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Most Satisfying After-Work Hobbies

Most Satisfying After-Work Hobbies


The simple act of getting out of the car and walking into the comfort of your own home is immensely relaxing in its own right, but it’s not always enough. Whether you had a long day or you simply have trouble purging the everyday stresses and worries of the workplace from your mind, a soothing after-work hobby is a must.

gardening Most Satisfying After Work Hobbies

Here are a few of the most soothing after-work hobbies we’ve experienced and how they can help you get out of work-mode and into me-mode.

Tending to the Lawn and Garden

Gardening isn’t for everyone, but for those that enjoy it, there is nothing more soothing than digging into the dirt of your garden and bringing flowers and vegetables to life. From trimming the lawn to pruning roses and tending to a fruit tree, gardening is a great way to slowly release the tension that builds up throughout the day.

Working on Your Classic Truck

There is nothing like taking the rusted frame of a 75 year old truck and turning it into a sleek, like-new truck that you can cruise down your town’s streets Saturday morning to the stares and gawks of every man, woman and child that sees you.

Working on a car or truck restoration project also happens to be an immensely relaxing hobby. It doesn’t have to be a classic either – if you have a few goals for your current truck, whether it’s an upgrade to the wiring harness or a new hood scoop, then this is a great way to unwind every night.

Building Crafts to Sell

Crafting can encompass so many different activities, and can lead to a new source of income too. From crafting coat racks and end tables to painting figurines and model trains, sitting down at the end of the day at a craft table and working on something you make your own is immensely rewarding.

Better yet, you can take those items and sell them – either online through a marketplace like eBay or Etsy or in person at a flea market in your area. While the money isn’t necessary for this to be a soothing hobby, it can certainly help you feel better about the time spent doing it.

Joining a Rec Sports League

Not eager to go home and sit when work is done? Consider joining a recreational sporting league. Recreational sports like soccer, softball or basketball are a great way to get exercise, release tension, and feel better after a long day of work. It’s also a chance to make new friends outside of your normal work and social circles.

If you’re not a team sports kind of person, the gym offers the same release, with the added benefit of helping you get fit, which in turn combats stress and helps you feel immensely better on a daily basis. Whether you join a group fitness class or lift weights, you’ll find that a gym routine can become an important part of your lifestyle, with both physical and emotional benefits.

Community Theater

Expand your literary horizons and satisfy a need to be center stage by joining a production of a play or musical in your hometown community theater. Playhouses typically produce Broadway musicals, classic plays, and Shakespeare, with different titles each season. If you don’t like to sing or act, you can participate by sewing costumes or building sets. Community theater offers many opportunities for people with different talents, and it’s a great way to meet new people in your area.

Whether you want to feel productive at the end of the day or are simply exhausted and need something to take your mind off of a long day of work, the five hobbies above are a great way to take back your day and feel at peace.

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