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Best Home Exercise Equipment To Get Fit Without The Hassles Of A Gym

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best home exercise equipment get Best Home Exercise Equipment To Get Fit Without The Hassles Of A GymStaying fit and healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only does it make you feel and look better, it can lead to a longer life! Some people like to work out in gyms, others only exercise through recreational activities, while some prefer to sweat in the comforts of their own abode.
Not only do you not have to drive anywhere, there is a convenient nonpublic shower available for you when finished. There is no denying that exercise can be expensive, especially when equipment is involved, but there are amazing ways to get the heart rate going while saving some pocket change, if you are so inclined.
Jump Ropes
One of the cheapest things to buy is a jump rope (only $7?!). It gets the heart rate going quickly and can be found in almost any store that sells exercise products. It’s a great work out for the legs and can be quite challenging, depending upon how far you want to push yourself. Plus, it brings about childhood nostalgia, and what could be better than that?
Resistance Bands
Along the lines of jump ropes are resistance bands. They are extremely versatile and can be used to work out many different areas of the body. They are lower impact than most equipment and are small, therefore making them easy to store.
Though resistance bands have been seen stereotypically as a work out for middle-aged ladies, they have become an integral part of professional body building due to its ability to target many different muscle areas. These bands can range anywhere from $12 to $50.
Elliptical Trainers
Elliptical trainers are another gym staple. Ellipticals work the legs and arms and are a great cardio exercise. Many people with joint pains enjoy this specific machine because it is a non-impact work out that most anyone can do.
The motion simulates a combination of walking and stair climbing. Like the treadmill, many display useful workout statistics for those who may be interested and can have the price range of $120 to $10,000.
Stationary Bikes
Anyone interested in training to be the next dope-free, less controversial Lance Armstrong can consider stationary bikes. The machines are mostly used as cardio and leg workouts. There are a couple of different kinds: the normal stationary bike with an elevated bike seat and handle bars, the mini bike with the pedals in the front and with the user sitting in a chair, and specialized stationary bikes used for spinning. Prices run between $125 and $1,200.
Since it is always to best to save the best for last, I now present the granddaddy of all workout machines- the Bowflex. Using their Power Rod technology, which comprises of a pulley system that derives resistance from flexible rods, it is one of the most versatile home gym workout machines that provides an all-in-one gym experience.
The most basic version is the Bowflex Classic Home Gym ($649) is still able to be used for more than 30 exercises and is great for people who only want to do a few different types of exercises.
The mid level Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym ($1,599) is capable of more than 70 exercises and is the most popular edition.
The most expensive and complex Bowflex Revolution Home Gym ($2,999) touts that it is capable of more than 100 different exercises. What can be better than that?!
Workout DVD Collections
As you can see there are many options to get fit in the comfort of your own home. And let’s not forget the many cardio workouts available on DVD from today’s hottest fitness gurus, like, Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton the P90X and Insanity guy. And, of course, the very popular Zumba, ChaLean Series, Kettleworx, Slow Motion Fitness, Pilates, Brazilian Butt and other great workouts that you can do from home.

Danny enjoys writing about fitness and helping people to become healthier.

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3 Tips to Stay Safe in a NYC Subway

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Subway Station at Night

3 Tips to Stay Safe In a NYC Subway

The New York subway system is one of the most convenient modes of transit in the world. People of all ages and economic status ride the trains to and from work and recreational activities every minute of every day. However, the New York City subway system has also been featured in the media and in a number of films – and not always in a positive manner. Unfortunately, though it is an affordable and efficient method of transportation for the public, it has also had its share of accidents and fights for passengers to contend with.

Subway Safety

To fight subway crime, various methods have been used by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Despite the increase in police force assigned, criminals continue to find ways to harm passengers. According to the personal injury attorneys New York NY employs, they will inform that statistics show many thefts and attacks generally occur more frequently between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

However, an altercation can occur any time of day, as evidenced by a man who was recently shoved onto the train tracks, falling to his death in the middle of the afternoon. Apparently, the man charged with murder made the decision to push the victim after he accidentally bumped into him. Passengers have also fallen onto the tracks and between train ramps after losing their balance.

Subway fights also break out for a number of reasons – whether it is rival gangs or an attempt to steal from someone. Popular thefts involve high priced cell phone devices, jewelry and cash. Despite the fact that the MTA has added to the police force in the subway system, it is impossible for them to monitor every ramp and train care. Therefore, below are some safety tips that can help make riding the New York City subway less dangerous and more pleasant.


