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How to Dress Properly for Work

How to Dress Properly for Work


If we were to talk about an elegant and suitable outfit for work, the first things that come to mind are the shirt, the suit, the tie and the belt. But do you know how to choose and assort these 4 articles, and is there really no other solution than the boring suite? Nowadays most people work in big companies, where proper work attire is very important. If you want to look perfect at work and hopefully get a promotion, you should definitely read this article.

  • First of all there is a way around the suit and tie, and it is called business casual. This style first appeared in the 70′s but became a phenomenon in the ’90s. If offers men the chance to personalize their wardrobe, and still look classy at work. However there is a thin line between business casual, sport and in if you want to stand out in a positive way you will need to invest in articles like khaki trousers, cardigans, and shirts.
  • When you think of a casual outfit for work, you have to consider the fact that you will be spending 8 hours or more there and this means that the clothes you will be wearing should make you feel relaxed, comfortable and professional.
  • There are some occasions, like business meetings, where the smart casual style is not enough and you will have to wear a costume. However, if you want to add personality to your outfit, you should go for cufflinks. While diamond buttons say social status and wealth, a pair of simple, metal cufflinks conveys good taste and discretion.
  • You don’t have to wear a tie unless you want to. If you decide, however, to wear one, you should choose a delicate, thin model which will make you look relaxed.
  • Trousers are very important. If you want to look good you should choose a neutral color, like beige, and materials like cotton or wool. If you are very serious about your career, you should not wear jeans.
  • The only acceptable shoes and belt in a working environment are leather ones! Never wear sport shoes, and always make sure that they are clean and shiny. Shoes say a lot about a person.

Keep in mind that trendy and professional clothes are not enough to make an appearance. One should also have clean and groomed hair (this includes facial hair), clean hands, and a pleasant smell.


Here are a few examples of casual work outfits:

  • Khaki trousers, polo shirt, leather shoes and belt
  • Elegant trousers, long-sleeved shirt, cufflinks, leather shoes and belt

Khaki trousers, tweed jacket, elegant shirt, leather shoes and belt

dress work How to Dress Properly for Work

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