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How to: Wear Boots that Flatter Your Body Shape

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A boot is a boot is a boot is a boot, right? Wrong! Find out why some boot types can make you look shorter and bulkier than you truly are, while others, which you might have disregarded altogether until now, even stand to make you look long, lean—and, most importantly, stylish.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots first came up in women’s fashion mags and style blogs a few seasons back, when the trends turned their attention to footwear inspired by the 1980s. Ever since, we’ve had a wide range of ankle booties gracing shop windows, runways and catalogs. Essentially, there are two distinct types of such boots: those with a wide ankle and those which hug the ankle (and are usually lace-ups). Lean, long-legged girls should be able to pull either of them off, but everybody else should consider themselves forewarned – ankle boots will visually ‘section off’ the leg at the ankle. Unless you’ve got very thin ankles, consider wearing a high-heeled model of such women’s boots, or pair them with leggings or pants that are the same color and hue as the boot, to create an elongating optical illusion.

Mid-Calf Boots & Knee-High Boots

Lots of short women complain they hate the way these boots’ end hits right at the thickest part of their legs. This, can, indeed, be the case, but it’s no longer a problem when you wear such boots with an A-line skirt or dress, whose hem ends right where the boot begins. This is a textbook case of ‘less (skin) is more (appealing)’. The wonderful part about this type of boot is that it comes in an exceptionally wide range, from stiletto heels to cowboy boots, omnipresent UGGs, combat or biker-style boots, etc.. One key point you will need to consider when shopping for such boots is that they absolutely must hug the calf properly, which can be a problem if your body weight falls on the lower side of the scales. Invest in a pair from a good designer, which will not only last longer, but will also wear out and become loose in a longer span of time.

Over-the-Knee and Thigh-High Boots

Women complain that such boots will only make them look cheap and that they’re strictly suited for tall, long-legged women. Nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, these boots will flatter just about any body type, since they cover lots of leg ‘real estate’. By creating a color block, they can actually make the leg look longer, especially if they run tight. Feel free to pair them with a mini skirt or dress, but do avoid wearing them with jeans, leggings, or shorts, in order to also avoid looking like someone who keeps a night job as a pole dancer.

boots How to: Wear Boots that Flatter Your Body Shape

5 Amazing Ladies Hairstyles in the Performing Arts

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The performing arts are synonymous with glamour. Whether we’re talking about opera, theatre, ballet or film and television there has always been a place for gorgeous costume, makeup and of course hairstyles!

The hairdressers of the rich and famous are now becoming celebrities in their own right…one hit hairstyle on the right actress can make a career and confirm the hairstylist’s place on the hot-list in an instant.

Look at Jennifer Aniston’s famous “Rachel” cut which spawned a billion high-street copycats and equally, the bouncing curls of Farrah Fawcett a couple of decades earlier. Both cuts are still very much imitated and both assured the actress and their stylists of instant stardom.

It’s not a new phenomenon though; celebrity hairstyles have been influencing the hoi-polloi for many, many years and some of the most famous are still popular almost a century later!

1)    Louise Brooks and her Infamous Bob

Louise Brooks was the glamorous originator of the bob and her style is still very popular today.

Back in the roaring twenties when Louise Brooks’ career as a film actress was just burgeoning, she took the brave decision to chop her hair into a short, blunt bob which epitomised the new freedom of women.

In an age where Victorian values were still keenly felt, though slowly being pushed out like a cork from a champagne bottle by the young and crazy flappers, this was a bold move.

hairstyles performing arts 5 Amazing Ladies Hairstyles in the Performing Arts

Louise Brooks changed the face of style in the Roaring Twenties.

These young women’s daring exuberance for a life lived fast and hard was exhibited in gossip columns across the world. They changed the face of fashion in a more shocking way than perhaps any other generation has done since.

Louise Brooks was originally a dancer and understood the importance of silhouette, appreciating that her features were strong enough to carry off such a severe haircut.

Although she made many movies, she is best remembered for her role of Lulu in the silent film Pandora’s Box.

2)    Audrey Hepburn and the Gamine Look

It was in 1954 that Audrey Hepburn premiered a severe and boyish crop which has been much imitated over the years by countless celebrities and wannabe’s.

