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A Guide to Sell Your Hair to Make Money

A Guide to Sell Your Hair to Make Money


Did you know you may have a way to make some extra money without doing anything but growing your hair? There are many wig and extension companies that will pay you good money for your hair. There are a few stipulations you have to meet first, but if you have virgin hair you can make good money selling your hair.

Type of Hair to Sell

Companies only want virgin unprocessed hair. If you have never colored your hair, or used a relaxer or a perm on it you’ve got the kind of hair they want. Your hair also has to be at least 10 inches long. So if you have used any type of chemicals on your hair, grow it out 10 inches past that point and you can sell your hair for money.

Companies are looking for all hair colors and textures. This includes ethnic hair, straight hair, mixed hair, curly hair, and all natural hair colors. Human hair wigs and extensions are big money, and companies are always in the market for untouched virgin hair.

How to Cut Your Hair for Sale

How you cut the wefts makes a big difference. In a temple in India women and men come to donate their hair to the monks. This hair is one of the most sought after type of human hair mostly because of the way the wefts are cut.

  • Completely brush and comb your hair so there are no tangles.
  • Gather up your hair into one or two ponytails at least 10 inches long.
  • Cut straight across the ponytailsas smoothly as you can.
  • Secure the hair with covered elastics to protect the hair.
  • Package the wefts in separate zip baggies to keep them from tangling.

It is important to protect the cuticle layer of your hair by cutting it from one weft. Poor quality human hair wefts are made from several cuttings and won’t get you as much money because the cuticle layers won’t match and lay flat.

How to List Your Hair

There are several sites that will help you sell your hair. Some are free to use, while others charge you a fee. It is best if you don’t use your real name when you list your hair for sale on the internet. Look around to see how much your type of hair is selling for so you can set a fair price for it. Be sure to mention the type of hair, the length, your health habits (if you eat a healthy diet, if you smoke or not, and how often you wash your hair). Once you sell your hair, wrap it up securely and ship it out only after you’ve received payment.

Your hair can make you money if it is virgin hair in good shape. Buyers look for hair from people that have healthy habits like eating right and not smoking. There is a large market for human hair, and if you meet the above requirements you may be able to grow your hair and make very good money for it.

hair A Guide to Sell Your Hair to Make Money

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