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The Beginner’s Guide to Grilling Steak and Burgers

The Beginner’s Guide to Grilling Steak and Burgers


cook and health 300x201 The Beginner’s Guide to Grilling Steak and BurgersSteak and burger fans know that grilling your own food is no easy matter. Yes, making a flawless meaty meal is something that takes a little time to perfect and a lifetime to master. Everything has to be right, from the seasoning to the heat of the coals or grill and a lot of people get superstitious about their preferred method, like not washing the grill unless really necessary or never emptying out the ashes from the barbecue. And yet anyone can take up grilling and do a decent job on their first try by following this quick and easy guide.


Your first  order of business is to select good steaks. Beef is expensive and premium beef is really expensive but a lot of times the price is justified. Grass-fed cattle produce fantastic, tasty steaks, like those available at http://www.milehighsteaks.com/ that are next to impossible to mess up. Choosing your meat cut is essential: do you prefer lean or fat meat? Would you sacrifice tenderness for flavour? Generally speaking Filets or Strips are your go-to leaner steaks whereas the Ribeye is the flavourful, fatty steak of choice. Make sure your meat is at room temperature, freshly bought but pre-aged and avoid frozen meat.

Let the grill preheat, especially if you have a charcoal grill, while you’re seasoning your steaks. Generally, wet-aged steak only needs a little seasoning while dry-aged steak needs to be covered in a thin coat of olive oil and well seasoned with pepper and Kosher salt. Apply rub if you’re a fan. Then it’s off to the grill!

Grilling a steak is a work of art. Generally speaking the steak has to be grilled for one minute on each side to brown then for three-four minutes on each side, turning four times. Of course this all varies according to the cut, how rare you want the stake and most importantly, how thick the steak is. The above guidelines are for medium-rare to medium-well.


Fortunately burgers are less tricky to grill. Unfortunately Burgers are a lot harder to get right because of the meat. The perfect burger is made out of juicy, fat cuts of meat like chuck or sirloin and has no added ingredients. A lot of people like to experiment with their burgers and add chopped onions, mushrooms or avocado into the patty but this can hurt your burger consistency and taste. Start with ground fat beef or grind your own (as burger fanatics tend to do!). Season it  well then add a bit of rub sauce or whatever tickles your fancy. Don’t flatten them too much or they will overcook. Instead slap the burgers directly on the sizzling grill and wait until the juices are coming up the top. That will net you a medium-rare to medium burger. Leave it be ( no spatula pressing!) and only flip it once. Remember how long it took the burger to cook on one sie (usually 5 or so minutes) and cook on the other side for 1-2 less minutes (so 3-4). Once the burger is ready take it off the grill and let it sit so that the juices settle. Serve warm, in a bun.

There you go. AN absolute beginner’s guide to grilling steak and burgers. Just try to remember that one of the most important things to take into consideration when grilling is how good your meat is.


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