By cutting most of her hair off, Audrey managed to make herself appear more feminine than ever and by framing her tiny, elfin features in such an unusual way, she became all the more fascinating.

A succession of other actresses have pulled this look off since Audrey Hepburn…in fact for every generation there has been at least one star who has chosen this look.

hairstyles performing arts1 5 Amazing Ladies Hairstyles in the Performing Arts

Audrey Hepburn’s elfin features need little framing.

In the 1960s it was Jean Seberg and Twiggy; the 1970s saw Mia Farrow

go short for Rosemary’s Baby and the 1980s and 1990s brought Molly Ringwald and Winona Ryder.

All of these young actresses had one thing in common…that they were or indeed are, very beautiful.

This is a strong look and one which has stood the test of time in more ways than one!

3)    Bo Derek and her Cornrows

When the publicity shots for Bo Derek’s movie 10 came out, all the talk was of Bo’s hair-do. Nobody cared about the plot or who else was in the film…all anyone wanted to know was “Who’s that girl?”

The sight of Bo Derek in her swimwear on a paradisiacal beach with her blonde locks braided tightly across her scalp was a fascinating one and soon, everyone wanted to imitate her style.

Thirty years later and singers and performers are still trying to recapture the look. Christina Aguilera has done it, and so has Alicia Keys. Originally a style that was popular in Jamaica, cornrows have been tried by people of all cultures and remain a classic and practical look.

4)    Farrah Fawcett’s Flip

The beautiful and talented Farrah Fawcett changed the face of hairstyling in the disco era.

The 1970s were a time when hairstyling was still very structured and the soft and touchable look hadn’t yet hit the fashion magazines. Farrah’s natural-looking and heavily layered style was a breath of fresh air.

She appeared in Charlie’s Angels with the hairdo of the moment and all over the world, women arrived at their hairdressers clutching pictures of Farrah which they had torn from magazines and asked for a “Fawcett Flip”.

The style lingered on through the 1980s in various guises and after disappearing for a while in the 1990s it made a big comeback for the new millennium and remains a popular and very wearable style.

5)    Actresses and Singers Who Reached for the Razor

Shaving all of your hair off is a bold move, perhaps the boldest possible in terms of a style choice.

There have however been plenty of celebrities who have gone for the GI Joe look with varying degrees of success.

Perhaps the most famous of the bristly headed ones is Sinead O’Connor, the Irish singer who amazed audiences in the 1980s and 1990s with her powerful voice and equally powerful image.

Actresses who have braved the clippers include Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Megan Fox and Natalie Portman. A common feature of their decision to chop the lot off is that they were cast in roles which happened to suit the most minimalist hairdo ever.

This is a look which is not for the faint hearted and which can create strong reactions but which, when worn with the right attitude, can be an amazingly liberating one.


Performers have tried to shock, bewitch and amaze people with their hairstyles for generations. There is little which hasn’t been done already but when the right person re-thinks an old classic, it can make a career.

Having the style and the confidence to pull off something new and different is what makes individuals stand out above the crowd and remain in people’s consciousness for years to come…making them not just a performer but also an icon.

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A Visitors Guide to Deer Lake, Canada

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Deer Lake is a small town located on the island of Newfoundland off the coast of Canada. Due to its isolated location and natural beauty, it is a popular tourist destination for those looking to experience the wilder side of Canada.

Getting To Deer Lake
As Deer Lake is located on the island of Newfoundland; there are only two ways to reach the island, by sea or by air. The area is served by Deer Lake Regional Airport which is catered for by Air Canada with regular flights leaving the UK from London, Newcastle and Aberdeen. Visit the Cheapflights site to find savings on flights to Deer lake. Deer Lake can also be reached by ferry and then by car using State Highway 1 which runs through Newfoundland.

Top Attractions inDeer Lake
The Town of Deer Lake is located on the shores of Deer Lake itself which offers tourists a range of activities. Around the north shore of the lake is a 1.9km walking trail which offers stunning lake vistas whilst there is also a sandy shoreline to explore and enjoy. The lake is well suited to a variety of water sports including canoeing, kayaking and sailing whilst swimming is a common local pastime too. The lake can also be used for Salmon fishing.

deer lake canada A Visitors Guide to Deer Lake, Canada

The beach at Deer Lake

For golfing enthusiasts, there is the nine-hole Humber River Golf Course which includes a driving range and club house. During the winter months Deer Lake is a hotspot for those with snowmobiles with several trails available whilst ice-skating on the lake is popular too.