NYC Subway

1. Plan the trip ahead of time.
One method that thieves and other criminals use is targeting people who do not appear to know where they are going. Therefore, if you plan the trip beforehand – it is less likely that you will become a target. Part of this process is planning the time of day for travel. Try to travel with a companion during evening hours. If absolutely necessary, stand near others on the platform and choose a well populated car, the first car with the operator or the middle car where the conductor is located.
2. Always keep your belongings close.
Valuables like expensive cell phones and other devices should be tucked away. Wait until you reach a safe destination off the train and out of the station before using cell phones. Keep all bags closed. Men should keep valuables in their front pockets only.
3. Be aware at all times.
Stand as far away from the tracks as possible. Watch the gaps when boarding and exiting trains. Keep away from doors after the sound that occurs before the doors close, otherwise, you risk an injury or worse. If you use a headset, keep the volume very low and sit in a side area so that no one can come up from behind. Do not sleep on the train at any time.
The most important safety tip for riding the New York City subway is using common sense. Always be aware of your surroundings. Much of the time, it is those who are caught unawares who become victims of subway crime and accidents.
Having traveled on the NYC subway system for college and knowing ‘the ropes’ gives Nadine Swayne the background for contributing this article. The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. have attorneys New York NY residents employ and trust when they are facing an injury from public transportation. If you get hurt while utilizing a massive subway system, contacting an attorney will help to ensure your rights and to recover the damages you deserve.
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5 Ways to Maximize Your Child’s Early Learning Process

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5 ways to max child learning1 5 Ways to Maximize Your Childs Early Learning Process

5 Ways to Maximize Your Child’s Early Learning Process

During the toddler years, children are continually learning new skills that help them to meet new milestones. The parent’s job is to maximize their child’s development as mentors and role models. To enhance early learning, there are a variety of activities that help focus upon learning and aid in overall development. Since toddlers are known to learn best through playing, below are 5 ways to maximize their learning process.
1. General Motor Skills
They are essential as part of the early learning process for children. This includes using muscles in activities such as walking, running, kicking and jumping. There are many ways to help those skills along, such as balancing on one foot, learning to perform a new task or kicking a ball. Each day, try activities like these to develop your child’s gross motor skills.Music and art can play a big part in this process. For example, singing songs like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” can include movements that are fun as well as productive for verbal and physical skill enhancement. Activity gyms, like those made by the Baby Einstein company, are also a great source for enhancing early learning skills with music.

Fine motor skills involve coordinating small muscle movements. Picking up toys and putting them back or moving them about is a great way to teach toddlers how to work with their hands. Also, toddlers enjoy any activity that allows them to explore. Try walking around the room, pointing out objects, naming them and then letting your child hold them. Then ask them to “Put it back.” The added bonus to this exercise is teaching children responsibility and respect for property.

2. Language Skills
Beside learning how to read and write, language skills involve learning how to communicate. Signs and symbols help children to learn these basic and very essential skills. Using crafts to develop these skills also serves to enhance motor skills.For example, make an alphabet book to help your toddler learn letters and basic words. Use construction paper and computer paper to make a colorful and interesting presentation. Toddlers are attracted to bright colors, so doing this will immediately engage them. Use magazines, pictures and mementos to teach these cognitive skills.

It is never too early to introduce something you believe your child can accomplish. For example, teach them to glue pictures and items on appropriate pages. Add pictures to the pages that focus upon single letters, one at a time. Help them write names of each object below pictures.

3. Thinking Skills
A child’s thinking process can be cultivated with activities like using a mini obstacle course. Set up a group of toys as a small maze to walk through and around. Lead the way for them to follow and then see if they would like to lead the way so that you follow them. This also teaches coordination and balance, as well as cooperation. Toddlers love to be on the move, so this is an activity that they will always enjoy.
4. Painting
It’s an excellent way to teach many skills. From coordination to thought processes, stimulating their creative center will do much for overall learning. Painting may be done with non-toxic products or even foods like pudding. Teach them to draw shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. Encourage them to make their own squiggles. Teach them to sign the artwork and then put it on a wall or the refrigerator so that they receive validation for their work.
5. Cognitive Skills
Cognitive skills involve learning about counting, numbers and sorting objects. Also, children need to learn memory and problem solving skills. Developing these skills engages your child’s curiosity to help them focus upon managing the world around them. Some activities for these skills can include:

