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Social Media Shenanigans: Fraud or Financial Windfall?

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ANN SECURITY FRAUD Social Media Shenanigans: Fraud or Financial Windfall?

Social Media Shenanigans: Fraud or Financial Windfall?

The Internet is an excellent format for unscrupulous opportunists who are looking for their next victim and no one wants to be that person. The explosion of social media has given many of these bad actors a lucrative opportunity for fraud because of the sheer number of people on the Internet and the popularity of many social mediums. Here are five tips to remember for your financial protection when dealing with social media outlets.

1. Deal With Reputable Sources

Websites and services appear to be authentic and trustworthy, but there are a few red flags that any investor should recognize. The wide availability of broadband has enhanced the capabilities of scam operators and they are becoming more sophisticated by the week. Many investors, however, already have successful working relationships from before contemporary communication technology became available, and these sustained relationships are usually valid services offering sound advice.

2. Practice Healthy Skepticism

The first thing to remember is always be skeptical of any financial offering over the Internet without vetting the sales agency. General warnings from investment fraud lawyers always includes the adage that, if an unsolicited offer appears too good to be true, rest assured it probably is. Financial relationships with companies that have a successful and responsible track record can be considered safe in most cases, but always make sure that the online entity is actually who they claim. Websites can easily be designed similarly and have a valid look and feel. Know who you are dealing with. This is especially true of advertisements seen on the various forms of social media or the ever-popular email newsletter sales drives that begin as advisement services.

3. Avoid the Hard Sell

Sales hooks are always designed to leave the victim vulnerable to theft and deception with little or no recourse. Limited time offers are designed that way purposefully. Plus, margins and yields can often be exaggerated in the sales pitch. The technical term for this process is “sales conditioning.” Even with legitimate offers, the broker is attempting to generate a service fee at a minimum and this is usually based on a purchase. Investment brokers should also issue advice on what to sell as well as buy, but most only earn commissions when the investor buys a security.

4. Protect Passwords and Personal Information

Privacy and security settings are crucial data for everyone on the web and they must be protected. Do not use a generic form of password like a common name. Always encrypt passwords with numbers and alphabetic characters and do not use a “one password” approach. Additionally, if all passwords are stored on the computer in one file, this becomes a valuable file for an outside source. There are several free password managers available online that offer stronger protection.

5. Avoid International Contacts

These operators target victims across national borders because the legal systems do not exchange jurisdictional authority. They can also be very difficult to trace because of the various capacities for anonymity. If the offer is unsolicited and international this is an obvious red flag, often being a loosely structured scam such as an email lottery notification.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission deems this activity as becoming much more prevalent and the methods of personal financial protection are very important. Any investor considering using social media as an investment strategy should do some research on what the American government suggests and follow those suggestions when applicable. Always be careful with your money.

Former news reporter Ann Bailey provides these tips for anyone thinking of investing with sources they have discovered online. Helping protect clients from online scams, the investment fraud lawyers at Page Perry, LLC work strenuously to advise them about valid investment opportunities, and steer them away from money scams advanced through social media and other broadband shenanigans.

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4 Ways To Reclaim Your Management “Mojo”

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MGMT MOJO 4 Ways To Reclaim Your Management Mojo

4 Ways To Reclaim Your Management “Mojo”

It can be difficult to retain a solid following in a business, especially when the economy is extremely unsteady. However, once the job market starts to pick up again, you may worry about your employees packing it in for greener pastures. A life coach can help you regain their trust with a team building campaign that acknowledges the pain and difficulties of the past, while focusing on what lies ahead. A future vision, team events and reward programs are other important ways for management to get their “mojo” back again.

1. Promote Your Vision

Employees want to know that they’ll have a job in the future with room for advancement. A business owner can develop a plan to promote the company’s vision and what it can mean for the employees who have ridden out the storm together. A company that promotes from within will give their employees something toward which to work. This vision should also showcase what the business leaders have in store for the months ahead and how they plan to achieve that success.

2. Life Coaching

Life coaching is instrumental in work, career management and personal relationships. It’s also a great way for a business owner to map out a plan to re-build a solid foundation for the company. Having a mission statement and structuring guidelines in place to keep everyone happy can build a loyal employee base.