Near to Deer Lake is the town of Reidville which is home to an Insectarium, boasting a world-class collection of insects and arthropods along with a butterfly house. Other local attractions include the picturesque Humber Valley, White Bay and the infamous Humber Lake Strawberry Festival which takes place annually in July.


deer lake canada1 A Visitors Guide to Deer Lake, Canada

One of the inhabitants of the Insectarium

Accommodation inDeer Lake
Deer Lake offers a range of accommodation options. During the summer months, campingis very popular. For those not wishing to ‘rough it’, affordable family-friendly accommodation can be found at the Holiday Inn or the Deer Lake Motel. Cabins are a great comprise between the great outdoors and convenience whilst other accommodation options include bed and breakfast establishments.

Eating inDeer Lake
For a town the size of Deer Lake, there are surprisingly a wide range of places to eat out. As well as family favourite chains such as KFC and Subway, there are also more local delights such as the Driftwood Inn which offers a great grill and the Downhome Kitchen offering all-American cuisine. International cuisine can be found at the Canton Restaurant, Bisnora’s Pizza and the Tai Lee Restaurant, catering for all tastes.

Shopping inDeer Lake
Shopping is not one of the most common pastimes in Deer Lake and as such there are only a limited selection of shops. Valley Crafts offers a range of handmade and locally produced items including pottery and quilts but is only open part of the year, from June to December. Harbin’s Antiques offers a range of treasures including glassware and furniture whilst basic groceries can be bought from aptly named Deer Lake Foods.

With a range of year-round attractions and plenty of things to see and do, Deer Lake is ideal for a long weekend or your annual holiday.

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Why Hiring a Photo Booth is a Great Party Idea

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When you host a party you will want to have as many happy memories of the occasion as possible, particularly if the party is a wedding or a special birthday. Most people will take photos with their phones or cameras and these are excellent to have, but they are hard to collect and lack the pizzazz that a photo booth can bring to an event.

Photo booths for parties are mobile units that can be put up in less than an hour and your guests can go inside and have their photo taken, using props. They will then get a photo booth style strip to take home with them. If you want to have mementos of the party you can have double sets of photos produced which can be put in an album and your guests can leave their own message next to their pictures.

Photo booths are manned by someone from the photo booth company who will keep the queue moving and make sure that everyone is having a fantastic time.

It’s Amazing Fun!

Once your photo booth is up and running you will be amazed at the interest that it will create with your guests. Even the ones who are not normally up for getting dressed up and having fun photos taken will be queuing up for their turn. People are unable to stay away from these booths and have so much fun getting dressed up in the props and having crazy photos taken. As you can go into the booth as many times as you like during the hire period you can create hundreds of photos that can be kept for years.

photo booth Why Hiring a Photo Booth is a Great Party Idea

Have great fun in a photo booth.

Perfect for So Many Parties

The types of parties that photo booths can be hired for is astounding. They are very popular at birthday parties and weddings, they are also a big hit at bah mitzvahs, christening parties, office parties, Christmas parties and so on. In fact there are not many parties that a photo booth would not be welcomed at as they bring a touch of fun and excitement to the occasion without being over the top.

Booths like this can be used alongside a DJ and any other entertainment as they can be positioned wherever you like and they will not intrude on other activities. They do not create any noise (apart from the sound of your guests having a laugh) and they are easy to put up and take down.

Photo booths really bring guests together and you will find them showing off their photos during the party and displaying them at home afterwards. They can break the ice with people and provide an extra dimension to the party which appeals to everyone and is perfect for all ages.

Create Memories

If you opt to go for a package that allows you to have two sets of photos you will be creating some wonderful memories that you can keep for a lifetime. Add to this the fact that your guests photos will go into an album along with their own messages to you and you have a fantastic keepsake.

Memories like this cannot be recreated and having a photo album filled with fun images of friends and family enjoying themselves is something that you will treasure forever.

photo booth1 Why Hiring a Photo Booth is a Great Party Idea

Create memories with photo booths

Give Your Guests Something to Take Away

As your guests can take away their own photos you will be giving them something they will love to take away with them. These can provide a new twist on the traditional party favours that people have seen many times over the years.