  • Puppets. Use paper bags to make basic puppets with tissue paper, triangles of construction paper and buttons glued on. You can also draw on them with colors to make clothing. Start a show by creating a fun character for them to interact with. Help them to make a puppet and then encourage them to play along to make a puppet show. Perhaps use familiar characters that your child enjoys. Perform the show for other children, friends and family if possible.
  • Color Walk. Go on a walk in the neighborhood or park and point out colors and items. Help your child find objects of specific colors. For instance, look for things that are green or brown. As appropriate, collect rocks and tree branches to take home. Then review what was found. With each walk, find colors that are a little more challenging to find than others.
Being a parent is one of the most gratifying challenges one can ever accomplish.  Cultivating your child’s learning with these activities provide great ways to enhance early development. They also offer a wonderful bonding opportunity to establish trust and love with your child.
Being an advocate for childhood education techniques that were passed down from her late father enables freelance writer, Nadine Swayne, to offer this article to parents. Early educational development for children is a key element for their learning process. Whether it’s information gathered from ‘parent circles’ or products like those from the Baby Einstein company that are used to enhance the thought process, parents have infinite means to maximize their child’s education.
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How The Heck Do Cranes Work?

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cranes How The Heck Do Cranes Work?
Photo Credit: two stout monks

Cranes are one of those enigmas in life we just seem to take for granted. These giant machines occupy the landscapes of most major cities around the world often being much taller than the building they are constructing. They vary in size and some are so tall that you cannot see the tops as they are often covered by clouds. The skyscrapers in iconic cities like New York and Chicago would not be anything like they are now without the existence of cranes.

So how exactly do theses technological marvels actually work? Here we attempt to find out. When we look at a crane, we might think that they shouldn’t be able to stay up right, let alone have the ability of lifting extremely heavy loads. They look top- heavy and in some ways rather fragile. Of course this couldn’t be more wrong as cranes are extremely strong, capable of handling a whole range of different forces.

It all starts at the base

All cranes have the same basic component parts. These consist of the base which is attached to a very large durable concrete platform on the ground and the mast (which is the bit that gives it its height), the slewing unit (the part in the middle which rotates and holds the gears). There is then the jib which is the horizontal arm and is the part of the crane that allows the loads to be carried by a trolley attached to the jib. On the other side of the jib, we have the machinery arm which is where you will find a large concrete counter weight. This is the basic physics which allows the crane to lift the heavy loads. In fact a crane can lift a maximum weight of 18 metric tonnes and the heavy weights are achieved the nearer the load is to the mast. If for example a load is positioned 100 metres from the mast, then the load ratio possible will be 10:1. The counterweight will be around 20 tonnes to allow for these significant loads. There are safe guards in place called limit switches which are installed in the cab and ensure that the loads do not exceed these maximum weights.

The huge concrete pad which the crane is bolted to has to be poured weeks in advance before a crane arrives on the building site. The pad itself will typically have the dimensions of 30ft x 30ft x 4ft and weigh approximately 200 tonnes. The structure of the crane is held in place with anchor bolts fixed deep into the pad. This is the reason they don’t generally fall over.

Getting it up

Cranes can of course reach some considerable heights with the average free standing height being around 265 ft. Of course they can reach much higher as we can observe from the exceptional heights of the tallest skyscrapers.

cranes1 How The Heck Do Cranes Work?
Photo Credit:vonderauvisuals

This often raises the question of how they build these tall buildings. The answer is surprisingly quite simple. The massive cranes that you see which are often taller than the buildings themselves are constructed step by step with the help of smaller mobile cranes. This is made possible as the crane effectively grows via a climbing frame between the slew and the top of the mast.

The horizontal jibs are attached to the mast at a lower level of around 30ft initially and then gradually the mast grows as it is increased in height much like a piece of Lego. The mobile crane lifts every piece into place at intervals of 20ft until the crane has surpassed the height required to build the structure. Once the skyscraper has been built, the whole task has to be reversed to bring the crane back down again!

This insight into the mechanics of cranes was produced by UK home insurance service, Policy Expert.

Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

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Photography is a crucial feature of any wedding and something that you absolutely can’t do without. This is an occasion that should only happen once in a lifetime, but more to the point it’s one where you will have managed to assemble a full foster of your friends and family and where you will all be looking the best you’ve ever looked. Even the venue and the cake will be extraordinary and the whole occasion will be incredibly photogenic for these reasons.

