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Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

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Many people would wear a simple dress yet a noticeable one to suit for the evening. Nonetheless, for you to still be in style, wear an alternative dress that will still put shock on people’s face. Many Hollywood stars right now wear bandage dress to show off their sizzling curvesas it flatters their body. One of this is Blake Lively, if you have seen Gossip Girl, you will notice Blake Lively wearing bandage dress in parties or even in work. Some of the stars who wear bandage dress are Kim Kardashan and Nina Dobrev, the hottest stars in Hollywood. Since the bandage dress, have different lines and elegant layering. Although, the fabric is not silk or it doesn’t have sequins on it or it’s not a flowing silhouette but it has a thick texture that gives you comfort. In a cocktail party, shinning and sparkly dresses are popularly use. With the right option of layering accessories, you can have that “oomph” and match it with a pair of pumps then you’re ready to go.

There are a lot of styles of bandage dresses you could wear on like a high neck and one shoulder that would be chic and bolder so you can still join in.Furthermore, you just have to set up your mood or rely on something thatbest suits to the kind of party even though bandage dress is not that good for cocktail parties but where in the world of freedom,you can wear anything that you want, just don’t let yourself be ashamed while wearing it. However, there are also bandage dresses that are layered by silk and sequins, so no worries of putting sparks on your dress. Given that gold is in. Why pair your bandage dress with gold accessories that is if your bandage dress is plain and will give life to your dress, don’t put too much so that it will not be busy at all. Too much color in your bandage will not look good for it is a cocktail party. Choose a color that is sophisticated like beige and black,simple yet chic. Don’t forget about the hair, it is our shinning glory never left it alone. You can ponytail it for you to show the design of your bandage dress or a doughnut bun to have a great angle of your hair.To top it up, wear a nice pair of shoes. Mind the style of the shoes and color to avoid dullness and bring your minimalist clutch or purse so that it will not cover design of your dress. In styling, always mind the structure of the dress because there are some bandage dresses that will not fit you, find some bandage dresses that has a great structure and will also fit on the structure of your body.

Money is a big part in fashion. You don’t have to find bandage dresses that are expensive. Look for a bandage dresses that is less expensive but pleasing to the eye. Never stick to one, go out and canvass. Try to find dresses in department stores, a lot of good choices and good quality dresses that will not hurt your wallet. If you have a bandage dresses that is a colorful one like it is a mix of orange and brown and not good for cocktail party. Get your butt off and be artistic, do DIY. Buy fabric paint, color the orange with black then, attach the shinning sequins or a glittered thing to the brown part then, boom! You have a party bandage dress. Without giving off a lot of money, you could expand and resource a lot. Go beyond your imagination, may be it would come out better that way. To bring a big splurge on your outfit always wear your smile and the attitude of expressing it, you can never go wrong with it.

This quote from Coco Chanel says that “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” This gives the idea that fashion is always in you, in your inner sense. Not with what the people tell you but with what you have and what you can expose.In this era, it is not about dressing something to blend in; sometimes you just need to be different to be extraordinary; it is dressing something to be YOUnique from others. You dress to express not to impress, having a good expression with others is great and give you a best shot.Bandage dress might not be common in cocktail parties but at least it is a great conversation starter and you’re making a remarkable moment. What’s important is you have confident in bringing it to the crowd and having fun wearing it.

Written By: Padeena Kroeck
Padeena Kroeck is a fashion lover. She lives at Manchester in United Kingdom. With a passion for fashion she loves reviewing the latest trend. OMG Fashion’s Bandage dress is elegant and cool if you put a personality on it. Bandage dress is best for all times whether it is for shopping or parties particularly Cocktail Parties – a very light party for an early evening.

bandage dress Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

bandage dress1 Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

bandage dress2 Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

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Synchronizing the breath and movement – Vinyasa Yoga

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Vinyasa yoga, a vigorous form of yoga, established in the late 20th Century refers to the alignment of movement and breath and was popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois. This form of yoga is believed to turn the static asanas (body position) into dynamic flow and is hence flow yoga.  It is a fast-paced and vigorous form wherein synchronization between the movement and breath is achieved. It involves transitioning between asanas and each inhale or exhale of breath dictates the time spent in the transitioning. Unlike other types of yoga, the practitioner is expected to keep attention on the breath and transitioning between asanas rather than achievement of perfect body shape. The sun salutation (surya namaskara) is one such form where the main focus is on the movement and elegance and hence it seems like a dance style. This format of yoga is ideal for rookies as well as experienced.

