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Planes, Trains and … Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle

Planes, Trains and … Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle


From sending the kids to school, to sorting the house out, to commuting to work, it can be a juggling act in the morning for many women and applying makeup is the last thing on their minds. Many resort to applying it in the car at traffic lights (don’t be one of these people), on the train or on the bus and the results can be slap-dash at best. Here is our guide to putting on makeup as a passenger in a moving vehicle without emerging looking like a clown.

Less is More:

When applying makeup in less than ideal conditions it’s best to remember that the more factors in your makeup, the greater the chance of making a mistake. Keep things minimal to lower your odds of a morning spoiling mishap. When applying product, use only a little at a time – large mistakes are more difficult to blend in or remove.

Use Powder Foundation:

If you wear foundation you will know how precise you have to be when applying it. Liquid foundation is a big no no as it can go everywhere, including the car, your clothes and hair! It needs to be even and while travelling it is difficult to ensure that it will be applied properly. Step in powder foundation which is a breeze to apply and buff with a brush, will not go everywhere if you tap your brush first and gives great coverage pretty quickly! You also won’t get any on your hands which is a real plus if you can’t wash them immediately after. Still, best to be careful with loose powder

Don’t Apply Mascara:

Most ladies will identify with that feeling of sticking the mascara brush straight into their eyes because they have not been concentrating on the application. Not only is it extremely painful, it also leaves the white of your eyes a strange black or dark grey which can take a few minutes to dissipate and is then replaced with an irritated and red look. The best option is to stay away from mascara and just apply it when you have reached your destination and are stationary.

Go for a Lighter Lipstick:

Don’t go for any lip shade that is too dark, just in case you have problems applying it. Something natural and subtle is perfect and means if you stray away from your lip line, it won’t be too noticeable! It also means that if you get it on your hands or it falls it won’t stain.


Unless you are blessed with perfect skin, you will need a helping hand in the form of concealer. A liquid concealer is your best bet as they are easier to blend in and you can leave it drying for a few minutes while you drive or apply your lipstick. However, don’t forget about it and check that you are rubbing it correctly.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need:

If you are planning to apply your make up away from home, make sure that you have everything you will need with you. Getting into the car, driving half-way to work and then realising you have no foundation could leave you in more than a panic!

Check Your Appearance When the Journey is Over:

Whether you are on a train, in your car or on a bus, whatever you do, make sure you check how you look before you get out and go on your way. Sometimes, although you think you have applied your makeup well, it doesn’t look how you imagine so a final check and retouch is nearly always necessary!

Thanks to Louise from automotive rental company Sixt for these tips. Do you think it’s better to be late or go without makeup? Let us know your thoughts (and please don’t get makeup on our seats).

simpsons makeup Planes, Trains and ... Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle


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