You can also choose to have your images put onto a disk so you can print them out again and you can view them on the website belonging to the photo booth hire company.

Image Credits: Matt Hutchinson and Wikipedia

Resolutions to Help You Become a Better Person

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Whenever you read self-improvement books that aim to make you a better person, they tend to focus predominantly on things that can be easily measured in terms of success. This tends to mean things like making more money, working faster and longer hours, or getting into better shape. All these things though mean improving life for yourself, and this isn’t really what most of us would consider being a ‘better person’. Sure real self improvement means becoming more selfless and doing things that help you to give back to the world?

Here then we will look at some things that can help to make you a better person and improve you in more concrete ways that really matter. Why not make 2013 the year that you become a better person? Here are four resolutions to help you do just that.

We're thinking of you
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Give to Charity

One of the best ways to start doing something good for the world is to donate to charity and this can mean contributing to any number of issues and causes from helping to find cures for serious diseases, to providing food and shelter for those who don’t have it, to helping the sick, to combating serious crimes such as human trafficking. Just set a budget for how much of your salary you’re willing to donate, and then commit to donating that amount each month. Giving some of your money to a cause you believe in gives you all the more reason to succeed yourself and means that it’s no longer just you who benefits from your hard work and ingenuity.

Autism Awarness Cause Ribbon of Colorful Puzzle Pieces with a Cherub Angel Figurine Statue of a Child
License: Creative Commons image source

Support a Cause

If you really believe in something then there is much more you can do other than just provide financial aid. To really get behind a cause means to contribute your time as well by volunteering for instance, or to help spread the word by wearing t-shirts. Choose a cause, whether it be world hunger or stop human trafficking and then learn everything you can about it and look into the various ways you may be able to help. Dedicate a set amount of time you want to contribute to supporting your cause, and then stick to it as you might a new workout.

A helping hand
License: Creative Commons image source

Improve Your Traits

All of us have things we want to improve about ourselves, and new year resolutions are often a time to zero in on those. Rather than focussing on your spare tire though, or tendency toward procrastination, this time why not focus on being more forgiving? On improving your manners? Or on improving your temper? By finding one particular trait you want to improve and making an effort to do so you can see some very concrete results.

support love
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Do More Good Deeds

While it might sound like a Brownie resolution, doing good deeds is something most of us could do more of. Most of us find that there are opportunities to help others or do nice things for people that present themselves every day, and making an effort to seizing these at least once a day is a great way to improve your karmic balance.

Lisa Goodman is a very altruistic person. She likes writing on a wide range of topics that affect our day-to-day life and that have the ability to change the way we live and see the world.

Women – How To Look Great For Your Man

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When you’re in a loving relationship, part of the unwritten agreement is that you’re both going to try to work to make the other one happy. This involves acts of servitude such as tidying up after yourself occasionally or walking to meet them at the station, but it also involves smaller and more personal things.

For one, it’s nice if you can try and look your best for your partner whenever possible, and particularly to try and wear the things that you know they particularly like. The question though, is how do you go about finding out what they like and making it work with your own style and your own tastes?


The first thing to do is to talk openly with your man about what he likes, and to ask his opinion on your clothes. Most men will be too polite or worried about your feelings to just volunteer when they don’t like what you’re wearing, or when they wish you’d wear something else, so you need to be direct and create an environment where it’s okay to be honest. You may well find that your guy has a particular preference for you wearing red, for when you wear lipstick, or for high heels. Once you know this, you will then know how to cater for their tastes.

Mix it Up

The danger though is that too much of a good thing can still be bad news, even if you’re dressing exactly the way your partner likes you too. Over time, any look can get old if we see it every day, so it’s important to keep things fresh by occasionally mixing it up. Make sure you have a few different outfits that work in different ways, and try changing something drastic like your hair cut or your makeup style on a regular basis.


One thing that your man won’t have any idea about most likely is the quality of your makeup or your clothes. That said, they will still notice the difference, so even if you want to look for discount cosmetics make sure you’re still sticking to the good brands like Loreal and Revlon. Likewise with clothes, avoid shopping in charity stores and instead invest a little money in something nice. Your man might not think he appreciates it, but he’ll be able to tell you’ve put effort in and he’ll be grateful.