In this yoga form, the practitioner is taught to develop a diaphragmatic style of breathing and with practice it is maintained in alignment with movements. Asanas are held by the practitioner for a predefined number of breaths, which distinguishes it from other forms of yoga. When the practitioner performs each asana it creates internal heat, which leads to improved circulation and sweating and in turn purification.  Vinyasa yoga has four main parts:

1. Opening:

It begins with 10 Sun Salutations and then several standing asanas.

2. Six main series:

In this part, a practitioner does one of the six main series. These include- Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa), Intermediate Series (Nadi Shodhna) and Advanced A, B, C or D (Sthira Bhaga).

3. Back-bending sequence:

After doing one of the six main series, the practitioner goes for back-bending posture slowly concentrating on his breath.

4. Finishing sequence:

In the finishing sequence, the practitioner moves from back-bending or upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog posture (Adho Mukha Svanasana).

Vinyasa yoga is very popular and like other forms of yoga it is taught in yoga school and many people benefit from its daily practice . It  can aid you in the following ways:

  • It helps in the purification of body through sweating.
  • It helps in maintaining peaceful mental focus, release stress and anxiety.
  • It synchronizes breath and movement.
  • It increases stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility.
  • It helps in channeling the hyperactivity of young minds by calming the ongoing chatter of mind.
  • It assists extroverted personalities to redirect their attention to their internal experience.

There are eight aspects or limbs of spiritual yogic practice of which four are external practices and the other four are internal.

The external practices include:

  1. Moral codes or Yama
  2. Self purification and study or niyama
  3. Posture or asana
  4. Breath control or pranayama

The internal practices include:

  1. Withdrawal of mind from senses or pratyahara
  2. Concentration or dharana
  3. Deep meditation or dhyana
  4. unification with the object of meditation

According to Pattabhi Jois; any defects in external practices are correctable while defects in internal practices are not. He however, advised that the defects in internal practices can be corrected if Ashtanga Yoga was followed correctly.

Today, there are a number of yoga schools set up in different corners of the globe giving people accessibility to benefit from yoga classes. Many beginners as well as experienced yogic are keen to join these classes largely because of the unlimited benefits different yoga exercises offer. Many big corporate have started organizing yoga classes for their employees. Yoga has gained tremendous popularity across the globe and today we can also access yoga classes online as well as through DVD’s and CD’s. If you want to lean more extra yoga news please visit .

yoga Synchronizing the breath and movement – Vinyasa Yoga

yoga1 Synchronizing the breath and movement – Vinyasa Yoga

yoga2 Synchronizing the breath and movement – Vinyasa Yoga

Photo Credit: lululemon athletica (CC BY 2.0)

10 Reasons Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Important

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A lot of people visit your website as a direct result of doing SEO. But how many of them actually stay in your website for a long time? Many people usually come to a website and if they don’t get their desired information then they just leave the page within 10-30 seconds. Conversion rate actually refers to those people, who visit your website, stay in there for a while, participate in the sales tasks and completes the goals. If you own a business website then you must have kept a lot of sales and buying options in your website. The visitors who doesn’t act like the most of them; doesn’t just stay on your website like sitting ducks but participate in the sales; are an idea of the conversion rate. When it comes to online business marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization is nothing less important than SEO.

Why are they important?

Here are 10 reasons for you to understand the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization.

1.    You’ll get higher profit

All businesses want to earn higher profit from every market, including the online ones so that they can invest more and increase the profit margin from the online market. If you have a higher conversion rate, then your profit level will surely rise as they are directly related.

2.    Reaching the upper edge is easy

Competition is important in business and with higher conversion rates, your products will be raised over your competitors. In most cases, reaching the upper edge helps to clinch the competition. Through the CRO competition, you can get more people to receive your services.

