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How To Set Up Your Home Computer Station

How To Set Up Your Home Computer Station


Desktop PCs are quickly becoming an endangered species with smaller and more convenient devices quickly becoming more popular. Of course this has changed not only the output and fortunes of many big computer manufacturers, but also the way that most of us interact with our technology around the home.

One key difference that has come from the popularity of tablets, netbooks and laptops is the reduced need for a ‘computer table’ or desk, or any similar area where we can store our computer tower, monitor and the other accoutrements.

However having some kind of base for your laptops and tablets is still a good idea. Here we will look at how, and how to get the most from your device by setting up a place to use it.

Benefits of Working From a Station

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The first benefit of defining somewhere that you want to work is that it will enable you to type better and use a mouse. While working on our lap is fine in short bursts, or when we just want to check our e-mails, it’s not suited to long stints of typing or other kinds of work. As such then, using a desk will give you somewhere that you can rest a keyboard or move a mouse and this will help you to increase productivity.

There are also other accessories and supplies that most of us will need to keep in addition to our basic devices, which will benefit from such a home. The most obvious example for most people for instance is a printer, and then on top of that you also have the toners and paper you’ll need to store.

Meanwhile, having some kind of station for your computer devices will help you to keep them organized and tidy, and it will mean that when you want to charge up your device you can do so easily by sitting it on the desk and just plugging it in – rather than having to trek to find yourself a socket and then sit with your laptop heating up on your legs. And this won’t just make the rest of your room look tidier – it can also look cool in itself if you design it well.

What You’ll Need Here

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While it’s entirely up to you what you keep at your computer station, there are certain things that are standard for such a space and that will help you to get more from your devices.

  • Desk space for laptop/tablets with mouse and charger.
  • Space for printer and other accessories
  • Draw for supplies/discs/gadgets
  • Lamp to illuminate your work space
  • Desk toys to help prevent procrastination
  • Notepad and paper for jotting down ideas while you work
  • Shredder and any other such devices you use regularly

Your Options

Note of course that you don’t have to go with your regular desk if you’re using a laptop or a tablet. You can make use of any kind of table – even a coffee table – as long as you can fit your items on and around it. Of course you can also separate out your station – so that you keep your supplies and materials elsewhere in the room.

This guest post was contributed by Shirley Templeton from Shirley uses a laptop for work but she believes that her productivity is increased by manifolds when she works from her desk.


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