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Resolutions to Help You Become a Better Person

Resolutions to Help You Become a Better Person


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Whenever you read self-improvement books that aim to make you a better person, they tend to focus predominantly on things that can be easily measured in terms of success. This tends to mean things like making more money, working faster and longer hours, or getting into better shape. All these things though mean improving life for yourself, and this isn’t really what most of us would consider being a ‘better person’. Sure real self improvement means becoming more selfless and doing things that help you to give back to the world?

Here then we will look at some things that can help to make you a better person and improve you in more concrete ways that really matter. Why not make 2013 the year that you become a better person? Here are four resolutions to help you do just that.

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Give to Charity

One of the best ways to start doing something good for the world is to donate to charity and this can mean contributing to any number of issues and causes from helping to find cures for serious diseases, to providing food and shelter for those who don’t have it, to helping the sick, to combating serious crimes such as human trafficking. Just set a budget for how much of your salary you’re willing to donate, and then commit to donating that amount each month. Giving some of your money to a cause you believe in gives you all the more reason to succeed yourself and means that it’s no longer just you who benefits from your hard work and ingenuity.

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Support a Cause

If you really believe in something then there is much more you can do other than just provide financial aid. To really get behind a cause means to contribute your time as well by volunteering for instance, or to help spread the word by wearing t-shirts. Choose a cause, whether it be world hunger or stop human trafficking and then learn everything you can about it and look into the various ways you may be able to help. Dedicate a set amount of time you want to contribute to supporting your cause, and then stick to it as you might a new workout.

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Improve Your Traits

All of us have things we want to improve about ourselves, and new year resolutions are often a time to zero in on those. Rather than focussing on your spare tire though, or tendency toward procrastination, this time why not focus on being more forgiving? On improving your manners? Or on improving your temper? By finding one particular trait you want to improve and making an effort to do so you can see some very concrete results.

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Do More Good Deeds

While it might sound like a Brownie resolution, doing good deeds is something most of us could do more of. Most of us find that there are opportunities to help others or do nice things for people that present themselves every day, and making an effort to seizing these at least once a day is a great way to improve your karmic balance.

Lisa Goodman is a very altruistic person. She likes writing on a wide range of topics that affect our day-to-day life and that have the ability to change the way we live and see the world.

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