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Taxi! Know Your Rights Before You Hail That Cab

Taxi! Know Your Rights Before You Hail That Cab


TAXI HAIL Taxi! Know Your Rights Before You Hail That Cab

Taxi! Know Your Rights Before You Hail That Cab

Accidents involving any form of public transportation can be complicated cases and that includes taxi accidents. Most people do not think twice about stopping a cab regardless of the driver, as the assumption is that cabbies drive for a living and possess a commercial drivers license. Accidents happen for cab drivers just like anyone else, often leaving multiple third parties and multiple assessments of fault.  It is never a good idea for an accident victim to attempt handling a personal injury claim resulting from a taxi accident. Always let an experienced accident attorney handle the case.

What To Do Initially

It is important to gather as much information as possible from the accident scene. Most cell phones also have a functioning camera and photographic evidence can be very valuable in an accident case. Leaving the process to memory is not always sufficient. Plus, pictures can reveal information that may have been overlooked in the official accident re-construction. Whether it’s a Las Vegas police officer or a personal injury lawyer Syracuse, New York residents trust, they will both inform you that exchanging the names and addresses of each individual involved is always a good idea, along with securing automobile insurance information. A passenger in a commercial vehicle cannot be reasonably held at fault for any accident if they are not driving. It is also very important to get registration plate numbers for all vehicles as well as the the taxi cab registration.
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Medical Treatment

It is imperative to seek medical treatment immediately following a taxi accident, even if injuries appear minor. Some injuries, like whiplash, take a few days to manifest. This also serves as documented proof of medical treatment and involvement in an accident. Doctors can be accepted by the court as expert witnesses and medical treatment facilities are regular components of any personal injury court claim. Insurance companies can accept the medical bills in any attempt to settle an accident claim before court.

Retain an Attorney

Some negligence claims are obvious and insurance companies will often want to settle quickly to avoid litigation and possibly dealing with a personal injury attorney. If the insurance companies are eager to settle, then call a lawyer immediately. There may be compensation available that the insurance provider is wanting to divert with a full medical release. The injured party always has a right to effective counsel and the price of the attorney can be included in the settlement. Never sign a full medical release for the insurance company because injuries can recur later in life.
Whenever possible, always get the names and addresses of any accident witnesses and ask if they are willing to testify. Sometimes this can be another passenger in the taxi. It is also important to pick up a copy of the official police report on the accident. Anyone involved in an automobile accident has a right to any official determination, as the police report will be used in adjudicating the case when it goes to court, unless the case is settled beforehand. It is always a good idea to have a preconceived idea of what protocol is necessary in the event of an accident and do not waste time in retaining counsel because timing can be crucial to the case.
Having lived in the Greater New York area, catching cabs were daily routine for freelance writer Nadine Swayne. At the law firm of Bottar Leone, PLLC, you can find a personal injury lawyer Syracuse ,New York residents rely upon for legal representation for accidents, including those that involve a taxicab.  Since 1983, their experienced attorneys have advised clients of their rights and fought for fair compensation so victims of accidents can rebuild their lives.
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