3.    Online marketing is becoming competitive

More people are into online business now and that’s why the competition level is now high. If you set your sail for higher conversion rates then it will get you the more customers and keep you a step ahead in the business.

4.   Know what your consumers what

In businesses, it’s important to know consumer demands, your business lives on them. And when they’re on your website, they give you information without even knowing. Track which products are the most clicked ones, you understand which one is the hot cake.

5.    Cost goes down

Business over internet is highly cost effective. You save money from promotion to sales, everywhere. Even CRO won’t cost you much but the outcome it brings is high.

6.   User experience gets better

You get to know more about your product or service consumers while you do your business in internet. Once you provide exactly what they need, their user experience only gets better.

7.    Revenues – you might not see them coming

If you work hard for conversion rate optimization, you will get customers from different corners of the cyberspace; revenues as well.

8.   No/less advertising expense

Like I said before, when the business is online – you save the whole advertising cost.

9.   One step ahead in the competition

Proper implementation of CRO will always keep you one step ahead in the competition and brings you more revenue.

10.   Efficient Planning for your business

If everything goes right with conversion rate optimization then your profit earning will reach the highest peak, and the extra revenue will bring you more cash. With more liquid cash in hand, you can make efficient future plans for your business.

So, have you now understood the importance?

conversion rate optimization 10 Reasons Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Important

Photo Credit: Barbara Galbraith (CC BY 2.0)

Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Your ecommerce company is ready to navigate to the following degree. However a person guaranteed if you should go on together with your hosting that is shared bill, or perhaps kick the idea in up to and including Electronic Personal Server (VPS). It’s not a conclusion to be consumed softly for the reason that site would be the coronary heart involving ecommerce. There are areas convincing reasons in order to choose VPS.

Hosting that is shared — Taking a Opportunity

Cloud computing is actually warm home right now, and another organization offering cost-free cloud hard drive also simply happens to be the actual web’s major shop — Amazon online marketplace.

Nevertheless what is cloud hard drive along with how come the item beneficial to a person?

In responding to these kind of queries we are going to consider creating a no cost Amazon online marketplace World wide web Products and services (AWS) bill along with using AWS Uncomplicated Storage Assistance (S3) to host along with produce any website’s impression documents.

AWS overview very first, a rapid presentation of AWS. In broad terms, Amazon online marketplace World wide web Products and services (AWS) is brand inclined to a small grouping of cloud centered national infrastructure services (databases, hard drive and many others. ), provided by Amazon online marketplace, that consumers are able to use to develop along with host no matter what net remedy they desire (apps, information delivery and many others. ).

Staying ‘cloud’ cantered signifies that not like regular web host setups wherever almost all files is actually stashed along with prepared on more than one static known net servers, and so limited by the actual resources of those servers, cloud computing is actually dynamically scalable, utilizing a number of servers to shop files along with fulfill no matter what running requires any net remedy calls for.

Theoretically after free cloud storage Amazon web services, AWS along with cloud computing services can produce limitless dynamically scalable resources. AWS rates an additional critical variation of the many cloud computing remedies, but it is actually them to run using any pay model. You can find no contracts, month-to-month limitations, or maybe overage charges to worry about.

AWS uses this specific model, along with November 2010 Amazon online marketplace expanded it is rates model using the advantages of an one year cost-free utilization tier with regard to new clients.This specific tier will allow cost-free month-to-month utilization, up to the actual certain quantities, regarding most of the primary services (including Uncomplicated Storage Assistance (S3) along with Variable Work out Cloud (EC2)).

