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Shaggy hairstyle tips for women

Shaggy hairstyle tips for women


Shaggy hair style is ideal for those who have round faces. Shaggy hair cut can also be known as layered haircut. The hairs are divided into layers and cut into unequal hair length. The hair style should be combed and maintained overtime to distinguish and look every layer different. This fluffy cut makes your face look much thinner. There is a lot of variety in shaggy hair cuts. You can increase or reduce the number of layers according to your choice.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is a must. This haircut is not for them who like to visit their hair stylists monthly. Extra growth of hairs can spoil the look hair cut. Regular trimming and interaction with your hairstylist is obligatory to continue the charm of this unusual hair cut.

Application of gels

Application of gels undoubtedly enhances the beauty of hairs but regular usage can make the roots weaker and you would start losing hairs. Gels can set your hairs for a longer time period and your least effort to brush your hairs is required as gel stabilizes your hairs to wither and scatter in the blow of air.

Gives you casual look

Shaggy hair cut can make you look casual. Those you are in an sincere sort of job type and can’t make much experiments with their looks should not try shaggy hair styles. Corporate sector where first priority is given to the formal look of employees should not opt shaggy hair style. College going students can opt this anytime without any hesitation.

You can try at home

If your job type does not allow you to go to hairstylists again and again you can try this at home. You should shampoo your hairs first. You can only alter settings for getting the hairs into perfect layers you have to go to hair stlist as it require  very much expertise. If you would try to cut your hairs into edgy or decent layers you would become a subject of laughter in the public place.

Application of hair colors with shaggy hair cut.

Application of hair colors which you can opt accoeding to your complexion but it is in vogue in 2013 to try extraordinary shades like loud purple ans snowlike gray. Youngsters are trying red colora too. generally dark colors are in the list.

Shaggy hair cuts with curls

Shaggy hair cuts with curls makes the look of the girls much prettier. Curls with shaggy hairs can be the best choice for partywere. Shaggy hair style may not match those who want to look sporty andenergetic all the time.

The shaggy hair cuts can be divided into three categories.

Short shaggy hair cut

Short shaggy hair cut is a good option for them those who want to have too many layers. This comfortable hair cut is very comfortable containing so many layers from front to back. This child like hair cut makes you look energetic even in the forties of individual.

Medium shaggy hair cut

The layers are less in medium shaggy hair cut as compared to short shaggy hairs. The length of hairs can go upto the shoulders.

Long shaggy hair cut

Long shaggy hair cut does not contain much layers as length of the hairs would conceal the edgy layers.

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shaggy hairstyle Shaggy hairstyle tips for women

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