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The Very Most Effective Way To Monetize Your Site Or Blog

The Very Most Effective Way To Monetize Your Site Or Blog


The main goal of SEO for most people is to bring more people to our websites. We are willing got spend a lot of time and money doing this for one simple reason – visitors means traffic. This in turn is true because most of us will have found a smart way to monetise our websites so that we earn a little money for every thousand visitors that land on our pages. That then means that all we have to do is increase said traffic, in order to start increasing that profit and making a lot of money from our website.

Unfortunately though, most people don’t get this quite right. Sure, you may have some AdSense on your pages, but if you do then I can tell you right now that you are not making the very most of your traffic or making as much money as you could be. Likewise, even if you are selling an affiliate product then you probably aren’t making as much money as you could be. I’m going to tell you why and how you could be earning a lot more – without even needing to get more traffic.

The Problem With AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

monetize blog The Very Most Effective Way To Monetize Your Site Or Blog

While AdSense is a convenient and easy way for anyone to monetize their websites and while it can be profitable, it ultimately is one of the very worst ways to make money from a site. The reason for this is that it means you’re at the bottom of a pyramid where both the advertiser and Google will take a bigger cut than you for those clicks. If your traffic wasn’t worth more than the price of a click, then advertisers wouldn’t be willing to pay.

Likewise, with an affiliate product you are cutting out the middle man – Google – but you are once again giving away the lion’s share of the profit. A good affiliate scheme will give you 30% maybe of someone’s profit but that still means that someone else is getting 70%…

The Biggest Earner

monetize blog1 The Very Most Effective Way To Monetize Your Site Or Blog

So how do you stop being the dog’s body and start earning the big time? Simple: you need a product of your own which will mean that you get to keep all of the profit rather than just a slice. It’s the people with products to sell that drive the internet and make AdSense possible but it’s them who get all the money too.

Of course if you just built a blog in your spare time to write about things you find interesting, then you might not immediately have a product to sell. Not to worry – they’re easy to make. For instance, why not collate some of your articles into an e-book (or even a print book using POD) and sell that? Or why not offer e-mail courses, talks, apps or even printed merchandise. None of this will really cost you much money in terms of investment or overhead, any of the skills needed can be outsourced but this way you can start earning $100 for every thousand visits instead of $3. Combine this with the services of a good internet marketing company and some smart persuasive writing and you’ll have a money-making machine on your hands!

Author of this post, Jack Knowles; works for a leading internet marketing company. He has hands on experience in internet marketing and has stated some best practices to monetize a website in this article.

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