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Dads Against Drunk Driving Review For Fathers

Dads Against Drunk Driving Review For Fathers


Driving under the influence of alcohol continues to be a prevalent problem in the United States, especially to younger people. As a matter of fact, 60% of teenagers are involved in car fatality related to driving under the influence of alcohol.
This is still the number one killer of teens in the United States. More so, 70% of teenagers already drink alcohol. With this, in just their first year of driving sober, they put their lives at risk 10 times higher than a driver with just 2 years of experience. More so, dads against drunk driving are committed to help parents get a grip by educating them on what to do. With this, dads against drunk driving review for fathers will tell you of how it is important.

= Dads Against Drunk Driving

Do you know that a male teenage driver who has been drinking is 18 times at risk of a car accident?

While the teenage female is 54 times at risk than those male and female teenagers who does not drink? Sadly, alcohol is the first drug being abused by the youth and it has deadly effect of driving.
More so, 70% of students have tried drinking, while 40% of them will drink when given the chance. If you are a father and cares for your children, then help prevent accidents related to alcohol.
DADD Being Involved
Here are some tips of DADD of how fathers can help protect the youth and the community.
- Train teens to drive to the best of their ability, before you let them drive alone.
- If their self-paced performance is unacceptable, then give them help by professional training.
- Educate your child that a poor driving habit is dangerous.
- Be on your guard to situations wherein your child might be tempted to drive or ride with someone who is drunk.
- Be a father and be there when they need you.
The DADD commitment
A point in your child’s life or his/her friends will face drinking and driving situation. With this, poor decision making will probably cost a child’s life. Being a father you need to be inbetween of the child and the risk. Doing so, provide the time should your child or any of his/her friends needs a safe ride home.
Your commitment to Dadd should be known to the community; because a network of caring fathers is at disposal whenever a teen needs a ride home without the risk of losing the child’s life.

How to Get Involved in DADD?
In order to be a DADD (Dads against drunk driving) the followings things must be done:
1. Provide your contact number
2. You are willing to help a child that needs a ride home
3. Print the “Commitment for Life” and sign it with your child
4. Be sure that your child will understand that other option (calling your dad) is available
Final DADD Word
Put in mind that even the slightest mistake might cause harm to a child. However, in life we want to stop the ongoing issue of human trial and error mistakes. With this dads against drunk driving review for fathers will make a contract for life that will help and educate young people about driving and drinking. Be involved and lessen the carnage of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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drunk people Dads Against Drunk Driving Review For Fathers

drunk people1 Dads Against Drunk Driving Review For Fathers

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