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Last-minute Tips For Improving Your Portrait Subjects Teeth

Last-minute Tips For Improving Your Portrait Subjects Teeth


We’ve put together a series of tips to follow if you have someone who will be your subject for teeth and dental photos. The advice ranges from what you should advise someone whether it’s a few weeks before the photo to the day of.

Discolored teeth

You can brush softly with baking soda. Lemon juice is also an option, but tell your subject not to do this regularly (as the juice is very acid and harmful to teeth), and to avoid brushing very hard. If baking soda doesn’t do the trick, consider offering in-office whitening. It will provide significant whitening for the photograph

Instruct your subject to also use whitening toothpaste for a week or so prior to the photo. Over the counter whitening products are also available for use at most local stores. This includes whitening gels, strips, and kits. Though some dentists caution prolonged long terms use of certain whitening products due to increased teeth sensitivity.

For the day-of, have your subject drink only water and eat fibrous vegetables such as celery. The texture of such vegetables helps remove debris from teeth as well as produce excess saliva, which neutralizes the acids that contribute to tooth decay. This will better contribute to a subject having clean moist teeth free of debris come time for the photo.


Encourage your subject to have his or her orthodontist put tooth-colored ligaments on instead of brightly colored ones to make the braces less noticeable.

If the braces are noticeable, simply embrace the fact. Have your subject get multi-colored or brightly colored ligaments, match them to his/her outfit, etc. to take full advantage of braces. Using the photograph you can show having them can be fashionable, similar to an accessory that you can match with your everyday fashion.

Remind your subject to also floss under their braces. Many young people simply don’t always take the time to use special threading to get floss under the wire of their braces, allowing for plaque and debris build-up. You will want to avoid this being seen in the photograph. Have them regularly floss under their wire a week or two prior to the photo if possible as well, as if this is done last minute the result will be unsightly bleeding or swollen gums.

Gaps in teeth

Amazon sells a variety of cosmetic teeth, often called flippers, which go over a person’s natural teeth to cover for all sorts of dental imperfections. Flippers are inherently cosmetic coverings that do not solve the problem, but offer an aesthetic solution to appearance.

If flippers don’t do the trick, consider veneers. Though irreversible, they are a great investment. They help improve discoloration, or help deal with any worn and chipped teeth your subject might have. The porcelain is stain resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.

Dr. Mina Tadros is the head of Tadros Dental in Houston, Texas. Tadros Dental offers a wide range of services ranging from general and cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics and restorative work.

smile teeth girl Last minute Tips For Improving Your Portrait Subjects Teeth

smile teeth girl1 Last minute Tips For Improving Your Portrait Subjects Teeth

smile teeth girl2 Last minute Tips For Improving Your Portrait Subjects Teeth

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