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Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?


Many people would wear a simple dress yet a noticeable one to suit for the evening. Nonetheless, for you to still be in style, wear an alternative dress that will still put shock on people’s face. Many Hollywood stars right now wear bandage dress to show off their sizzling curvesas it flatters their body. One of this is Blake Lively, if you have seen Gossip Girl, you will notice Blake Lively wearing bandage dress in parties or even in work. Some of the stars who wear bandage dress are Kim Kardashan and Nina Dobrev, the hottest stars in Hollywood. Since the bandage dress, have different lines and elegant layering. Although, the fabric is not silk or it doesn’t have sequins on it or it’s not a flowing silhouette but it has a thick texture that gives you comfort. In a cocktail party, shinning and sparkly dresses are popularly use. With the right option of layering accessories, you can have that “oomph” and match it with a pair of pumps then you’re ready to go.

There are a lot of styles of bandage dresses you could wear on like a high neck and one shoulder that would be chic and bolder so you can still join in.Furthermore, you just have to set up your mood or rely on something thatbest suits to the kind of party even though bandage dress is not that good for cocktail parties but where in the world of freedom,you can wear anything that you want, just don’t let yourself be ashamed while wearing it. However, there are also bandage dresses that are layered by silk and sequins, so no worries of putting sparks on your dress. Given that gold is in. Why pair your bandage dress with gold accessories that is if your bandage dress is plain and will give life to your dress, don’t put too much so that it will not be busy at all. Too much color in your bandage will not look good for it is a cocktail party. Choose a color that is sophisticated like beige and black,simple yet chic. Don’t forget about the hair, it is our shinning glory never left it alone. You can ponytail it for you to show the design of your bandage dress or a doughnut bun to have a great angle of your hair.To top it up, wear a nice pair of shoes. Mind the style of the shoes and color to avoid dullness and bring your minimalist clutch or purse so that it will not cover design of your dress. In styling, always mind the structure of the dress because there are some bandage dresses that will not fit you, find some bandage dresses that has a great structure and will also fit on the structure of your body.

Money is a big part in fashion. You don’t have to find bandage dresses that are expensive. Look for a bandage dresses that is less expensive but pleasing to the eye. Never stick to one, go out and canvass. Try to find dresses in department stores, a lot of good choices and good quality dresses that will not hurt your wallet. If you have a bandage dresses that is a colorful one like it is a mix of orange and brown and not good for cocktail party. Get your butt off and be artistic, do DIY. Buy fabric paint, color the orange with black then, attach the shinning sequins or a glittered thing to the brown part then, boom! You have a party bandage dress. Without giving off a lot of money, you could expand and resource a lot. Go beyond your imagination, may be it would come out better that way. To bring a big splurge on your outfit always wear your smile and the attitude of expressing it, you can never go wrong with it.

This quote from Coco Chanel says that “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” This gives the idea that fashion is always in you, in your inner sense. Not with what the people tell you but with what you have and what you can expose.In this era, it is not about dressing something to blend in; sometimes you just need to be different to be extraordinary; it is dressing something to be YOUnique from others. You dress to express not to impress, having a good expression with others is great and give you a best shot.Bandage dress might not be common in cocktail parties but at least it is a great conversation starter and you’re making a remarkable moment. What’s important is you have confident in bringing it to the crowd and having fun wearing it.

Written By: Padeena Kroeck
Padeena Kroeck is a fashion lover. She lives at Manchester in United Kingdom. With a passion for fashion she loves reviewing the latest trend. OMG Fashion’s Bandage dress is elegant and cool if you put a personality on it. Bandage dress is best for all times whether it is for shopping or parties particularly Cocktail Parties – a very light party for an early evening.

bandage dress Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

bandage dress1 Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

bandage dress2 Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

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