That of course means investing time as well – so don’t just get out of bed and leave your hair how it is. Invest the time to straighten it or try a nice style and your man will thank you.

Being Yourself

At the same time though you also need to be yourself, and it’s not your job to cater to your man’s every whim. Do the things you know he likes, but only when they are compatible with what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Men find confidence incredibly attractive, so the most important thing is that you feel good in the way you look. Oh, and make sure he’s holding up his end of the bargain too!

Hi, I am Emily Kahn, a beauty and fashion blogger with We are one of the fastest growing affordable cosmetics store on the internet and sell all popular cosmetics brands.

look great for your man Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man1 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man2 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man3 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man4 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man5 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man6 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

Photo Credit: @giovanni (CC BY-SA 2.0)

How To Stretch Your Wedding Budget

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A wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life, but it can unfortunately also be one of the most expensive.  If you are struggling to find the cash to pay for all the things you want to do, you can start prioritizing by creating a list of things that are the most important.  Remember that the money you save can either be put into a honeymoon or into starting your life together.  And while a grand wedding and reception can be fun for a day, the memories will fade and you will be left with the bill.

wedding budget How To Stretch Your Wedding Budget

Prioritize Your Wants And Needs

If your future wife doesn’t care about the specifics of her ring, why not let her choose from a selection of lab diamonds or synthetic diamonds to save some money?  If your future husband isn’t picky about the food, consider serving finger foods rather than a full meal.  Decide what is most important to you and what you are most willing to spend money on.

For most couples, the photography is very important.  These are your tangible memories of the day, so be careful when you choose to cut back on your photography costs.

Choose A Nontraditional Venue

While having your wedding in the gorgeous reception hall down the street may be awe-inspiring, the bill will blow your mind as well.  Consider holding your wedding in a setting that is less traditional, such as a backyard or a city park.

Along with choosing a nontraditional venue, try scheduling your wedding during off-peak times.  Summer months are particularly busy for weddings, and you may pay more to rent a space than you would in the fall or spring.  If you have the ability to wait for your wedding date, consider waiting until it’s less expensive.

Rent Your Attire

A girl should have the perfect wedding dress, but remember that you will likely only wear it once.  Consider borrowing a special dress or even renting the one that you love.  When you rent, you can find the perfect dress rather than settling for one you can afford.  And rather than having a dress that sits in your closet and gathers dust after your wedding, you will have the money in your pocket to start your future together.

The Food And Drinks

Rather than having an evening dinner or reception, try having a daytime meal.  It’s always less expensive to serve breakfast or lunch, and the change in setting will make your wedding more unique.  If you can, avoid the traditional sit-down dinner that can be especially expensive.  A buffet can run you a large bill because your guests will take as much as they want, whether they eat it or not.

Consider serving a specific cocktail or avoiding alcohol altogether.  Many couples find that the alcohol bill is one of the most expensive things in the planning of the wedding.  Offer a limited bar or avoid alcohol completely in order to save money.

With just a few simple steps, you can decrease the cost of your wedding and increase your happiness.  The less stress you feel about your special day, the more relaxed and excited you will be when the day arrives.

Sarah Trell is a freelance writer and blogger. She keeps her readers informed on all things fashion and beauty.

TED Talks Perfect For Children

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TED; Technology, Entertainment, Design – the holy grail of the internet. What else is the web for if it isn’t used to explore, learn, entertain, and look good?

Making learning interactive and fun, TED talks provide a platform where teachers can tap into information from some of the world’s most entertaining speakers. Incorporating these short video talks into teaching plans will bring fun to the classroom or home while still maintaining the goal to educate; and it’s like having them right there with you  standing in front of the blackboard. With subjects as diverse as healthy eating, puppetry, and aquatic science, TED talks can appeal to children of all ages.

Jamie Oliver does Healthy Eating

The Naked Chef (fully clothed in this instance) set out to educate every child about food, and he won’t rest until his mission is complete. The cheeky Essex chappy is entertaining enough to keep little ones entertained and most importantly of all, he makes food fun.

Adora Svitak does Anti-Teaching

The child prodigy takes to the mic to lecture adults on what they can learn from childish thinking in a TED talk dubbed ‘What adults can learn from kids’. She talks about how children still think freely, with optimism and without fear of failure of dreaming big. The child prodigy penned a novel at the age of seven to become a published author – we can surely all learn a lot from her.

