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Your Cars Worst Enemies

Your Cars Worst Enemies


Your car might seem fairly unassuming and happy sitting on your drive or in your garage, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it doesn’t have any grips in the world. For most cars life is a constant battle against the elements and other people, and I imagine that if they could speak they’d most likely have the personalities of grumpy old men. There are plenty of things your car doesn’t like and that make it mad, so let’s look at a few of those so that you can better keep yours happy and void unnecessary complications.

Your Car’s Worst Enemies…

car enemies Your Cars Worst Enemies
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The Cold: When it comes to the winter months, your car is probably a bit of a scrooge. You see, just as the cold weather can aggravate all your aches and pains, it can also do the same for your car making the battery drain more quickly and causing potential rust and other problems. Meanwhile the cold also makes it difficult for you to start your car in the morning due to the frost that can cover the windows and doors (like you’re any better at getting out of bed in winter!) and it can make driving more difficult and potentially dangerous due to slippery snow and condensation. If you can, then try keeping your car warm and consider using a car pocket as well as a garage, or just turning the heating up.

car enemies1 Your Cars Worst Enemies
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Gravel Tracks: Gravel tracks are a bit irritating for passengers at the best of times as they cause the car to bounce around and we feel ourselves getting thrown about. For the car itself though they’re a nightmare and can cause all kinds of damage. For one, all those pot holes and dips that are shaking us about are also bad for the car’s suspension and can quickly damage it (as well as the tires) while at the same time the process throws up lots of dirt ruining your car’s paint job, and lots of stones which can cracks the windshields or jam the brake pads requiring a quick trip to the mechanics.

car enemies2 Your Cars Worst Enemies
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Moisture: Moisture is bad news for any car and is very much a ‘slow burn’ kind of problem. While most issues can be fixed at the garage, one of the ones that is hardest and most expensive to repair is rust in the body of the vehicle and once this sets in it often spells doom. Avoid this problem by keeping the moisture levels low wherever you keep it, and by strongly considering parking your vehicle indoors if at all possible.

car enemies3 Your Cars Worst Enemies
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Your Son/Daughter/Niece/Nephew/Best Friend: When your young son comes and asks to borrow the car your car will shudder at the thought and at the memory of scrapes and prangs. Don’t let anyone borrow your car unless you’re confident in their driving ability, and if you need one consider getting a secondary ‘run-around’ vehicle for the rest of the family so you can protect your car and take the best care of it without interference.

Clint loves his car and when he is not reading or writing about cars, he is either fixing one or driving it.

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