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Top Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Mold Build-Up

Top Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Mold Build-Up


Getting mold in your property is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. Once it sets in, mold is incredibly difficult to get rid of and it will be likely to cause a range of problems by affecting your health and your belongings. If you have a mold problem then your best bet is to call in the experts, but better still would be to avoid the mold building up in the first place. Here’s how you can do that with some simple and easy tips.

Keep the Heating On

top simple tips help you Top Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Mold Build Up

Mold occurs where there’s moisture on your surfaces, and this in turn is caused when the moisture in the air comes into contact with cold walls and other surfaces and condenses into droplets of water. By keeping your heating on you can prevent that moisture from turning into condensation and thus avoid those surfaces becoming a hot bed for mold (or a cold bed..).

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they will save energy by keeping their heating off until the last possible minute, but actually the vicious cycle of moisture cooling down cold walls further means this isn’t the case. Use a thermostat and keep your heating at a persistent level.

Open the Windows

top simple tips help you1 Top Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Mold Build Up

While it’s important to keep the heating on, it’s also important to open window at least occasionally so that you can let air in to circulate. A common problem that people have with mold is that the air isn’t moving freely around allowing moisture to build up. Start each day by ‘airing’ your rooms for an hour or so and you’d reduce this problem.

Avoid Air Pockets

Another way that moisture can build up is if you have air pockets in your décor. Air pockets are spaces between furniture or fittings and walls – such as the gap behind your sofa or wardrobe, or the gap behind your curtains. These air pockets often build up mold, so to avoid letting this happen make sure you leave no space or a very big space and move your items around from time to time.

Avoid Condensation

top simple tips help you2 Top Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Mold Build Up

Everything we do from breathing to running a bath will create condensation which can contribute to the build-up of mold. However there are ways we can do to reduce the amount of condensation we produce.

For instance, when boiling the kettle to make tea, try to avoid using more water than necessary. If you do have water in the kettle afterward then you should pour this away in order to prevent it from standing and creating steam. Another tip is that you should run the cold water first whenever you run a bath. This way you avoid leaving hot water standing in the tub.

There are many more pointers which are mostly just a matter of common sense. For instance you shouldn’t hang up clothes indoors to dry if possible, and you should use the hood if you cook soup on the hob. Taking just a little thought when heating water can help you to avoid needing professional mold removal.

Jack Russel is a mold removal expert and works for Removing mold can be quite a difficult task according to him and so has advised useful measures to avoid them in today’s post. He also likes reading and blogging in his spare time.

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