But just snapping happily won’t do. In order to do justice to the proceedings you need a professional photographer and you need some good direction in terms of the photos you’re going to take. The photography isn’t just here to capture the big day, it’s also part of the fun in itself and you will find that you aren’t satisfied until you have each of the classic wedding shots that we expect to get. It’s great fun taking them, it’s your only opportunity to do so, and everyone else will have them at their wedding, so make sure you don’t miss these ‘classic’ photo ops. Here are some you have to get…

The Bride

A lot of time and money will have gone into the bride’s dress, hair and makeup so a few posed photos are a necessity. Good ones to take include the bride floating down a flight of stairs, the bride applying her makeup or fixing her hair, the bride gazing wistfully out the window and perhaps some of her walking around outside.

The Groom

Many of these photos can also work for the groom though to a lesser extent. A groom’s suit is a little less impressive than the bride’s dress, but a few portraits before the wedding is also a good idea.

The Event

Of course there should also be photos of the event itself and this includes all the key moments – the bride coming down the isle, the groom waiting at the end, both parties saying their vows and the kiss at the end. Other little traditions and elements also make great photo ops too – such as the bride tossing the bouquet, the speeches, the cutting of the cake and the first dance.


After the first dance your wedding photographer should also get many other couples dancing – the best man and maid of honour, the father and the bride, the groom and the mother etc. Likewise you should also get a photo of all the guests, most likely outside on the steps into the church and there should be photos of particular combinations too – all the men for instance, all the women and the bride and groom’s guests separately.

The Venue

A good photographer will also take a few photos on the event itself and the venue that you laboured and stressed so long over. This includes shots of the food, of the rooms before you enter them and ruin them, of the guestbook with signatures, of the cake and of the centrepieces. Getting photos of the wedding transport too is a good idea if you have a limo or classic car.

Get all this as well as your ‘natural’ pictures of the occasion and you should have a complete photographic overview of the most special day of your life to date.

Laura Jones is a passionate photographer. She loves watching the world through her camera lens. She says photography is nothing but a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

groom Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

groom1 Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

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Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

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Why Go For 3D TV?

Television technology is evolving at a very fast rate. From flatscreens to plasma displays, manufacturers have always managed to find ways to improve people’s viewing experiences.

But now, 3D TV is the newest trend in television viewing. After the success and growing popularity of 3D movies like James Cameron’s blockbuster hit Avatar in 2009, adapting the technology to television seems to be the next logical move.

Imagine being able to watch a documentary or sports game in glorious 3D in the comfort of your own home. People will now be able to replicate the 3D experience that used to be solely the realm of movie theaters alone. Yet 3D TV, both the glasses and the pricier non-glasses kind, seems to be struggling to catch up.

A Glaring Dearth Of Demand

Remember when HDTV was the “in” thing a few years ago? At first, the public was slow to adapt to this new form of TV technology but they eventually warmed to it in time. Soon enough, TV service providers were offering dedicated channels that air high definition programs round-the-clock.

But this is not the case with 3D TV. Currently, 3D viewership forms just a small part of the whole TV-viewing population. For example, at any one time, only 115,000 US households are tuning in into 3D programs and channels. And out of the 331 million television sets in the US, only two percent are 3D-capable. If 3D technology is the future of television viewing, why the slow reception?

First off, 3D TV sets are often priced higher (about $100 to $200 more) than their non-3D counterparts. Glasses, which are sometimes sold separately from the main TV unit, can also add to the expense. A pair can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Even subscribing to 3D networks and channels comes at a high price.

Aside from the prohibitive cost, the lack of 3D channels and programs is another probable reason for the tepid public reception to 3D TVs. Due to the small amount of people tuning into 3D channels, advertisers find it hard to invest their ads into a network that is least likely to be viewed by a large audience. And the costs of producing a TV show in 3D is exorbitantly high. For example, the 3D broadcast of the Olympics (one of the most memorable 3D feeds to date) was made possible by utilizing over fifty camera rigs that were constantly manned by eighty videographers. This translates to higher subscription fees for 3D TV channels.

Is 3D TV Worth It?

Undoubtedly, 3D technology looks promising. For those who are hardcore fans of watching 3D shows, a 3D TV is a sound investment. But for those who are just looking for a decent all-around TV set, a 3D TV might entail far too many unnecessary costs. The lack of dedicated 3D channels is also a big-turn off to consumers. The best thing to do here is to wait until 3D content in mainstream TV programming has increased and the prices of 3D TV units have significantly gone down.

Darren Eatmon loves technology and is always the first to get the latest gadget! He writes for a variety of tech and entertainment related blogs.

