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Forget Buying an LCD TV – The Word is now LED

Forget Buying an LCD TV – The Word is now LED


It seems just like yesterday that you lugged home that behemoth of a television. At the time, it was the top of the line and the latest technology to increase the home entertainment experience. While you watched your TV, the television manufacturers continued to pursue the perfect television with the best color and contrast. The latest innovation is the LED television. LEDs make you feel like you in the movie on that sunny beach, watching the events unfold. Although LCDs are cheaper, LED televisions are worth every additional penny.

Better Light Source

LEDs use a better light source than LCDs; they use multiple LEDs to light the television instead of Cold Cathodes Florescent Lamps (CCFL). CCFLs are essentially florescent tubes, which is reminiscent of the old, bulky tube televisions.

LEDs solve two problems, which LCDs can’t overcome. LCDs cannot produce true blacks, because of the one-piece florescent tube lighting. LEDs do. Because of the true black, LEDs have sharper contrast. CCFLs also produces fewer bright colors. LEDs fix this problem. Thus, LEDs have a broader spectrum of color, which makes a television show more realistic.

Energy Efficient

Everyone wants to save money. You might spend more to buy an LED television, but you will save about 40 percent in energy expenses by watching your favorite shows on an LED television.

Old Age Syndrome

CCFLs fade with time. This causes poor picture quality. The fading may also show up as blotches or other visual flaws. The florescent tube lighting causes the old age syndrome. LED televisions do not fade or blotch.

Considered Environmentally Friendly

LEDs are more environmentally friendly than LCDS, because LCDs are made with mercury. The fact that LEDS use energy also makes less of an impact on the environment.


LEDs last a long time. When it’s time to buy a new TV, television manufacturers will have continued the quest for the best picture and sound quality. You will be able to buy the latest and greatest television on the market, knowing that you got your money’s worth from your LED TV.

Quick Tip

When you buy an LED, you might want more channels to explore. Check out sites like for more information on how you can get them in your area.

Quick Tip #2

There are two types of LED televisions, including back-lit and edge-lit. Like the name suggests, back-lit LED televisions cover the back of the entire screen with LEDs. Edge-lit LED televisions have the LEDS along the edge of the screen. For the best color and contrast, choose a back-lit LED television.

When it’s time to buy a new television, there’s no question about which one you should spend your hard earned cash on. LED televisions have the best light source, are energy efficient, won’t fade and are considered environmentally friendly. That’s why you should forget the LCD and get an LED television instead. When you turn on your LED television for the first time, you won’t be able to stop your jaw dropping in amazement at the picture quality.

Paul Hinshaw is a TV technician with over 15 years experience. He enjoys keeping up with the latest technologies and sharing his experiences through blogging.

led tv Forget Buying an LCD TV   The Word is now LED

led tv1 Forget Buying an LCD TV   The Word is now LED

led tv2 Forget Buying an LCD TV   The Word is now LED

led tv3 Forget Buying an LCD TV   The Word is now LED

led tv4 Forget Buying an LCD TV   The Word is now LED

led tv5 Forget Buying an LCD TV   The Word is now LED

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