The particular S3 cost-free month-to-month utilization quantities usually are:

Amazon online marketplace S3 storage Get requests     Put requests      Bandwidth in         Bandwidth out there

5 GB    20, 000 2, 000   15 GB  15 GB

Nevertheless suppose a person joins a no cost bill along with break open by way of individuals quantities? No issue — whether or not end users go over the actual cost-free month-to-month quantities many people just start out spending money on almost any additional utilization in the regular AWS S3 rates charges.Appear excellent? They will guarantee a good start – AWS along with S3 subscribe. If You want to more details please visit our website:

vps servers Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

vps servers1 Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

vps servers2 Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

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4 Simple Tips For Planning A Stress Free Dinner Date

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Whether you are planning an anniversary, birthday, or just a casual dinner date, there are some simple but important things to keep in mind. Going to a restaurant is nice, but there is something to be said about going the extra mile and showing that special someone just how much you care about spending quality alone time together.  Also, you might find it’s easier than you think to plan that perfect romantic dinner. Let’s get started.

gold battery candlestick 4 Simple Tips For Planning A Stress Free Dinner Date

1. Decorate

First, make sure to spend time decorating your indoor space.  This will help you to transform the common dining area and make it special for your dinner.  One of the easiest ways to enhance this space is with good lighting.  You can hang strands of battery operated lights over the table or arrange them around the room.  Although simple, these lights will help you to set the mood and add detail to the area.  In addition to lighting, flowers can add natural beauty and intimacy.  You can try sprinkling rose petals over the table, or you can create a beautiful floral centerpiece.  Finally, make sure to set the table with nice tableware.  China or fancy porcelain plates are recommended.

2. The Menu

Once the room has been decorated properly, you can focus on the menu for the evening.  Romantic dinners commonly have multiple courses.  They usually also involve fancier foods.  However, every couple is different.  If the love of your life is more basic with their tastes, then you might consider more traditional food items.  Therefore, plan the menu with them in mind.  It’s more important to make an extended effort than it is to cook something fancy.  Also, make sure to serve an appropriate beverage with the food.  If you are planning to toast each other at some point during the even, wine or sparkling cider will be necessary.

3. Music

Another great enhancement to a romantic dinner is music.  There are a variety of ways to include music with your dinner.  Some people invite a jazz band to play background music.  Others create a playlist with their favorite songs on it.  If you are creating a playlist, make sure to avoid songs that are too loud or too upbeat.  Instead, focus on softer, romantic tunes that are more fitting for the environment you are creating.  Also, when you play the music, make sure to find an appropriate sound level.  It should feel like elevator music.  Although you want to hear it, you should still be able to talk with each other.

4. Remove Distractions

Furthermore, it is important to make an effort to remove distractions from the dinner.  There are many things that can easily distract you and decrease the intimacy of the experience.  Cell phones are a common distraction, as are TVs.  Also, for many couples, children create an added distraction.  Therefore, it is important to determine beforehand what the potential distractions may be.  Then, make an effort to eliminate them during the dinner.  If you do this, your dinner will be more enjoyable, and you will have an easier time connecting as a couple.

Have fun planning for your romantic dinner.  It is a great way to bond as a couple and spend more time together.  You will be glad you made the effort.

Sarah Trell is a writer and blogger and loves keeping her readers informed on all things beauty and fashion.

Organic Pest Control: Eucalyptus against Fleas

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flea extermination 300x225 Organic Pest Control: Eucalyptus against FleasFleas are certainly not a joy to have in one’s house and yard – especially in the presence of pets and/or children. The problem with them is that they spread with relative ease and will jump at every opportunity (pun intended) to ensure their survival. It only takes as much as a walk to the park with the family dog to turn the home into a regular flea colony. And, what’s worse, where fleas live ticks can thrive too – both types of pests will also attack humans, although the effects of ticks and their ability to transmit disease are far more serious.

There are numerous solutions for flea extermination available at the disposal of homeowners; for one thing, if the infestation appears to have gotten out of hand, it’s always best to leave the matter up to the pros. For another, there are numerous solutions commercially available, yet not all of them are equally good. Using a liquid or powder solution means you will have to invest money into it and you always risk not buying the type of solution that is best suited for solving your particular problem. You can also end up buying a substance that is toxic for your pets (though, in earnest, most have been tasted against this in today’s day and age). Last, but certainly not least, there is at least one ‘natural’ remedy that has been known to work in dealing with a flea infestation. Read on to learn more about how eucalyptus trees can help you avoid using chemical pesticides.