3d tv samsung Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

3d tv samsung1 Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

3d tv samsung2 Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

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Must try game app of the year

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Amid the hustle and bustle of smart phones, and ever growing apps, each one of us must have searched and downloaded one or other game app some time or other. And in recent time, indeed games have developed as a great stress busters. So, in the dense jungle of diverse apps, I am going in to narrow the best game app of 2012.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars: Released in November, this thunderous game developed by Rovio Entertainment has now been inculcated with the epic Sci-Fi movie Star Wars. In this brand new game of Angry Birds, birds are the rebels and the bad piggies are the emperors. Now the birds will be using lasers too. The game is available for both android and iOS.
  • Blood Brothers: This dark fantasy game has hit number one spot for download on Google Play. Albeit addictive and free RPG to play, Blood Brothers take a dig at the phone battery. The game play offers to choose one hero among eight – knight, samurai, high elf, dark elf, ape, lizardman, dwarf and goblin. Game demands the hero to form an army and then make them connected in blood so as to take revenge from the emperor.
  • Smurf’s Village: This particular game is for those who take creativity and imagination in their stride. For the player needs to develop from scratch,  a complete Surf’s village. Players can choose their favourite Smurf among Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Handy Smurf and Jokey Smurf.  Although the game is free, users will have to pay for additional in-app features. Apart from the ability to play the game offline, users can also connect through facebook to their friends and can also send gifts to friend’s villages.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City:  After ten years of launching this ‘cult’ game, Rockstar Games launched the game for mobile devices which became an instant hit. The mobile version too has the same style and ghetto feel. With amazing graphics and fully customizable game play, it has character driven narrative along with open-world gameplay.
  • Bad Hotel: Ranked among one of the best game on iOS platform, Bad Hotel is a tower defence game. Rooms are stacked upon each other to build a hotel during which enemies attack.  Interestingly, some of the rooms can shoot at the quirky monsters too.  Some rooms repair damaged rooms while other rooms collect money from guests. Packed with nice look and apt sound, the game is great fun.
  • Age of Empire: With over 4 million global downloads, Age Of Empire is the number one strategy game on Android platform. The game takes the players to the time of Middle Age Europe, where player battles with rival kingdoms for supremacy. Also the territory can be extended by ordering the troops for battle.  An addictive multiplayer game, it include building of cities, buildings and armies. Developed with amazing 3D technology, the game is must for all strategy game lovers.
  • Modern Combat  4: Zero Hours:  Another charmer from Gameloft, Modern Combat: 4 is undoubtedly number one FPS  game out in the market. The game revolves in the drawback of a nuclear warfare. With amazing sound quality, graphics and incredible game layout, the game is a stunner.
  • Totem Runner: A side rolling running game, Totem Runner isn’t something extraordinary in gameplay, but what drew the attention of many is its amazingly superb style and visuals. Even though, the game faced criticism to an extent about its ‘not so neat control’, but the visuals are reward to eyes.  The character can transform into wild boar, an eagle and also a dragon while running. Apart from outstanding visuals the game also boasts of an excellent story line.
  • DragonFlight: for Kakao: With over 2.5 million downloads, this games is very popular among people who are fond of magic and wish to live in fantasy. With an easy tutorial bundled with the game and clean interface, one can easily adapt to DragonFlight. In the game play, the player attacks with powerful magic also the magic skills are sharpened up for further dangerous encounters. Players can also enjoy ranking system with their friends registered on Kakao Talk. If you learn more info visit .

angry birds Must try game app of the year

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Smoke like a Man, Suffer like a Man, Medical Research Finds

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Smoking leads to cancer of the lungs, as well as to other afflictions of the lungs. While that is a well-known fact, even for smokers, it seems that smoking in this day and age is much more likely to lead to chronic obstructive lung disease and to lung cancer than it was two or four decades ago – that is, if you’re a woman. That’s the conclusion of one research report, led by the former VP of the American Cancer Society. The study has found that, while medicine as a whole, and cancer medication in particular, has made significant strides from the 1970s up until the present moment, women are actually more exposed to lung issues now than they were then.

The researchers took a look at mortality trends over the course of five decades and correlated them with smoking habits during three specific spans of time: 1959 to 1965, 1982 to 1988, and the decade of the noughties (2000 to 2010). They used data sets as provided by five major previous studies, as well as two historical American Cancer Society studies. The total data set amounted to some 2.2 million Americans, aged 55 and over. The results were grim, especially with respect to the evolution of the prevalence of cancer and chronic obstructive lung disease in women. Over the ages, it seems, women have come to smoke more and more. Historically speaking, women smoked the most ever during the 1980s; however, even in current times their patterns appear similar.

