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Top Ways To Be A Better Neighbour

Top Ways To Be A Better Neighbour


Getting on with the neighbours is something that is constantly portrayed as a struggle on television and of course there’s a lot of humour in the idea that we should be at the throats of the people who live closest to us due to some oversight or petty dispute.

However the reality is that it should be perfectly easy to get on with your neighbour, and that life is a lot nicer when you do. All it takes is a little consideration and thoughtfulness to rub along with the people in the houses around you, so here’s some tips to help you make the right impression.

Don’t Trespass or Encroach

Keep Out
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This is a fairly obvious one, but you’d be surprised how often people neglect to give their neighbours the most basic privacy. If you’re always walking across your neighbours drive to get to your own, or if you’re letting your trees grow over into their garden, then you’re essentially showing a complete lack of respect for their boundaries and of course this will annoy them. Make an effort to go around their drive and to cut back your trees – you can bet it will be appreciated.

Keep the Noise Down

Loud Yelling Please
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This is the classic one, but it’s important to make sure you keep any noise you make to a minimum. Of course if you’re very loud it can prevent your neighbours from sleeping, or interrupt them when they’re hosting/relaxing. Make sure then to show consideration whether it’s with playing music (keep the volume low) or using the washing machine (particularly in attached buildings it’s nice not to use the machine after 9).

And if you’re going to have a party? Go around and speak to them first to let them know you’re having one and better yet invite them. If they know to expect a noisy evening then they can arrange their night around that. But don’t think this is a green light – if you have noisy parties every night you’ll still upset them.

Have a Chat From Time to Time

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It’s also a good idea to have regular chats whenever the opportunity presents itself. In other words, if you notice them over the fence when you’re in your front drive try stopping to say hello. Not only is this less rude than trying to hide and getting caught, but it will also mean that they’ll view you more as a friend and be more likely to show lenience if you occasionally do something to annoy them.

Maintain Your Own Home

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Finally, you may think it’s your prerogative to do what you like with your home, but you have to remember that your house is also their view. If you don’t get occasional house painting and mow your lawn from time to time then it will create an eyesore for them and mean their house doesn’t look as nice either. Furthermore this can actually reduce the saleability of other houses in the neighbourhood, so make sure to take care of basic upkeep.

Molly Jackson is a interior designer and home improvement blogger. Molly is a proponent of building a close knit community with neighbours.


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