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TED Talks Perfect For Children

TED Talks Perfect For Children


TED; Technology, Entertainment, Design – the holy grail of the internet. What else is the web for if it isn’t used to explore, learn, entertain, and look good?

Making learning interactive and fun, TED talks provide a platform where teachers can tap into information from some of the world’s most entertaining speakers. Incorporating these short video talks into teaching plans will bring fun to the classroom or home while still maintaining the goal to educate; and it’s like having them right there with you  standing in front of the blackboard. With subjects as diverse as healthy eating, puppetry, and aquatic science, TED talks can appeal to children of all ages.

Jamie Oliver does Healthy Eating

The Naked Chef (fully clothed in this instance) set out to educate every child about food, and he won’t rest until his mission is complete. The cheeky Essex chappy is entertaining enough to keep little ones entertained and most importantly of all, he makes food fun.


Adora Svitak does Anti-Teaching

The child prodigy takes to the mic to lecture adults on what they can learn from childish thinking in a TED talk dubbed ‘What adults can learn from kids’. She talks about how children still think freely, with optimism and without fear of failure of dreaming big. The child prodigy penned a novel at the age of seven to become a published author – we can surely all learn a lot from her.


Edith Widder does Glow in the Dark

This wonderfully appealing TED talk by marine biologist Edith Widder will be enthralling to children with its strange glow in the dark algae, even bringing some of the glowing phenomena out onto the stage. She talks us through starfish and how those like brittle stars glow like bright on the ocean floor, visible as only bands of light when it is dark.


Lennart Green does Card Tricks

What kind of child doesn’t believe in magic? Of course they’ll be dying see this astounding card tricks up close from Lennart Green in is his magical TED talk. He makes cards disappear, turn up on the other side of the room. Green is renowned as having the most original repertoire of card tricks in the world of card-magic. Listen to the children as they try to work out just how he did manage to fool yet another person with his trickery.


David Perry does Games

Maybe you spend some of your time trying to discourage video games but when it’s presented in the way David Perry does it, video gaming becomes a subject worth considering. The brains behind the likes of Earthworm Jim and the Terminator game talks us through the past, present and future of gaming.


JJ Abrams does Good TV

JJ Abrams is almost single-handedly  praised with being the brains behind TV getting good. With such TV pedigree on his CV as Lost and Alias there’s no one better to talk about TV and where it’s going than this man. A great addition for children in a media class who are interested in getting involved in TV production in the future.


Jane Goodall does Apes

In a look back to our primal roots, scientist, humanitarian, and conservationist Jane Goodall talks about where we came from, how we as humans are naturally inclined to be at one with nature, not inside the concrete jungle. She goes back to when we first became man and even teaches us how to greet someone in fluent ‘ape’.


Thanks to Alton Breaks for sending these sensational talks – check them out for Alton Towers Hotel Offers and deals. What’s your favourite TED talk?

ted technology entertainment design TED Talks Perfect For Children

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