A coach can also develop ideas for workshops to gain better success from each individual employee, have family parties outside of the work place to build a personal relationships, and construct a plan for achieving optimum success in their future endeavors. As expressed by an expert Noomii life coach, “Executive coaching is similar to sports coaching for high performance athletes. The role of the coach is to expose blind spots and challenge the executive to achieve greater levels of success.”

3. Team Events

Team events that promote camaraderie and togetherness can earn an employee’s trust in a business. This includes functions outside of the normal work day, vacations that reward employees for success and team building activities that earn the trust and loyalty of your staff members, after it’s been broken or burned. Getting together beyond the normal business day can give employees the chance to delve deeper into what makes each one of them tick. It’s also a great way for a manager or owner to show that they care about the health and well-being of each of their employees, and that they appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into their jobs.

4. Goal Incentives

Every business should have employee goal incentives in place to continuously give their workers something to strive for. Whether it’s tickets to a sporting venue for a month of high sales, vacation packages to those who have reached the ultimate quarterly goals, or monthly luncheons for a job well done, reward systems are a great way to show your appreciation.

The climate for most businesses over the past few years has looked unsettling, especially as companies continue to dig their way back from the recession. Some may have had to forego bonuses, raises and cutbacks just to survive. The above tips are surefire ways to earn trust back and keep the best employees from leaving for better opportunities.

Nadine Swayne offers this information for the executive trying to breathe new life into their employees’ morale. Business owners who are looking for alternative ways to enliven their staff may consider hiring a Noomii life coach to help rebuild their team. They have an online directory with hundreds of business coaches in your area that can help with your company’s visions for the future.

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How To Glam Out With Temporary Tattoos!

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BIRD TATTOO How To Glam Out With Temporary Tattoos!

How To Glam Out With Temporary Tattoos!

Tattoos are an artistic form of expression and most individuals who adorn their bodies with ink typically use the permanent variety. Fortunately, for those who are looking to glam their arm or leg with a creative design or phrase, you can now go a different route thanks to the help of temporary tattoos.

What Are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are a great way to decorate your body without the commitment that is attached to a permanent form of ink. They also eliminate the pain that accompanies the permanent tattoo. Fashionistas can glam up their appearance and interchange it to match a particular event or outfit in a matter of minutes. The designs usually last between five and seven days and once you’ve grown tired of it, you can choose a new style and location.

Temporary Versus Permanent

There are numerous advantages to choosing temporary tattoos versus a real one. One of the most well-known benefits to a temporary tattoo is that it’s not permanent. Most individuals get a tattoo and grow bored with the style or placement and many wish they could change its location. With temporary tattoo art, you can wear a particular design on your shoulder and replace it with something on your wrist instead.

They are also ideal for shaking up your outfit. Going to a concert wearing boots and a leather skirt deserves a rocker-styled design. However, heading to a social gala with the elite warrants a tattoo with a bit more subtlety and creativeness, such as a necklace or bracelet design. Your temporary tattoo designs can span from delicate flowers to skulls and crossbones to colorful cartoon characters.

Society has become more health conscious and permanent dyes and inks can create allergies and skin break-outs. Temporary body designs are made using non-toxic materials and are safe to place on your skin. They can also be air-brushed or appliqued on, so you don’t have to worry about pain or the risk of infected needles. Cost is another factor. You could spend over $500 for a particular style of permanent tattoo. Depending on the size, placement and style, you could spend a lot less for a temporary form of the same design.

Styles And Designs

The fashion runways have been abuzz with the latest tattoo trends and designers have jumped in on the action with their own versions. The designs can range from fleur-de-lis symbols to jewelry baubles, tribal designs, rocker bolts, chains and more. You can choose something that toughens up your appearance or you can go for something more delicate and classic. Some of the styles take on the look of jewelry and can accent an outfit. If you’re getting married or heading to the prom, you can have a jeweled tattoo necklace placed around your neck instead of the actual jewelry.

Temporary tattoo art has gained in popularity because you can change your look to fit your mood or outfit. The lack of permanence, pain-free application, and zero health risks are other contributing factors that make this hot fashion trend the hit of the season.

Being a champion of self expression and body art inspires Nadine Swayne to ‘ink’ this article! Men, women and children can all experience the fun of temporary tattoos, whether at a rock concert or a unique kids’ birthday party. Trying this tattoo trend is a spirited and extraordinary way to accessorize your fresh new Summer wardrobe.

