pack at the end of the home buying race.

Nadine Swayne presents this information to those beginning the home buying process. SmartAsset can offer you an interactive guide to help get you “in shape” to make major purchases and understand complex financial questions.

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Dating Tips for Singles Over 50

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It may have been years since you have dated. Dating over 50 is not as bad as you think. It’s just like dating at any other age. This means it’s fun and it’s risky. You have to have an open mind and realize that most people over 50 are set in their ways and there is no changing them. Overall, go out and enjoy the company you find. The following are six dating tips for singles over 50.

DATING Dating Tips for Singles Over 50

Meet People Doing Activities You Enjoy

This is a rule of thumb for anyone dating. As you are getting older and enjoying life, keep your eyes open for potential prospects to date. If you like golfing, go out with friends on golfing outings. If you like wine, participate in a wine-tasting club. The key to meeting people and having fun with them is to engage in activities you both enjoy.

Check Out Online Dating

If you’ve been unsuccessful finding your dream date, try to find one online. Online dating is popular for active seniors. Once you have set your profile up, start engaging in the different forums and chat rooms for singles 50 plus.

Don’t Talk About Past Relationships Too Soon

The goal of dating is to get to know a person, not their former partners. It’s expected that being over 50 you have went on many dates and were possibly married. It’s okay to share early on that you are widowed or divorced, but don’t dwell on it. Many times we feel we have to paint a bad picture of our former partners to make our new partner comfortable. In fact, it can do quite the opposite and the person could have negative feelings toward your personality.

Bingo For Beginners

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If you have never played Bingo before then it is definitely worth a try. Not only can you win prizes, but it is a great fun social activity, and surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Bingo Houses in the real world may be on the decline, but online bingo is currently enjoying a bit of a boom.  The world is in the midst of a massive recession, and when money is tight and even the most secure jobs are threatened; it is hardly surprising that people turn to quick fixes like bingo or the lottery to try and turn their fortunes around. With numbers of online gaming sites rising all the time it is now easier than ever to take up one of the nation’s favourite games right in the comfort of your living room, and there are many variations of the game available to try.

bingo Bingo For Beginners

First things first

The first thing you will need to do is find a Bingo website.  Go for the bigger and more trustworthy sites as they are more likely to keep your financial transactions secure. If in doubt read some reviews or forum discussions first to find out which websites are best. Some of the bigger sites have special introductory offers if you sign up – so you could try the game out without spending a penny. But remember to unsubscribe if you decide the game is not for you. Some websites will require a joining fee, whilst others are free ? as long as you don’t mind full on advertising and continual pop-ups that is!

Tip: always remember to read the terms and conditions BEFORE you subscribe.

The Game itself

Once you have registered then you are ready to tackle the game itself. If you are a novice I would recommend starting with a basic game rather than any fancy deviations.  Decide whether you want to play a version with or without being able to chat with other players. It is easier not to chat when you are starting out – chat can be distracting and it is easy to miss numbers.

The game is actually very simple – you start with a card that usually has three faces (the grids with the numbers on).  The computer calls out the numbers and you have to click your mouse on the number to cross it out. When the pattern of the crossed out numbers matches the pattern at the top of your screen then you have a full house which usually wins the highest prize, and you need to hit the bingo button or shout “House” (you also win for one line and two lines completed).

Hint: it is important to click the button quickly or you might lose your prize!

Making friends

Chat can be fun and you get to know other players, but Bingo chat like other online chat rooms tends to have its own unique words and phrases. It might help to look up some of the “Bingo Lingo” so that you know what people are talking about.

Hint: sites such as ButlersBingo have sections where you can look up common Bingo phrases.

Jason Falls is a Bingo fanatic.

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Your Housebuilding Or Renovation Project – Things You Need To Factor Into Your Budget

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It is no secret that the vast majority of people from outside the property development industry who decide to undertake a project to build a new house or fully restore an old, dilapidated house, tend to go over budget – quite often by a significant percentage, or even multiples of the original estimated cost! This is often because of factors that simply can’t be predicted like unforeseen problems or rising costs in terms of materials over the course of the project. But, many inexperienced people also miss out important and expensive things in their original plans.

housebuilding renovation project things you Your Housebuilding Or Renovation Project   Things You Need To Factor Into Your Budget

Here are some things you must remember to factor in to your original budget and get quotes for when starting your building or restoration project:

Interior Decoration

housebuilding renovation project things you1 Your Housebuilding Or Renovation Project   Things You Need To Factor Into Your Budget

Many people think about the big things, like getting the walls up and the roof on, but not so much about the smaller jobs that will turn the structure into the home you dream of. This can mean things like painting, both on the interior and exterior, and even hiring an interior designer to pick out color schemes and choose and procure things like drapes and furniture. Decorating a home, particularly if you have big ideas, can be almost as expensive as building one, so make sure you factor in the costs of ‘finishing’ the house as well as simply putting it up.

Equipment and Machinery Hire and Transport

housebuilding renovation project things you2 Your Housebuilding Or Renovation Project   Things You Need To Factor Into Your Budget

Most projects will require quite a lot of expert equipment, and as well as getting hold of this, you need to arrange for it to be brought to your site, set up and operated. Depending on the extent of your project, you could need anything from a cement mixer to a crane, and you need to make sure you have not only done your research and worked out what you need, but also planned for a machinery moving service, and any set up and operation costs.


housebuilding renovation project things you3 Your Housebuilding Or Renovation Project   Things You Need To Factor Into Your Budget

You’ll need insurance coverage for all the people working on your project. If someone is injured on your site you may be held liable, and so it is vital that you have adequate coverage, as well as following all health and safety standards appropriate to your area and the project itself. You should get quotes for this early in your planning as you will need coverage to start from day one that people are working on your premises.

Legal Fees and Permits

housebuilding renovation project things you4 Your Housebuilding Or Renovation Project   Things You Need To Factor Into Your Budget

You may need a lawyer to help you sort out any planning permission or permitting issues, and you may (depending on the laws in your part of the country) have to pay for permits for certain things, or pay to have inspections to prove what you are doing is up to code. Looking into your legal position is something that should be done before you even begin to plan the project in earnest as it can prevent you from doing anything at all. So, make sure this is something you investigate right away and learn the costs that you will be expected to meet so you can include them in your budgeting.

This post has been contributed by Danny Sawyer, who is an employee at Halbert Brothers Inc. His hobbies include bike racing and playing chess.

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