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What should I look for in a new tablet?

What should I look for in a new tablet?


If you’ve decided to part with a little of your hard-earned cash in order to make way for a sleek, state-of-the-art tablet, then you must conduct a little research prior to investing such a device.

You may find that an expensive computer is more often than not left to gather dust. Selling this device and using the money to buy a tablet will most likely benefit you greatly. I personally found it easy to sell my Mac online, using electronics recycling sites which offered me cash returns for my unwanted gadgets and put them to another use rather than throwing them in landfill.

What size should I choose? 

Size is an important factor to take into consideration. If you intend to use it in the house, during the adverts of a TV programme or whilst snuggled up in bed, then size isn’t too important. The bigger the screen however, the clearer the content will be.

If you wish to invest in a device that will provide you with ease ofaccess whilst on the move, then a mini tablet may be more apt. Such a style can slide into a back pocket, will fit easily into the palm of your hand and won’t take up much room in a bag.

You should also think about user ergonomics when considering a tablet. If you have relatively large fingers, a bigger screen may be more suited to your needs, otherwise you may miss the buttons when selecting certain characters or options.

Scree Resolution 

The higher the pixel count, the better the screen’s display. If you wish to buy into a tablet solely to check a few emails now and again, a high resolution screen isn’t a necessity. However, if your reason for purchasing a table is down to the fact that you enjoy Skyping friends and family across the globe, need to make conference calls on a daily basis or wish to watch an array of movies whilst on the move, a clear, high-quality screen display is a necessity.

Battery Life 

Many will purchase a tablet as a companion whilst on the move; it will often be used to entertain whilst enduring lengthy commutes, long plane journeys and endless train travels. These places will often lack a number of power points, which means having good battery life is an important factor. Running out of battery half way into a film is annoying at the best of times.


If the tablet is to be your main device, then storage is important. Music, video and photo files can take up a lot of space and if you are lacking other devices in order to back these up, then investing in a device that boasts a higher storage capacity is a wise decision.

As a keen techno-whizz, Annie Arnold is always on top form when it comes to giving advice on a number of electronic devices. Such tips will often help those wondering how to sell their Macs and other gadgets.

ipad 2 What should I look for in a new tablet?

ipad 21 What should I look for in a new tablet?

ipad 22 What should I look for in a new tablet?

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