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5 Ways To Create The Best Outdoor Room!

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OUTDOOR ROOM 5 Ways To Create The Best Outdoor Room!

5 Ways To Create The Best Outdoor Room!

Most everyone enjoys the great outdoors. In fact, some people enjoy it so much that they opt to make a special space outside where the family can enjoy themselves virtually any time they like. Below are five ways to create the best outdoor room possible.

1. Plan It Out

Get the whole family involved to brainstorm. Some of the best ideas come out of group settings. Find out how everyone plans to use the space – for playing games, listening to music, barbecues, relaxing, reading a book, entertainment, hosting a party or studying? This will provide a variety of focal points to consider. Sketch a blueprint using software or make a pencil drawing to get a sense of where each item will be placed. Discuss all of the things that everyone would like to see in the space and try to incorporate all of them.

2. Consider Furnishings

Just as with an inside living room, a big, comfortable outdoor sofa with plenty of seating will make the area even more inviting. The sofa should be well constructed and conducive to various weather elements that it may experience. Add end tables to make the space convenient for everyone. Install a sturdy coffee table with an urn style base centerpiece in front of it. This makes it easy to add floral arrangements as desired. The more homey the space feels, the more inviting it will be.

Think about comfortable chairs near the sofa to accommodate several people for various types of gatherings at one time. Remember that outdoor American made furniture is usually made to be much more structurally sound. Therefore, add chair pads and pillows to make each piece as comfortable as possible.

3. A Fire Pit

Fire pits in front of or near the sofa area make the area so versatile that the space can go from a romantic hideaway to a campfire setting for roasting marshmallows. Many outdoor fireplaces feature tabletops using gas fuel, while others use traditional logs. Just like any campfire, these fire pits are an elegant and intriguing focal point for any outside living space.

4. A Country Style Table

Install one that will hold up against the elements. There are many types of materials to choose from, including natural wood and stone. Ensure that there is plenty of seating around the table for gatherings. Consider using benches to make it easier for European style meals and parties.

5. Accessorize

Make an outdoor kitchen space with a barbecue and utensils. Keep a set of outdoor dishes handy to avoid wasting paper plates or damaging indoor tableware. Using nicer dishes outside adds to the ambiance and makes it much more special than using paper plates and plastic utensils. Gather as many items as necessary to make the space as habitable as possible. Keep the items in a nearby shed or close to the area so that they are conveniently located. Doing this makes it much easier to enjoy the space on a spur of the moment basis, just as one might enjoy any other living and gathering space.

Finally, use earthy hues for a more natural feel. These colors are easy to adapt with colored pillows, blankets and other accessories. In this way, the outdoor area can be easily changed to accommodate any type of use. For instance, a daytime retreat could become a children’s party with balloons or an adult themed party later in the evening.

Enjoying family time outdoors has always been a favorite for Nadine Swayne and enables her to present these tips to those inspired to create an outdoor room! At SofasandSectionals(dot)com, they offer a wide variety of American made furniture that will beautifully accent your outdoor space. Their professionals are seasoned experts that will walk you through their vast array of products.

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When Hardhats are Helpless: Construction Accidents and Your Rights

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INFOINEED HARDHAT 2 When Hardhats are Helpless: Construction Accidents and Your Rights

When Hardhats are Helpless: Construction Accidents And Your Rights

The construction industry is finally making a comeback after a rough few years, and thankfully, this is leading to more individuals being able to find work. Unfortunately, as has always been the case with construction, there are serious dangers that are inherent to the job. One of the biggest dangers is being struck by falling debris and objects on the site. These accidents are often referred to as “struck-by accidents.”  It is imperative that every worker in the construction field fully understand these types of incidents.

Struck-by Accident Statistics

The accident statistics related to injuries sustained when workers are struck by falling debris are staggering. In 2007, for instance, 504 workers died in struck-by accidents. Of these workers, 311 of the deaths occurred in the construction industry. Statistically speaking, around 10 percent of all occupational deaths are related to struck-by accidents, and sadly, this number jumps up to 26 percent in the construction field.

Types Of Injuries From Falling Objects

The range of injuries that a person can sustain from being hit by falling debris is nearly limitless. In reality, hard hats aren’t meant to protect from heavy objects falling directly onto a person, so traumatic head injuries are a likely outcome when this type of accident does occur. This can lead to recurring headaches, a cracked skull and unfortunately, even serious brain injuries.

