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Summer Love: Fashion Accessories for Romantics

Summer Love: Fashion Accessories for Romantics


The change of seasons marks a wonderful time for romance. Seeing the sunny weather and the flowers in bloom in early Summer, for instance, is a great inspiration to take a stroll with your loved one. With all this amorousness about, it is the perfect time for a romantic gesture. There are many fashion accessories and adornments that people of all ages use to signify and express affection for their significant others.

locket Summer Love: Fashion Accessories for Romantics


One of the first things that a person sees as someone approaches is what they are wearing. From chiffon dresses to lace scarves, many fabrics and outfits can enhance romance. During ancient times, various types of clothing were used as symbols for a number of occasions. For instance, the Grecian Goddesses wore long, flowing and soft silk, organza, and other luxurious fabrics to signify purity, elegance, and passion.

Many women would accessorize their outfits with floral designs in their hair. In modern day, lingerie has become a time honored and very intimate way that people use to express how they feel for a significant other. From plush robes to stockings, there are numerous fashion accessories for clothing that can be used to demonstrate affection.


All types of jewelry have been used for ages to signify affection in the form of friendship, love, romance and passion. For instance:

1. Promise rings bear significance in that they offer a symbol of commitment. Often seen as a pre-engagement ring, they can be given for a variety of reasons, including as a symbol of loyalty, chastity, friendship, monogamy, and even to commemorate keeping clean and sober. From teenagers celebrating young love with cheap promise rings for couples, to those wearing a keepsake that reminds them of their long-distance love, promise rings are a versatile, romantic accessory.

2. Heirloom jewelry includes many meticulously handcrafted jewels in designs such as 18 carat gold, rose cut diamonds, and many other precious gemstones. This popular type of adornment also includes a wide selection of sterling silver in both antique and modern designs.  Virtually any type of jewelry can be made in these styles, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, lavalieres, broaches, pendants, and many other stunning and memorable pieces.

3. Lockets have a distinct history as a type of adornment serving the dual purpose of beautifying appearance in addition to being a cherished keepsake. Often, these pieces are associated with pleasant feelings and memories. There are many different types of lockets to choose from that are constructed to include photographs, locks of hair, precious gem stones and other significant snippets.

4. Bracelets are worn by both men and women for fashion and to signify affection and romance. Diamond designs and the very popular tennis bracelets are given to cherished daughters, friends, girlfriends, fiances and wives to mark a number of occasions.

5. Pearls are usually pale white or cream colored, though darker gray, blue and black variations do exist. Said to stand for innocence, purity and faith, pearls are made into every type of jewelry imaginable. These organic gems may be any size, however, the most popular and valuable tend to be round or pear shaped.

6. Wedding bands and cufflinks, in addition to adornments such as tungsten rings and pocket watches, symbolize affection from loved ones and friends.

Regardless of what the occasion may be, distinctive romantic accessory designs run the gamut and are available in all price ranges. Many items are designed to be one-of-a-kind fine pieces that are made to last for all time.

Savannah Bobo is a blogger and freelance writer who recently celebrated her commitment in a long-term relationship and offers these tips for others who are celebrating their romance. Romantic jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and Super Jeweler offers a vast selection, from modest, cheap promise rings for couples to diamond necklace anniversary gifts.

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