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Most Stunning Offices Worldwide: Videos From Inside

Most Stunning Offices Worldwide: Videos From Inside


Let’s be completely honest, on a Sunday night when you’re slouched across the couch having your head tickled by a loved one whilst watching X Factor; the simple thought of going into your office in twelve hours can send shivers down your spine. Why? Because no-one wants to be stuck inside for 8 hours a day; stuck beneath a ceiling of panels & immersed within the dull glow of cheap office lights. However, this is only true of about 95% of offices in the world….

…The other 5%? Office’s that will make you turn green with envy. These are office environments which would undoubtedly make it an absolute pleasure to travel to work any time of the week. Here are the most stunning business offices worldwide.

Red Bull London

The Red Bull offices were designed by Linda Morey Smith who was given six months by the company to find and redefine a whole new office location within Soho. The location that was settled upon was a building which was made up of five old pubs at all different levels with retail use on the ground floor. Originally none of the buildings linked, but Morey saw potential. The office space reflects the kind of people that inhabit it on a daily basis, young media personalities with different interests. Bridges, staircases and slides were built for connectivity for there was plenty collaboration between different classes of employees and most importantly nothing has that ‘corporate’ feel.

Google New York

Free Food, pet-day care, free toys and scooters in the hallway; the enjoyably hectic nature of Google perfectly reflects the bustling atmosphere of New York City. Many people yearn to be in the employment of Google, let alone the New York branch. The office is 2.9 million square feet and occupies an entire block. The mind set of Google Employees is all about innovation or even taking something and making it their own; which can be seen through the use of ladders where elevators don’t work or paintings on the wall of the outside environment between windows. The whole of the block is unique and just as impressive as you may think a Google office may just be.

Bastard Store and Office

If you love skating, perhaps your dream would be to work in an environment which was not only a design office but a shop and a skate park all rolled into one. The ‘Bastard Bowl’ features a full size skate park measuring at 600 square feet which is in fact nearly twenty feet above the shop. This is surely a company which will ‘roll’ their way to success.


Facebook has always strived to do things in a completely different way; and their offices are nothing short of that. Starting from a tiny office back in 2003, the current employees of Facebook now have been given the opportunity to work from a vast office environment unlike any other office environment. Facebook employees have stated that the offices are a part of their life, not just a place they work in with features such as table tennis, working lounges, on-site pubs, hairdresser and even its own laundry serves.

TBWA Hakuhodo Offices

In 1998, Clive Wilkinson Architects were asked to create an advertising village which would unify the 450 person community working there. Over ten years later the amount of people working at TBWA has doubled – leading to the office space has adapting accordingly. The layout of the office reflects the creative nature of the advertising & marketing employees there. With perhaps the most open-office environments in the world, the whole space functions as a city with its own culture; a strong message about TBWA as a company.

Through these examples you can see that there are definitely some offices in the world which evoke smiles instead of frowns upon the faces of employees when they walk through the front door. However, to be in any of these offices you have to be cream of the crop of the given field – so stop reading this and get back to work!

If you were impressed by these be sure to check out LEGO’s offices!

lego Most Stunning Offices Worldwide: Videos From Inside

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