During the 1960s, a female smoker was 2.7 times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non-smoking counterpart, and 4.0 times more likely to die of chronic obstructive lung disease. By 2000 to 2010, those odds had ‘improved’ for smokers, in that they were 25.7 times more at risk of lung cancer than non-smokers, and 22.5 more at risk of developing chronic obstructive lung disease. The incidence for both illnesses in female smokers increased mostly during the 1990s and 2000s. At the moment, women stand just about as high a chance as men to develop lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, and various types of heart disease, as well as to die of a stroke. Meanwhile, a male smoker’s risk of dying from lung cancer seems to have peaked in the 1980s and has been maintained at a relatively stable level since. Men’s risks for developing chronic obstructive lung disease continue to increase to this day, though the researchers were unable to work out precisely why this upward trend is developing.

There is still hope, where lung cancer and smokers are concerned, as other recent medical studies have revealed that quitting during the early stages of diagnosis may significantly benefit the sufferer in the long term. And with modern technological means like the Blu electronic cigarette available at their disposal, smokers can now safely switch to a way of inhaling nicotine that involves absolutely no smoke whatsoever. In the meantime, women smokers must bear in mind that smoking the same amount of traditional tobacco cigarettes as men will only bring them to the same level of health risks as them.

Getting Back in the Playing Field and Getting It Right

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Getting back in the dating world after a break-up or divorce might seem like the world’s most difficult thing to do. The longer your previous relationship was, the more complicated the return seems to be, and the longer are you prone to postponing it. Months or even years spent in the comfort of a stable relationship might put a guy under the impression that everything in the dating world has changed, no rules apply any longer, and, generally speaking, you are never getting another date again. However, we’re here to help with some dating tipsthat are meant to prove that nothing is ever as difficult as it seems. All you need to do, in order to get back in that proverbial saddle is to take it easy on yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Identify those coping mechanisms that are particular to your personality and situation. Yes, boys cry, too. So do full-grown men, for that matter. Maybe ending your last relationship was your fault, maybe it wasn’t. In the wake of it, it doesn’t really matter. Feel free to go on a bender or two, work out like mad, or renew your wardrobe, if that floats your boat. Grieving is fine—as long as it doesn’t come to negatively affect your life and work.
  2. Age ain’tnothin’ but a number.You might be a fresh-faced college graduate, a man in his prime, or a man whom society expects to be going full-throttle through his midlife crisis. Remember that your age does not define you, nor does it reveal anything else about you but the number of years you’ve been around on the planet. Cliché as it may sound, with the right mind frame, it’s never too late to start over.
  3. Socialize, socialize, socialize! Then socialize some more. Not only will putting yourself out there statistically improve your odds at meeting someone you hit it off with. Keeping an open mind and attitude and getting to know as many women as possible will also directly impact your appeal in a positive manner. That might seem counter-intuitive to some, especially to those men of the shy variety. However, visualize yourself at your favorite watering hole, club, or bar. You’re casually making conversation with as many women as you can. You’re not being pushy, but relaxed and sociable, cracking the occasional joke. Other women witnessing this display of social behavior will automatically perceive you as open, fun to hang out with, and all the more alluring for it.
  4. Understand that trends come and go, but self-confidence is always appreciated. No one is saying that renewing your subscription to Esquire, FHM, or Men’s Health is wrong. Actually, if anything, checking out current fashion trends, trendy gadgets, and the latest babes to have popped up on the scene might work wonders on your self-esteem. It might even prompt you to renew your gym subscription, while you’re at it. However, remember that fashions (in matter of clothes, accessories, and women) will come and go. The one timeless trait that you need to be working on is your self-confidence.
  5. Forgive yourself. There is a tremendous amount of guilt being doled out in the Western world at any given time. We are taught that there is always someone to blame. Perhaps you were mostly at fault for the break-up of your previous relationship and you now understand and regret it. Holding on to those regrets, however, will only make it more difficult for you to let go and move on. The sooner you can accept your part of the blame, acknowledge it, and own it, the sooner you’ll be back to your former self-confident self.

If you’re interested in learning practical & effective dating tips, along with many different ways to build your self-confidence, visit our friends over at the

relationship dating Getting Back in the Playing Field and Getting It Right

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