Head injuries, however, aren’t the only dangers faced by workers who have objects fall on them. Broken bones are a very common occurrence. A person may get lucky enough for an object to miss their head only for it to crush their shoulder or foot. Either of these two injuries, while usually not life threatening, will definitely take a person out of work for a period of time. Since these types of injuries can prevent a person from earning an income, it’s important for them to know their rights by contacting construction accident attorneys in their state after an accident.

Rights Of Workers

Workers have a host of rights when it comes to injuries sustained due to falling debris. The smartest move to make is to find construction accident attorneys who specialize in this field and know exactly the road to take to gain compensation. Workers’ compensation insurers are meant to reimburse injured workers for injuries that they sustain, and this is true even if the worker was at fault for their own injury.

It’s important to note, however, that there’s additional compensation that a worker may be entitled to. Construction workers injured by falling debris may also be able to bring forth a lawsuit in relation to their injury. Workers’ compensation insurance is usually meant to prevent this, but in the case of a third party company causing an accident, the worker may have a legitimate case against that company. In addition, workers may still be able to bring forth a suit against their employer or fellow workers if the accident occurred due to reckless negligence. All of these potentialities are reasons why it’s important to have good legal help.

Injuries sustained by falling debris on a construction site can be detrimental. They can lead to anything from a slight headache to death, and this is why construction companies are supposed to focus on proper training to prevent these occurrences. Sadly, these incidences will still happen from time to time, and this is why every worker should understand the dangers they face and their rights when on the job site.

Nadine Swayne offers this article to all workers with dangerous occupations. At The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., their construction accident attorneys will guide you through your case to help you rebuild your life. Since 1983, they have  surrounded their clients with in-depth knowledge to fight for your fair compensation.

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How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

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design marketing coding How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

If you run a blog or website then you can expect your personality to come across in a big way. First and foremost of course, your personality is going to play a role because of the way you write and this will be immediately apparent when reading our posts. Chances are that you will write mostly about the things you find exciting and interesting, and the way you express yourself is probably going to be routed in the way you express yourself out in the real world. The amount of humour you use in your site and even the length of articles will all speak volumes about who you are.

But that’s not the only way your personality makes its way into your online efforts. Read on to see how else this can have an effect…


design marketing coding1 How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

The marketing you do is also something that will reflect your personality and this is important to bear in mind. Some of us are simply better at promoting ourselves than others and will be able to shout our message from the rafters, while others will want to be more modest about our work. This is why some people need to use SEO companies to do their promotion for them – if you won’t market yourself because it doesn’t suit your personality then you need an internet marketing firm that will.


Of course your design will reflect your personality in many ways, and your use of colours and layout can suggest all kinds of things about yourself. A bright red and yellow website for instance might very realistically suggest a more outgoing and extraverted personality. The key is to make sure that you don’t make your site for you and that it is first and foremost for your audience. Market research and web design firms can help you achieve this.


design marketing coding2 How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

Finally, your personality will always have a huge bearing on your coding style and the way you write your HTML, your PHP and your Javascript. Ultimately programming consists of forming ‘mental models’ to express your ideas, then writing these out in a predefined code. That then means that your code will reflect the way you think and the way that you approach an idea. Do you write a list using a loop? Or do you add items to the list sequentially? Using a more efficient process might suggest that you’re a perfectionist and a very logical thinker, while writing it in the way that makes the most sense there and then might suggest that you are more of a ‘big picture’ kind of person.

Likewise your use of whitespace, your variable names and your comments might reflect your personality. Someone who writes lots of comments and uses lots of whitespace, clearly thinks ahead of themselves and thus makes sure that their code will be easy to follow in the future. On the other hand, someone who writes a lot of code without worrying much about spaces and organization, might be less organized in real life but also more focussed on the problem at hand rather than making it look presentable. No way is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but it is interesting to note the differences.

Confounding Variables

design marketing coding3 How Your Personality Is Reflected In Your Design, Marketing And Coding

Of course it’s also worth bearing in mind that bloggers tend to have a similar kind of personality in some ways to begin with. Most bloggers will probably like technology and thus have quite a logical and systematic way of thinking, but will also probably be passionate and interested and enjoy expressing themselves if they write a lot. Another thing that’s worth bearing in mind is that blogging regularly could alter your personality as well. There is a two way causality here to consider…

Author of this post, Jake Cornwall is an indpendant SEO. He has sound knowledge of web designing and shares it with people via his articles. A music lover, he likes playing his guitar in his spare time.

