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How Content Marketing Can Make Your Dental Office Money

How Content Marketing Can Make Your Dental Office Money


Marketing your content can earn your practice money both directly and indirectly. This may be anything from a basic subscription to your content to getting your valuable content to niche areas online that help expand your brand name and bring more business in general to your practice.

money How Content Marketing Can Make Your Dental Office Money

Social Payment

For the simple act of Tweeting or posting a Facebook update that helps promotes another brand, you can be paid over social media for doing so. For example, someone pays with a tweet, a user tells their followers about a particular product. illustrates how this function works.


Consider using advertisements alongside your content or wherever you post your content (i.e. a blog). One example is LaunchBit, which is geared towards linking advertises and those who send out content using email. LaunchBit simply acts as the middleman and connects you to the designers. Another source is clickbank, an online platform that allows to use market your content to niche audiences through a particular model the firm uses. It follows the idea of selling informational content over a long term period to a small market of customers to yield profit.

Strong CTAs

In all your content posts, you should have an obvious clear call to action. An effective CTA is the most important part of a post because it’s the part of your content that convinces a user to take a particular action or step. This might be anything from making an appointment to signing into an email list. Ineffective CTAs can make the difference between a new customer or a bounce. Try and mention a free consultation or benefit to the user for following through with the CTA, as incentives can make or break follow through.

Ancillary Products

You can also sell products directly in return for a fee or a percentage of revenue. Classic examples can be dentists who offer Invisalign or Sonicare toothbrushes. This allows you to appeal to an audience who desires these products (i.e. someone who wants Invisalign over traditional braces) to improve business.


You offer content that may be for free, but you can either make that content exclusive by charging a subscription fee. Another option is offering readers the choice to subscribe to receive better, improved or more exclusive content.

Guest Blogging

If there are niche markets or audiences you can’t reach and you don’t necessarily write for them, content the webmasters of those sites online. Ask them if you can guest blog for them, which gives you the opportunity to provide original content to a site in exchange for a link. This won’t only help you in terms of SEO, but lets the audience of that site know where the content is coming from (if they want more). To do this on a larger scale or to eliminate the trouble of contacting another site’s webmaster, you can also utilize online guest blogging tools such as myguestblog where guest bloggers and parties looking for content are brought together. Here you can post content that can be posted on sites that you feel suite your marketing needs. The result is marketing to a larger readership to attract more business.

Dr. Lance Jue is the head of A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Sugar Land, Texas. Dr. Jue and his team have been providing general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services for close to twenty years to the Sugar Land area.

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