Particular species of eucalyptus trees grow very quickly and are also known for being low maintenance. They don’t need to be watered as often as other plants, since they are naturally accustomed to droughty climates and will grow quickly and beautifully. To boot, these trees are also an amazing addition to any garden: not only do they look lovely, but they also exude a wonderful scent, which they also preserve once their leaves have been cut and dried.

The trick with going organic in your fight against fleas (and ticks, too) is that the scent of any part of the eucalyptus tree is detestable to these pests. They react to tree bark, leaves, and any other cuttings, so an area in which a eucalyptus has been planted will soon be vacated by ticks and fleas. If you want to make sure your home is also safe from the damage they cause you can always use them in arrangements around the house, as well as placing them in the area where your pets sleep.

The Differences In Red And White Oak

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Oak is a strong, hardwearing and attractive wood ideal for many things including shelving, flooring, cabinets, pallets, firewood and furniture all around the home.

With around 400 different species of oak trees to choose from, white and red oak are arguably the most commonly known and have many pros and cons to consider, when purchasing oak living room furniture.

There are so many variations in oak lumber that it can be very difficult to tell the two apart upon sight. Red often has appealing reddish pink tones to it; however it is not a clear case of white oak is white and red oak is red, as the colour has a lot to do with how the tree has grown, the part of the tree from which the wood comes, as well as the specific variety of oak tree. In many cases, it may have also previously been stained to change the colour.

Red oak is an extremely popular choice in hardwood flooring and furniture, as it has attractive strong graining patterns, is lighter in density and is usually the cheaper option. The wider graining makes the appearance of the wood more unique, whereas white oak has a much more uniform straight grain.

As White Oak is a lot less common and more expensive, it is a very popular choice for fine higher end furniture. It stains well and evenly in any colour and is also a great choice for outdoor use, as its pores are plugged with tyloses, making it more water tight and resistant to problems such as mould and the potential to rot. It is also recommended for flooring in busy areas, like hallways, as it is dense and very hardwearing.

The pores in red oak are very open, which should in theory make red oak more identifiable but if in doubt, a way of testing it is to try to blow down through the pores. If you are able to blow through it, it is likely to be red oak.

There are however exceptions to the rule; chestnut oak has large pores, although it is considered to be a white oak. Unlike other white oaks though, it is not considered to be good timber, as it is not straight and branches low.

Although oak is seen as a traditional choice, it is certainly not dull. Whether you decide on red or white oak, your furniture will develop over time and can be updated, stained, sanded down and still hold its worth. Oak living room furniture can easily be a lifelong investment, so it is important to make the right choice.

This interesting article has been contributed by J Hawkes, a blogger who frequently blogs on topics of the environment.  Hawkes decided to write this article after browsing for Oak living furniture and taking an interest in the different Oaks and finishes available.

oak The Differences In Red And White Oak

Photograph of Red Oak by Jason Hollinger (CC BY 2.0)

oak1 The Differences In Red And White Oak

Photograph of White Oak by Chris M Morris (CC BY 2.0)

Thinking About Doing Your First Triathlon?

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As you prepare for your first triathlon, there are probably a hundred things running through your mind. Triathlons are physically tough, emotionally strenuous, and mentally challenging. On the flip side, they can also make you feel your best physically, emotionally, and mentally. The challenge and the pain that you might feel is worth the feeling of elation as you cross that finish line. So, what do you need to do to prepare? You will need mental preparation, physical preparation, as well as the proper triathlete equipment.

triathlon Thinking About Doing Your First Triathlon?

Mental Preparation

Before you even begin the physical preparation, you should prepare yourself mentally for the triathlon. You need a great sense of determination and will power to participate in and complete a triathlon. The following are some thoughts that can help you to mentally prepare.

  • Consider the finish line your success, whether you rank high or not. As a first time triathlete, you really don’t know what to expect, so you should just tell yourself that you are going to finish. When you cross the line, be proud of yourself for doing what you set out to do.
  • Recall a prior accomplishment. What made it a success? How did you feel after you accomplished it? That is still who you are, no matter what.
  • Listen to some of your favorite music as you train. It will put you in a better mood, as well as lift your self worth.

