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How To Feel Safer And More Secure In Your Home

How To Feel Safer And More Secure In Your Home


A home has many jobs. Of course it’s your home’s job to ensure that you have shelter from the elements and somewhere to keep your belongings. It’s also up to your home to give you somewhere to engage in your favourite hobbies and activities and to entertain guests. One of the biggest roles of the home though is simply to make us feel comfortable and safe, so that when we’ve had a hard day at work, or when we’re feeling tired and ill, we can simply collapse into a sofa or arm chair and let go of all our worries while feel completely… well, at home.

There are many ways that we can do this and most of us will find that our homes automatically feel safe and secure simply from being ours. However in some cases you might find that you don’t feel quite as secure in your property as you would like. If you are on a main road and you can hear people passing by outside, or if your house is very big making it feel empty and cold, then you might find it’s actually quite hard to relax and that you end up feeling on edge when you should be cosy. If that describes the way you feel in your home, then here are some tips as to how you can give it a sense of calm and of safety.

Improve Insulation

If your home feels cold then right away this is going to make it seem less safe and less cosy. Apart from the sheer fact that we are more comfortable in the warm, the cold will make your heart rate increase thus causing the symptoms of anxiety and it will make you feel more like you’re outdoors. On top of this, poor insulation will mean that you hear noise outside more easily which can be unnerving when sirens go past or people have arguments outside. At the very least then invest in some double glazing, and consider hanging some rugs on the walls to absorb more sound and warmth.

Improve Security

Big Brother

If your security isn’t great then this can play in the back of your mind and make you feel less safe as a result. There are obviously a number of things you can do to improve this tough, such as installing a better lock (and perhaps a digital lock), getting bigger gates, getting a higher wood fence installation or even putting some CCTV and barbed wire around.


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Also important is your privacy and few things are more upsetting than feeling like you’re being watched. Make sure then that you have blinds you can draw and thick curtains, and consider growing taller hedges and trees around your garden to make it more difficult for people to see in.


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The design of your rooms can also change the way they impact you psychologically and there are a number of things you can do to make them feel safer and more secure. Using slightly warmer colours for instance can help to make a room feel cosier, warmer and smaller, while using more cushions and soft imagery can make it look more comfortable and beg you to curl up in it.

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