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Teen Angst To Arrest: What Parents Need To Know

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Cute, Hot and Sweet Guy - Hooded Boy

From Teen Angst To Arrest: What Parents Need To Know 

Crime is at the forefront of a teen’s life today and many grow up long before they should. Youth, vulnerability, inexperience and anger seem to lend themselves to these dangerous situations. Unfortunately for some teens, crime and violence are everyday occurrences and many teens are lacking a proper role model. The following are some important tips every parent needs to know.

The Rise In Teen Crime

Many families today are enjoying wealth and success due to their hard work, dedication and long hours on the job. Unfortunately, parents fail to realize the importance of leaving children unattended for long periods of time at home. This can leave teens open to hanging out with the wrong crowd and finding unsavory activities to keep them occupied.

In other cases, teens resort to crime as a means of expressing themselves and to gain attention. Teens are unsure of themselves during these years and will try to reach out to many different forms of expression. Sometimes, these forms can be artful or criminal. Parents need to be aware of these choices and not brush off every road their teen travels as a ‘phase’. Crime is also glorified in T.V. shows, movies and the interactive games your teen plays. They may want to emulate the images that they admire.

Tips For Decreasing Crime

Important tools to keep your teen on the straight and narrow include communication and education. Keeping the lines of communication open, and knowing where your teen goes and who they hang around with, shows that you care about their health and well-being. It’s also a wise plan to keep tabs on their whereabouts as well as their use of social media.

You can also educate them on the consequences of getting into trouble or being arrested, and how it can affect the rest of their lives. As noted by Kevin W. DeVore criminal law attorney in Minnesota,”In most instances, juvenile crimes are treated in a special court which focuses on rehabilitation rather than just punishment. The goal of the juvenile system is to ensure that the youth undergoes measurements to stop the criminal behavior before it’s too late.”

In addition to getting arrested, going to court and paying exorbitant fines, your teen could face community service or jail time. All teens need a set of limits and boundaries, and you shouldn’t worry about damaging your friendship with them. When a rule is broken in the home, your teen will have to pay the consequences, and you need to adhere to the rules that you’ve established. Giving them a pass will only show that your threats mean nothing, and they can continue the disrespect.

If your teen gets into serious trouble, and you no longer have any control, a mediation program can teach them how to put their anger and expressive emotions to better use. Implementing a hobby or sport can channel their energies to something better suited to their personality than being involved in crime. Managing crime as early on as possible will help prevent it from escalating into something more serious.

After A Teen’s Arrest

After your teen has been arrested, you’ll probably be going through a variety of emotions from anger and frustration to fear and uncertainty. If they call you from jail, you can start by determining their status. Get the whole story from them along with the version from the arresting officer. Anger and yelling never solve anything, so you should try to stay calm and collected. Your teen needs to understand that they are responsible for their own actions, and they’ll need to enlist the help of a criminal attorney. Hopefully, this will be a good learning experience for your teen and keep them from getting into further trouble.

Entering your teen years can be a time of awkwardness and pushing the boundaries. As a parent, you need to set a good example and stay connected. Even though they may be combative and angry, you can show your teen other positive outlets for expressing their emotions instead of crime.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to parents with teens on the verge of falling off the “criminal edge.” If your child has been arrested for any crime, Kevin W. DeVore criminal law attorney empathizes with your situation. Their legal team provides expert representation and will instate an intensive defense on your teens behalf.

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Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

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When was the last time that you actually got surprised and extremely pleased with a gift? Well, that may be too hard to answer if you always end up opening typical gifts that you already expected to get. It is not that these gifts are valued but there are sure kind of gifts that will blow the recipient away with joy and satisfaction. Sometimes, choosing the best gifts are already overlooked especially when there’s no time to go around the mall or browse online. The best gift that you can give to someone is the very thought of his or her genuine happiness when he receives it. This is where unique and unusual gifts come in.

What are unusual gifts? If you consult the dictionary, you will find that this means uncommon, exceptional and not ordinary. This is where you put creativity into play. Since unusual has to be beyond ordinary, why not add up creativity as well.