Physical Preparation

One of the most important aspects of triathlon training is physical preparation. A triathlon is not like running the mile in high school. You cannot just walk into it without a great deal of physical preparation. Make a goal to train for a certain amount of days and a certain amount of time each day. The following physical training tips will get you prepared for your first triathlon.

  • Wear a heart rate monitor to be sure you are right on target, and also for safety reasons.
  • Practice drinking water so that you know when and where it will be the most beneficial for you.
  • Practice different methods of the transition between events.
  • Warm up and cool down before and after each training session.
  • Begin with short distances and work your way up to the full triathlon distance. Be sure to train at the full triathlon distance multiple times so that your body is use to it.
  • Wear the same clothes and use the same equipment that you will use in the actual race.

Proper Equipment

As was previously mentioned, you should wear the clothes and use the equipment during training that you are going to use during the race. This will ensure that you know how it works, what you need to adjust, and if it will be comfortable during the triathlon. The equipment you should buy for your triathlon includes:

  • A swimsuit and/or a wetsuit.
  • Goggles that fit well.
  • A swim cap (check to see if the race officials provide you with one before you spend money on it).
  • A good road bike or triathlon specific bike that is lightweight.
  • A helmet.
  • Plenty of water.
  • Good running shoes.
  • Bike shoes.

With the right equipment and by preparing mentally and physically to the best of your ability, you will not have to worry on race day. You can feel confident that you have done everything you can to be successful at your race.

Dorian Travers enjoys the outdoors and loves to help people learn new ways to improve their health and quality of life.

Advancements In Cake Decorating

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As a long time cake decorator, I’ve watched the cake trends change over the years. Like fashion, the older techniques, like piping, have come back in style. What has changed permanently is the interest level in this craft. When I grew up, no one I knew did it. Now, cake decorators are wide spread and the vast community is made up mostly of home decorators. Years ago, you could not even find a bakery that went beyond piping the easy shell border on a cake. Today, the craft has turned into an art form and the mediums have gone well past cake and frosting.


Today, there are so many new tools being manufactured to make once painstakingly difficult and time consuming tasks very easy. Most cake decorators I know love collecting decorating tools. For us, they are like candy and the more fun the tool, the more you have to have it. Technology has even brought into our homes some of the tools once only used by large bakery establishments. Now anyone can use a printer to print out icing sheet designs to incorporate into the cake design. Those same designs, when taken to an electronic cutting machine, become beautiful decorations that are cut with precision; something that could otherwise take days to do by hand.


We once only worked with buttercream and royal icing. Buttercream was native to the U.S. and royal icing more popular in England. Fondant was used in England years before it made it to our coast, but is increasing in popularity due to its flexible nature. Alongside fondant in sculpting ability, come gum paste and modeling chocolate. Both of these mediums are used to create figures and flowers and any other type of design that needs to stand up.  Icing sheets are thinned out, paper-like sheets of icing which lend themselves very nicely to printing with edible ink and cutting into all sorts of shapes. They are either applied directly to the cake or to other mediums to create decorations that are added to the cake.

One of the simplest mediums to work with for the beginner is the icing sheet. Fondant takes some time to get used to before the cake will come out bump and line free, but icing sheets are flat like paper and can be designed with a tool as basic as scissors. If you want to take them to the next level of design, a cake printer is as easy to operate as a regular printer, except it uses food coloring cartridges.

Newbies should still master proper cake construction and learn to frost a cake until it’s perfectly smooth before trying to take on the more difficult mediums. Bumpy icing and a crooked cake will ruin the look of a fondant covered cake, so it’s important to get everything beneath the fondant even before covering the cake.  Start simple and add a few new skills at a time. Before long, you’ll surprise yourself with the ease of working with some of the great tools on the market.

Theresa Happe is a cake decorator and fan of Icing Images where you will find a wide array of edible printing supplies such as icing sheets, cake printers, and edible ink.

cake decorating Advancements In Cake Decorating

cake decorating1 Advancements In Cake Decorating

cake decorating2 Advancements In Cake Decorating

cake decorating3 Advancements In Cake Decorating

cake decorating4 Advancements In Cake Decorating

Photo Credit: Rexness (CC BY-SA 2.0)