Edith Widder does Glow in the Dark

This wonderfully appealing TED talk by marine biologist Edith Widder will be enthralling to children with its strange glow in the dark algae, even bringing some of the glowing phenomena out onto the stage. She talks us through starfish and how those like brittle stars glow like bright on the ocean floor, visible as only bands of light when it is dark.

Lennart Green does Card Tricks

What kind of child doesn’t believe in magic? Of course they’ll be dying see this astounding card tricks up close from Lennart Green in is his magical TED talk. He makes cards disappear, turn up on the other side of the room. Green is renowned as having the most original repertoire of card tricks in the world of card-magic. Listen to the children as they try to work out just how he did manage to fool yet another person with his trickery.

David Perry does Games

Maybe you spend some of your time trying to discourage video games but when it’s presented in the way David Perry does it, video gaming becomes a subject worth considering. The brains behind the likes of Earthworm Jim and the Terminator game talks us through the past, present and future of gaming.

JJ Abrams does Good TV

JJ Abrams is almost single-handedly  praised with being the brains behind TV getting good. With such TV pedigree on his CV as Lost and Alias there’s no one better to talk about TV and where it’s going than this man. A great addition for children in a media class who are interested in getting involved in TV production in the future.

Jane Goodall does Apes

In a look back to our primal roots, scientist, humanitarian, and conservationist Jane Goodall talks about where we came from, how we as humans are naturally inclined to be at one with nature, not inside the concrete jungle. She goes back to when we first became man and even teaches us how to greet someone in fluent ‘ape’.

Thanks to Alton Breaks for sending these sensational talks – check them out for Alton Towers Hotel Offers and deals. What’s your favourite TED talk?

ted technology entertainment design TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design1 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design2 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design3 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design4 TED Talks Perfect For Children

Photo Credit: afromusing (CC BY 2.0)

How To Create Your Own Meditation Garden

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If you live in big city or in some limited place, don’t worry, you can create your own meditation garden which will be your place for rest and meditate. Meditation gardens have many purposes, to enjoy, to relax but primary purpose is to give you some relax and therapeutic place for relaxation, for enjoy, for meeting with your friends and much more. One more good thing about meditation garden is that garden can be little and be great, and at the same time, garden can be large, full of flowers, fountains, beautiful grass. Design is the main thing about meditation garden and place where you can create your relaxing place.

meditation garden How To Create Your Own Meditation Garden

Size for these types of gardens and requirements isn’t specific. There is no rules that you must follow. You can create these gardens in home, or in your backyard, that you chose. You just need some great idea how garden will look in your mind. You create your own meditation garden, how you want garden must look.

meditation garden1 How To Create Your Own Meditation Garden

You must create garden that you will love, because there is no point to create one if you don’t like it or if you don’t feel great when you in it. These is very important step in creating meditation garden. Meditation garden must be reflection of how you see happiness and peace. Garden which you want to create is meant to be your own place for meditation and peace.

meditation garden2 How To Create Your Own Meditation Garden


When you create your own meditation garden you can use many elements that will make your garden to look beautiful and in some way peaceful. Relax is important, because that you need to use some flowers, bench, fountains in your garden. Many of those, the better garden will be and your relaxing will have more effects. You can place some garden lights for night and that will be very nice. Before bed time, you can go in garden and relax. That really help for calm dream and relaxing night.

meditation garden3 How To Create Your Own Meditation Garden

This is very important step in creating meditation garden. If you want to be comfortable while you meditating, you need to consider including some bench and some fountains in your garden. Bench give lots of alternative for cross-legged sitting meditation. Flowers are great to, some colorful flowers. These garden must be place where you will find your own peace and where you can relax.

meditation garden4 How To Create Your Own Meditation Garden

People often create which leads them to the are where they love to find there peace. That is like in the movie at the happy end. This is great idea for your garden. Almost every garden have these paths, now you know why. Think about your own path. At the end, the most important for garden is that you feel relax when you went in it, and to find peace when you sit on the grass, or by the flowers, or fountains.

This article was written by William N. Johnson who is a planner for meditation gardens. William writes articles about  garden ideas, garden tips and garden decoration.