Gifts for Action-Horror Fanatics

Whether you like it or not, there are certainly people we know who just love the bizarre and action tuff. Add up the zombies on the list and the result is simply astonishing. Why not sign up a friend to a zombie boot camp? If a friend loves to play zombie action games, then he will love the idea of learning how to fight them through a boot camp. Fully-loaded with armor, grenades pistols and rifles, they will learn how to clear living dead enemies in a warehouse. For one day, he can pretend to be a soldier. After all, these are friendly boot camps with superb action and horror experiences.

Supercar Action Gift Experience

Sure, it costs a lot to own a Ferrari or better yet just to give it away as gift. How about treating somebody with a unique driving experience? An expert instructor will be there to fill him on all the techniques and rules, and then gets him on a real track for practice. Then he will have six miles to try this exhilarating supercar experience. After a day of Ferrari action, he will be given certificate and memoirs. Now, that is one great gift guaranteed to make your recipient jumping up and down.

Best Leather Bag for Your Best Bud

Who says leather bag is just for your women friends? Fashionable leather bags for men are becoming a craze. Just check out the designs from totes to hobo-chic and you will understand why they are slowly coming out. If you ask why they seem to resemble some of women’s handbags, that makes them quite unusual for men category. Well, get one now and see the look on your best bud’s face.

The three types are just examples of unusual but great gifts to give to a buddy. That goes to show that giving worthwhile experiences, no matter how bizarre, are the best gifts to give to someone. It is fun and the recipient will totally forget his problems even just for one day. Now that’s a truly memorable gift that lasts a lifetime.

The writer, Danielle Smith, loves to blog about leather bags, clothing and accessories. Read more about her interesting finds in

zombie run Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run1 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run2 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run3 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run4 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

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The Things That Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

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When you buy a car, it won’t always be the cost of the car itself that eats up your finances. Often this will come down more to the other associated expenses, including things like the cost of fuel and the cost of insurance. While fuel is directly related to the amount you use your car however, the amount of money you spend on your insurance will depend on how good you are at hunting for the best deals and at making yourself more easily ‘insurable’. To do these things, you need to first understand how insurance companies make their decisions regarding insurance rates. Here, we will look at how insurance companies work and how you can bring your premiums down by understanding this.

The Basics

It’s safe to assume you understand the basics of insurance premiums, but for the sake of argument let’s go through it again. Essentially, insurance companies will choose how much to charge you for insurance based on how likely you are to have an accident. These companies are of course out to make a profit, so they need to charge you more over the course of your policy than you are likely to cost them.

Your Statistics

As such then, an insurance company will look at various statistics and features to decide whether or not you are liable to have an accident. Your demographic will come into this of course – as younger men are more likely to have accidents than middle-aged Mums for example. Something you can do to help this though is to take extra driving lessons, such as a pass-plus, in order to improve your driving knowledge and experience.

Note as well though that insurance companies will often raise premiums across the board to account for rare cases where they have to pay out more than they earn for a single customer. If you fall into a good demographic then (such as middle-aged female drivers), consider using an insurance company that caters exclusively to that group.

Your Car

Likewise, the type of car you drive and any modifications you may have made will also have a bearing. Certain modified cars risk making you seem like a ‘boy racer’, while having a car that’s very expensive suggests that any damage will also be more expensive. If you want to keep your premiums down, you should buy a cheaper car that isn’t capable of such high speeds.

Your Record

On top of this your driving record will impact on your insurance costs – if you have had accidents in the past it will make you more likely to have them again. A no-claims bonus will work the same way by potentially demonstrating that you have gone a certain amount of time without an accident. Points on your license/your no claims bonus are the equivalent of a credit rating but for car insurance rather than loans.


As insurance pays out for damage to your car, sometimes (if you get fully comprehensive insurance), things like off-road parking can help you to save more money still. Even living in a less bustling area can help.

By doing everything you can to prove that you won’t be likely to have an accident, and that it would be relatively cheap if you did (by getting a less expensive car), you can keep your insurance premium as low as possible.

This post was written by guest contributor Samantha Brave. An avid blogger and a gadget lover, Samantha writes for

classic sport car The Things That Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

classic sport car1 The Things That Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

classic sport car2 The Things That Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

classic sport car3 The Things That Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

classic sport car4 The Things That Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

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