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The First Things You Should Do In Your New Property

The First Things You Should Do In Your New Property


new property The First Things You Should Do In Your New Property

When you first move into a new home you will likely be met with a combination of excitement, stress, exhaustion and disappointment. Moving home is an incredibly stressful process so already emotions are going to be high, and often when you first see your new place after initially looking around it can seem like a disappointment. When you viewed the property chances are that it was lived in and looked homely and nicely decorated whereas now you’ll be greeted by empty, plain walls that may look lifeless and soulless. Particularly if the place hasn’t had any heating on it will probably feel cold and daunting on your first encounter.

Of course though, it’s important not to get disheartened to instead see this as opportunity. This is an opportunity to make the property into a place that you will be your own and that you’ve made your mark on, and it’s an opportunity to ‘start from scratch’ and avoid the mistakes of old. Here we will look at how to spend your first minutes, hours and days in a new home in order to get the very most of it.

Step One – Look Around

After moving everything into your new property you will probably be tempted to begin unpacking, but this is probably a little hasty. Better is to take some time first to look around the property without it being filled with your things, and to make note of problems and area for improvement. Even the very best property is going to have some aspects that aren’t perfect be they slight cracks in the walls and ceilings or be they areas of mold or damp. Spotting these early on will give you the opportunity to clean/repair if possible, and mean that you are at least aware of the issues before they’re hidden behind a bed. If you’re very disciplined, now is also a good idea to repaint rooms if you wish or to put in new carpets etc.

Step Two – Throw Things Out

Next you should throw a few of your things out. If you want to enjoy having your new real estate being tidier and easier to maintain than your last (we all think like that when we first move), then you should consider reducing the amount of clutter you bring with you. Have a cull now before you unpack and you’ll find your property looks better for it and life is easier too.

Step Three – Design… Then Unpack

new property1 The First Things You Should Do In Your New Property

Before you start unpacking like mad, you need to plan how you are going to unpack and come up with a basic plan for where your things are going to go. Once you’ve done this you can begin unpacking in a way that is the most logical and you will end up with a better layout for it.

Step Four – Enjoy

Once you’ve finally unpacked and started laying things out around your home you can start to really enjoy your new property. Two ways to do this early on are to spend some time exploring the local area and getting to know your new neighbourhood, and inviting people round for house warming and dinner parties.

Derek Underwood is a property developer. He has a considerable body of work behind him, when it comes to developing new property and often advises people regarding the same on his blog. His Gallo real estate is rated amongst the best townships in Stouffville.

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